Joey Porter plans to retire as member of the Steelers

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When linebacker Joey Porter went on injured reserve with the Cardinals in December, it seemed like a good bet that his career was over.

Porter confirmed that on Wednesday, telling Ian Rapoport of that his knee problems weren’t getting any better and that he couldn’t play at a high enough level to justify extending his career any longer. Porter also told Rapoport that he’s spoken to Steelers brass about signing a one-day contract so he can retire as a member of the team he spent eight years playing for during his career.

“I plan on retiring this year,” Porter said. “I already talked to the Steelers, put some plans together on signing with the Steelers and retiring as a Steeler. It was a good career. I have no regrets about nothing.”

Porter made three Pro Bowls and won a Super Bowl while a member of the Steelers and was named to their all-time team. He added another Pro Bowl berth during his three years with the Dolphins before knee injuries sapped him of his skills over the last two years with Arizona. Porter was named to the NFL’s All-Decade team for the 2000s and finishes with 98 career sacks, good for 30th on the all-time list.

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  1. I wasn’t a big fan of Porter personally but he was a joy to watch when he was in his prime. I think I’ll most remember him for his outspokenness and bravado (he was fearless) and hilarious sack celebration.

    Enjoy retirement Joey!

  2. So many players want to retire as Steelers. Says something about this franchise.

    Congratulations to Joey Porter. One of the great trash-talking linebackers in recent years.

  3. ihateravens says: Jul 18, 2012 4:56 PM

    “So many players want to retire as Steelers. Says something about this franchise. ”

    He wants to retire as a member of the team that drafted him like most players do.

    You make it seem like everyone wants to retire a steeler, Which has no merit.

  4. Wow…voted to the all-time Steeler team? Really? I mean he was a top player for 3-4 years but when I think of all the great Steelers LBs, he’s seems like a second tier one to me.

  5. raideryan88 regurgitated, “Or they can just sign him to a four year deal… All of their starters on defense are his age anyway right”

    Age of projected starters on the Steelers defense in 2012

    34 – James Harrison*
    34 – Brett Keisel*
    33 – Ryan Clark
    32 – Ike Taylor*
    31 – Troy Polamalu
    26 – LaMarr Woodley
    26 – Steve McLendon
    26 – Lawrence Timmons
    26 – Keenan Lewis
    25 – Ziggy Hood

    The LILB position will be started by either Larry Foote, 32, or Stevenson Sylvester, who turned 24 today. Replacements have been drafted for the players with asterisks next to their names.

    Joey Porter is 35, which would make him older than every single starter on the defense. Consider your credibility destroyed.

  6. I would lose a little sleep for a long time if I was two sacks away from 100 and retired. Still a great career.

  7. Porter wants to retire with the Squealers after seeing the pub Hines got after his retirement. Meanwhile he spent his last 5 years away from the team. That’s like Bart Scott coming out and asking Ozzie to retire a Raven after he disappears this year.

  8. Yeah idk if he’s one of the best linebackers of the 00 decade. He had a couple good seasons and then fell off the map. He’s definitely on the all-time trash-talk team though.

  9. I understand non-Steelers fans finding Porter annoying, but as a Steelers fan you had to love his over the top theatrics during pregame and 100 percent full throttle play for 4 quarters.

    His main mistake was to talk to the press about his salary demands for his upcoming contract negotiations. With a hungry James Harrison waiting in the wings at a fraction of the salary he was easily expendable (coupled with the rumor that he was talking trash about Tomlin before even meeting him).

  10. Joey Porter’s career highlights:

    4X Pro Bowl selection (2002, 2004, 2005, 2008)
    1X 1st-team All-Pro selection (2002)
    3X 2nd-team All-Pro selection (2004, 2005, 2008)
    1X Super Bowl champion (XL)
    Steelers Team co-MVP (2002)
    AFC sack leader (2008)
    NFL 2000’s All-Decade Team

    “Just a couple of good seasons” my a__.

  11. A little overrated if you ask me. Still a good pass rusher for the majority of the 2000’s without a doubt. However let’s face it, he’s no Greg Lloyd and he’s definitely no James Harrison, who is the most dominant LB I’VE ever seen outside of Ray Lewis and Derrick Thomas. Anyways, the three memories that stand out for me of Porter are as followed.

    1. Getting ejected in 2004 pre-game against Cleveland. That allowed James Harrison, who was only active from the PS due to injury, to show the team and fans what he could do. I firmly believe Harrison would never have been given a shot had that not happened.

    2. The dominating playoff performance against the Colts in 05-06. I think he sacked Manning 3 times himself that game. The most memorable was that 4th down play that should have been the end of the game.

    3. Three weeks later absolutely sucking it up in the Super Bowl. He talked a big game knowing full well he was going up against Walter Jones, and he had 0 pressure, 0 TFL, 0 knock downs, let Jeremy Stevens do whatever he wanted, only to be bailed out by the fact Stevens couldn’t catch, and like 1 or 2 tackles. A pitiful performance that for me, takes away from his other career accomplishments.

  12. Gotta say being a Steelers Fan I really enjoyed Joey’s Smack Talk. I think its great he wants to retire a Steeler!

  13. Im a bengals fan. Oh Joey Porter, I kinda miss those days back 04,05 and 06 seasons when Joey Porter , Tj Housh and Ochocinco would get under each others skin..True bad blood!
    Kudos to Joey Have a good post football life

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