Redskins blink on offset language


One of the biggest sticking points for the first eight players taken in the 2012 draft finally has been resolved for one of them.  And it favors the player.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract signed by quarterback Robert Griffin III with the Redskins, the deal contains no offset language.  Which means that his fully-guaranteed contract is (duh) fully guaranteed.  If he’s cut by the Redskins in the next four years and signs with a new team, the Redskins won’t get credit for the money he makes elsewhere.

Previously, the Panthers had given linebacker Luke Kuechly, the ninth overall pick in the draft, a fully-guaranteed deal with no offset language.  Kuechly is represented by CAA, and Griffin is represented by CAA.

Coincidentally, three of the other unsigned players in the top eight also are represented by CAA:  Browns running back Trent Richardson, Vikings tackle Matt Kalil, and Buccaneers safety Mark Barron.

26 responses to “Redskins blink on offset language

  1. I don’t get why this would be such a big issue to begin with. You invest everything into this guy, there’s no way he would be out within the 4 years any way. Just glad they got it done though!

  2. First of all, it’s VERY unlikely this kid gets cut within 4 years, so the offset language is a bit ridiculous. Now the Colts hand has been forced to have Luck sign an identical contract. Sorry Colts, can’t wait for your owner to drag his feet on Lucks contract. Skins rookies are already in camp, and RG3 needs to be there.

  3. John Mara is not happy. Sanctions coming to the Redskins soon. I’m sure there was some handshake deal somewhere that has been violated.

  4. There’s a ton of skins haters out there, but you’ve got to admit they’ve been making a lot of the right moves starting with dumping Cerrato and hiring Allen.

  5. Redskins mgmt setting a bad precedent. If he turns out to be a bust like two previously touted “can’t miss” qb’s like Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell, it will be real money down a rat hole.

  6. Only pick in the top 8 that are signed, and this is the topic? Try asking why the 1,2,4,5,6,7,8 overall picks are still not under contract.

  7. Hopefully if the Vikings buckle on the same language for Kalil, they don’t end up with the next Tony Mandarich…..

  8. For most teams, the offset language makes no difference because a first round draft pick will not get cut in the first 4 years. The worst that RG3 will turn out to be would be similar to Sanchez and he still has a job.

    BUT beware of the Redskins. They are owned by Dan Snyder who has a habit of turning on his players and coaches. Look what happened to LaVar Arrington. Look what happened to Gregg Williams. Look what happened to Marty Shottenheimer. So RG3 was wise to hold out for the offset language. Never can tell with Snyder……….

    And I am a ‘Skins fan.

  9. righton989 says: Jul 18, 2012 9:03 AM

    Redskins mgmt setting a bad precedent. If he turns out to be a bust like two previously touted “can’t miss” qb’s like Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell, it will be real money down a rat hole.
    While it is fair to question Griffin’s ability as an NFL quarterback (I don’t agree, but it is a topic that could be discussed), questioning the kid’s character or intelligence is kind of out of line at this point.

    We’ll all have to wait for September to see if his Big 12 spread, run and gun style offensive talents will translate to the pros, but the Third has already given more than enough evidence of his smarts, work ethic, and leadership ability to avoid comparisons to Russell or Leaf. Between the article and the comments section, everyone agrees that the chance of Griff getting cut in the next four years is next to nothing, and it’s an easy corollary to say that the chances that the chances of Robert Griffin becoming a convicted felon at any point in his life are even less than that.

    PriorKnowledge hits the nail on the head on this issue, if Griffin busts, he won’t be a Russell or a Leaf: the worst Griffin can be is a Sanchez or Tarvaris Jackson; a serviceable but unspectacular quarterback who may need to be replaced, but doesn’t force the team to part ways with him for causing locker room and PR problems.

  10. @No PriorKnowledge you are so far off base I doubt you are a Redskin fan because you don’t know your history. Of anything Snyder was too loyal to his players and allowed them to undermine the coaches. He allow Portis to not practice and be consulted on personnel moves. He allowed Haynesworth to show up Zorn and forced him to play him. You site Greg Williams and no one wanted to hire him as a HC. The only person he “turned on” was Shotty. He has a history of sticking with big named over priced players. Please do some research before you post.

