Lions land at No. 13 in our preseason power rankings

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The Detroit Lions finally landed in the playoffs last season, and they got there with a roster that has plenty of young talent. So does that mean they’re heading back to the postseason this year?

Coming in at No. 13 in our preseason power rankings, we see the Lions as a team that could be good enough to reach the playoffs, but may fall just short in a competitive NFC race.

That’s our opinion. You can let us know whether you think we’re wrong about the Lions — either because they’re one of the top dozen teams in the league, or because at 13 we’ve overrated them. Or maybe you think we’ve got it just right.

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21 responses to “Lions land at No. 13 in our preseason power rankings

  1. Despite the injuries and immaturity they still rolled up 10 wins.

    When the Lions are good, they are very good. When the Lions are bad, they are still pretty good.

    Consider that with just the maturity aspect alone, they Lions could have easily won 13 games last season.

    I know that it is a big question mark still, especially with the off season issues, but at least the problems were limited to fewer individuals than most realize.

  2. It’ll be a battle for 2nd & 3rd place in the NFC North div. Packers will have some tough games but they still come out on top w/the #1 seed. Only difference is this yr we will win the SB

  3. consider that without Jay Cutler getting injured the lions would not have made the playoffs, consider the lions schedule will be a little tougher this year and they will not be able to sneak up on teams like they did last year. and consider that last year was the first year stafford was not hurt,do you really think he can make it thru another year without getting injured? consider the lions the third place team in the nfc north behind Bears and cheeseheads.

  4. metalhead65 consider the lions top 2 rbs were out most of the year, consider the secondary had several big injuries, consider our top pick in last years draft missed a lot of time & played injured if we are playing the what if game had the lions not had injuries they would have beat chicago twice & still

  5. To have the Bears above the Lions is ridiculous. There offense can’t touch Detroit and there D is too old, especially with the most overrated player of all in Brian Urlacher.

  6. Hi boys!

    I don’t know why people are so down on the Lions. They have the best young QB in all of football. I only wish I could be half the QB that Stafford is. 2500 yards and 20 TDs in a season would be such a improvement! I know that I get prissy and lose the desire to lead my team or win games. It’s why my teammates don’t like me. But some say that I am a decent QB. I’ve never had a decent QB rating, but I guess I’ll still take their word for it. I’m to fragile for the game, but I don’t completely dislike footballs. I’m at the point were I can almost completely sit on one! I’m still having trouble squeezing past the laces tho. Tear ;-(

  7. Cutlers actually a pretty tough qb. Not sure where you’re getting your logic from, and yes I understand the first person angle/joke. Playing thru a full season with untreated diabetes, being one of the most sacked qb’s in the game annually, yet he still does his thing. Chicagos offense is gonna be alot better now that Marshall is there too. Maybe not the same caliber as Detroits high flying offense, but they’ll still be able to hang with them considering they consistently have a top defense and Detroit hasn’t (other than their d-line).

  8. I know Lions fans are concerned they aren’t getting any respect BUT it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t even make the playoffs this season. That’s not to say they are a bad team but there are better more disciplined and balanced teams in the conference.

    At best they are the 3rd best team in their division and that makes a playoff spot very difficult.

  9. Still a crap offensive line. Still a crap defensive backfield. Still a crap linebacking corp. Still a questionable running game. Stunning immaturity on both sides of the ball. Poor discipline. This team good be quite good, or could quite easily self destruct. I think they end up much like last year. 10-6, a wild card team. And another blow out in the playoffs.

  10. atikian333 says:
    Jul 18, 2012 4:54 PM
    To have the Bears above the Lions is ridiculous. There offense can’t touch Detroit and there D is too old, especially with the most overrated player of all in Brian Urlacher.


    Different offense this year. How many INT’s did that old defense have against you last year?

    Finally, How many wins did you have against over .500 win opponents last year? 0!!!!

  11. The Lions are a joke and should be fortunate that they even made the playoffs last year. The Lions will be one of those teams that makes the playoffs one year then goes 6-10 (or worse) the following year. This is a team with no discipline, and we all know what can happen when a team has no discipline. The players on this team don’t know how to conduct themselves on the field or off it, and the coaching staff is out of control as well (Schwartz is insane). The Packers and Bears will without a doubt sweep the Lions this year, and that right there probably eliminates them from playoff contention. They have one legitimately good player, and his name is Megatron, other than that Stafford is overrated and fragile, and Suh is a head case.

  12. LOLions —

    13th & Out of the playoffs.

    Sounds about right. If their season is anything like their off-season they’ll be fortunate to finish 8-8. —- My guess is their coaching staff will be on the ‘hot seat’ by week 12 or so. Won’t be long & CJ will want out.

  13. Don’t worry about us Lions fans. The only thing that matters is the games on Sunday, and each week the Lions will have more than a good chance of winning. The talent on this team is as good as any team in the league, and few teams will match the combo of passing offense and pass rush. See you NFCN foes twice each in 2012. 🙂 Hope your team is prepared. Lions will be.

  14. In order to play up to their talent level, the Lions are going to have to play at a higher maturity level. At a higher maturity level than their head coach.

    Composure, guys. You can be competitive if you keep your composure on and off the field.

  15. Everyone liked the Lions’ fans when they were lovable losers, now all the haters want to throw crap on them. I like this better.

    Bring it On.

  16. funktron2x

    You don’t know what you are talking about. Detroit is set to improve not slide back.

    The Lions defense was in the top ten against the PASS until they lost Houston and Delmas.

    Matthew Stafford’s mediocre passing game with the interceptions against Chicago were during his first game played after he fractured his index finger on his throwing hand.

    And mediocre Stafford passed for over 3000 yards to Detroit receivers not named Calvin.

    Dream on.

  17. I like being overlooked. Lions fans will be the ones laughing at 13 – 3 and a division crown. Talking about off. lines….the Bears is laughable.

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