Indianapolis wants another Super Bowl

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Indianapolis was universally regarded as a great Super Bowl host this year, so it’s no surprise that the city wants to do it again.

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard opened a speech this morning by saying, “I have four words for you: Let’s do it again.” And Mark Miles, the chairman of the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee, said corporate partners and donors have already told him they’re eager to bid on the 2018 Super Bowl. The NFL is expected to choose the 2018 host in 2014.

We feel like our city excelled and has the capacity to do it well again,” Miles told the Indianapolis Star. “I’d just tell you, the feedback was overwhelming — it was nearly unanimous: ‘You’ve got to do this.'”

A significant part of the success in Indianapolis this year was good luck with the weather: Super Bowl Sunday was a beautiful day, and the week before the Super Bowl had much warmer temperatures than usual for late January and early February. If Indianapolis had been hit with a blizzard that week, the host city’s reviews wouldn’t have been so positive. (We all know sports writers love nothing more than to complain about the weather during their paid vacation to the Super Bowl.)

But Indianapolis was a great host in other respects, from the well-run events downtown to the legions of volunteers eager to help any visitor who needed any type of assistance. And the downtown area in Indianapolis is well suited to dealing with bad weather because it’s easy to get to all of the Super Bowl week events without going outdoors. (It also helped that unlike Cowboys Stadium, Lucas Oil Field actually had a seat for everyone who bought a ticket.)

There’s no doubt that Indianapolis is a fine Super Bowl host. And there’s little doubt that the NFL owners will vote to give Indianapolis another Super Bowl.

6 responses to “Indianapolis wants another Super Bowl

  1. During the talk of the Vikings stadium people claimed that cities don’t make money when they host a Superbowl. Specifically people pointed to Indianapolis losing millions of dollars on the event (even though much of that money was on city beautification projects that wouldn’t have been done w/o the Superbowl in town, and additional jobs for security and related OT for existing employees).

    Either folks lie, don’t know what they are talking, or the city just isn’t very smart to try to bring it back again so soon.

  2. I’d give it to Indy over Dallas in a heartbeat. Dallas was a miserable experience, and although the weather fiasco didn’t help, it wasn’t the worst part. Half the events were in ft worth, the other half in Dallas, so the whole thing felt watered down. Also, everyone had to travel 20 minutes to the crappy town of Irving where the actual game was played, with no bars or restaurants in site near the stadium. Terrible experience, and I’m a Packer fan by the way! Should have been one of the best moments in my life.

  3. The only reason the Super Bowl was a success was because of the GREAT wether we had last winter. I would be a big mistake to roll the dice again.

  4. Indianapolis deserves to host another Super Bowl. They actually fit all the spectators in the stadium.

  5. How about we dont have the super bowl in the same place ever bring it to chicago, make it a super bowl wit snow actually test the players

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