  11. If one of these guys turns out to be SO bad that they need to be released before the end of their contract, the next contract they sign will be for the minimum, most likely, so the offset money is well less than $1m. Not chump change, but a drop in the bucket compared to what the owners have saved with the rookie cap.

  12. I think the kid will be great but no rookie is a sure thing plus he plays for Shenanigan The only thing I don’t like about RJ is his build which is smallish. Dan Snyder is hungry to win so he caves in faster then most owners.

  13. Why do people keep saying theres no way he’ll be cut withi 4 years?

    Jamarcus russel? Ryan leaf? Akili smith? List goes on, and im not saying he’s like those 3, but he’s not a lock people…

  14. With the new rookie salaries, no offset language is not a big deal. $21 guaranteed to a highly touted rookie QB was a modest amount 3 or 4 years ago.

  15. If they have to cut him within 4 years they will have much bigger problems that not getting an offset, so “blinking” on that is nothing of note.

  16. People are probably right that it’s hard to see this clause having a significant effect in case of RGIII. But once the precedent is established, it’s never going to go away, and you can expect it to spread to lower and lower ranked draftees in the future. Maybe that’s a good thing, but I doubt it.

  17. Mara isn’t happy that they violated “the spirit of the rookie contract offset language.”

    Look for a salary cap hit.

  18. Considering how rookie contracts are no long exorbitantly ridiculous sums of money for unproven players, I have no problem with the top 10 players taken having fully guaranteed contracts. I’m just glad they got it done so RG3 can get out there and start working with his teammates.

  19. A bunch of you are stating matter-of-factly that a first round pick won’t be released in a four year time span. That would be true if the payscale was the same as it was previous to the new CBA. However, with less overall money tied up in that rookie, I can see where teams could cut ties with the player sooner than four years, particularly if the offset language is in place. Now that it’s not (at least for Griffin) it guarantees his roster spot for the next four seasons. Not really too big of a deal, but understand that teams are more inclined to release a bust now than they were before.

  20. Stiller43 says: Jul 18, 2012 11:05 AM

    Why do people keep saying theres no way he’ll be cut withi 4 years?

    Jamarcus russel? Ryan leaf? Akili smith? List goes on, and im not saying he’s like those 3, but he’s not a lock people…

    No one can say for sure whether he will be a great quarterback yet. The difference is that, unlike those three, Griffin is a “lock” to be a hard worker, a good leader, and a beneficial locker room presence. Russell, Smith, and Leaf were cut because they were not only bad quarterbacks but bad teammates. While we’ll all have to wait ’til September to see if the Third is a franchise quality quarterback, it’s already pretty evident that he doesn’t have an attitude problem that will force the Redskins to dismiss him from the team.

  21. “The only thing I don’t like about RJ is his build which is smallish”

    Brady is 6’4 225

    Vick is 6’0 215

    Brees is 6’0 207

    Eli is 6’4 215

    RGIII is 6’2 220. How’s that “smallish”??

  22. The idea that RG3 could get cut is still not a big concern because of the rookie salary restrictions now in effect.
    The Redskins have CERTAINLY thrown a ton of money down the tubes in the past on big name free agents who haven’t worked out, but if this one doesn’t work out, it’s only 21 million over 4 years, a lot to you and I, but in the scheme of running a modern NFL Franchise, its manageable. Especially when all the rest of things are being handled properly, which under Bruce Allen it seems they are.

    Besides, we also got Kirk Cousins, and hey- Rex STILL has more playoff victories than Tony Romo

  23. “RGIII is 6’2 220. How’s that “smallish”??
    The Browns via said they felt RJ small boned build plus the fact he was a running QB wasn’t conducive to a long career. They had injury concerns and RG did blow out his ACL in 2009. Not saying I agree and it could be sour grapes on the Browns part.

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