Former Tigers flock to LSU for pre-camp workouts


Patriots running backs Stevan Ridley and Joseph Addai won’t be shocked by anything that comes their way during training camp.

That’s because they’re part of a large group of alumni who return to LSU each summer to work out prior to training camp.

“If you can train down here and get in shape in this heat, you can pretty much play anywhere,” Ridley said to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald. “It’s always good to come down here and get this work in before we kick off the season.”

LSU players are also around, working out with Tigers strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt. But the NFL reunion has been on in recent days, with players such as Giants cornerback Corey Webster, Seahawks quarterback Matt Flynn, Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne, Chiefs defensive lineman Glenn Dorsey and Panthers wide receiver Brandon LaFell joining them.

“Once you’re there, you’re family and you’re in there forever,” Ridley said. “You’re a Tiger forever. You can always come back and know that you’re going to get a good workout, and that’s why so many guys do that, really because Moffitt is a maniac in the same way. He’s going to ride us just like we are freshmen coming in.”

Ridley said he remembered attaching himself to Addai when he was still in college, trying to draw inspiration from the former Colts running back. They still push each other, as they ran 20 extra 60-yard dashes after their workout to get ready for their start-of-camp conditioning test.

“Down here at LSU, it’s all about competition,” Ridley said. “We’re trying to be better than the guy that’s beside us. It’s really like playing a trick on your mind that you’ve got to come out here and bust it and be the best at every rep. Coach Moffitt, that’s what he expects out of his football team, and that’s what he expects out of us when we come back. He’s yelling, and he’s getting it. He wants us to have perfect reps. Don’t just come in there just to do the lifts to get by. He wants us to come in, work hard, get better and get better every day. That’s why guys come back.”

Of course, the oppressive humidity of Baton Rouge adds something to the workouts, creating an atmosphere you can’t replicate in Massachusetts.

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  1. Don’t doubt Massachusetts heat it’s been very hot hear last couple of days haha but it probaly doesn’t compare to the intense heat training in louisiana

  2. And here I thought those “spoiled, lazy, good for nothing” millionaire’s didn’t earn their money.

    Way to put in the work fellas. I’m not even a fan of any of them. But I darn sure wouldn’t be out there in that heat.

  3. It’s not just the heat, it’s the humidity. 105 degrees in Louisiana means a whole lot more than most other places. It adds a whole new level of suffering.

  4. These guys are demonstrating some character, showing that hard work in miserable heat with forever teammates is what makes for greatness. Will anyone notice if LaRon Landry doesn’t show? #yerrrrrrrrr

  5. The air quality is a big part of it. It goes wayyy down in a lot of New England places when it gets hot and humid

  6. If Addai and Ridley can hang with the Patriots for another quarter million or so years, the Massachusetts summers could be warmer than Louisiana’s.

  7. We’ve been dealing with 70-75 dew points the last couple of weeks here in MA with temps in the 90’s.

    If LA is worse then this I will never, ever go down there this time of year.

  8. @castleanthrax …

    Louisiana is worse this time of year; it’s like a freakin’ swamp. Much of the South is worse this time of year. That’s why I laugh when folks say SEC kids like these LSU players have it easier weatherwise. I’m a Florida native and a Bama fan. But when I visit Tuscaloosa, I can’t even take sitting in the stands to watch a summertime scrimmage. To me, it’s like sitting in the bowels of hell for four hours. Can’t imagine running drills in that weather. Good for them!

  9. Having lived in the Baton Rouge area for 44y, I can attest to its nastiness.

    You know it’s muggy when your glasses fog up as you leave the a/c.

    Much less muggy here in the BlueGrass.

  10. Every year you hear stories about some guy on your favorite team getting sucker-punched by the August heat. Now I understand why we never hear such things about LaFell in Panthers camp. Baton Rouge is about the only place I can think of that’s worse than Spartanburg SC. That area from Greenville/Spartanburg to Columbia is always 5-10 degrees hotter than the rest of the Carolinas. Just awful.

    Looking forward to seeing an in-shape LaFell step up and take the #2 WR slot and give Cam yet another consistent target.

  11. castleanthrax is wrong also – it has not been a dew point of 70-75 and temps in the 90s for the “last few weeks” in Boston area. It will be like that for a few days only and then go back into the low 80s and cool temps at night. I leave my windows open and have no A/C. You can’t do that down south. It is hot and humid every day and doesn’t get much better at night. I was stationed in Middle GA for 4 yrs and I laugh when people in New England complain about the heat.

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