RG3 signs contract, should spark wave of deals


Let the floodgates open.

In a deal that should spark more movement among unsigned first-rounders, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III signed his contract this morning, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

PFT has confirmed the deal is for four years, and that it’s worth a total of $21,119,098, which includes a $13,799,344 signing bonus.

Griffin wanted to have the deal done by Monday when rookies reported, but he wasn’t there as the two sides haggled over offset language.

The issue of whether the team would be on the hook for future payments if he’s cut and signed by another team seems moot in RG3’s case. If, in four years, he’s played so poorly that he’s on another roster, then owner Dan Snyder has bigger problems than a few dollars that might go toward new socks.

11 responses to “RG3 signs contract, should spark wave of deals

  1. While I understand business and trying to get the language right for future picks, this is just a stupid mistake on both sides.

    Does anyone really think that RG3 is going to get cut in 4 years?

    It isn’t going to happen, the agent shouldn’t have been nitpicking and the team, well they should’ve just guaranteed the entire contract. I mean really, what is he slot for something like 21 million over 4 years? That is a bargain compared to what was being paid.

    He is the face of your franchise, even though he hasn’t played a down yet. You can’t let that go.

    RGIII – go out there and show them just how good you are.

  2. They were waiting for Mr. “Tweet” Irsay to sign Luck, and see if they included that offset language, but the skins had their rookies in camp since Monday.

  3. 4 years, 21 million. Hell, guys like Matt Stafford and Jamarcus Russell got guarantees higher than 21 million.

    Ill bet the owners are ecstatic that they dont have to invest the farm on unproven players. Griffin will probably get a new contract the second he is allowed by CBA anyway. This is really good for the sport to have these rookie deals be lucrative still, but not outrageous.

  4. I’m not a big fan of the redskins, but I really look forward to watching this guy play and wish him well. He seems like a great kid.

  5. Nikhil Balakumar says: Jul 18, 2012 9:22 AM

    only the redskins would be able to prevent this kid from becoming elite
    Nikhil has an excellent point here, let’s take a look back at all the exceptional quarterbacks the Redskins have ruined.

    1. Rex Grossman and John Beck- Really? Do we really even need to bring them up?

    2. Jason Campbell made the playoffs as a Redskin, despite a Hall of Fame coach closer to an assisted living community than a Superbowl. After an unremarkable stint in Oakland, Campbell now seems set for a Kyle Orton-esque career as a very able backup. If he finds a starting job again, it’s unlikely he’ll be able to replicate the success he had in Washington in 2007, and chances are, making the playoffs as a Redskin will probably be the highlight of his career. The fact remains, however, the Redskins didn’t ruin anything, Campbell was never first round talent to begin with: his release is far too slow for the NFL game, and his success at Auburn was due largely to one of the greatest backfield committees the NCAA has ever seen.

    3. Rather than being ruined, Mark Brunell actually experienced a career resurgence in DC, where the aging former Jaguars star made the playoffs in 2005, and set an NFL record for consecutive completions the following year. Case closed.

    4. Patrick Ramsey- Based on Ramsey’s success following his stint in Washington can anyone make a case that the Redskins ruined him?

    5. Shane Matthews/Tony Banks/Danny Wuerffel/Tim Hasselbeck/Jeff George- Who? Who? Who? His wife is famous, I think? And Jeff George: exactly.

    In summary, the only quarterback who has not been ruined by the Redskins is Donovan McNabb, who had an amazing career following his stint in DC (at least in his own mind).

  6. 2. Jason Campbell made the playoffs as a Redskin
    no he didnt. Todd Collins did, Campbell was hurt, but i see where you are coming from. the Redskins didnt ruin those QBs, either 1) those QBs werent talented or 2) they were average at best. even McNabb wasnt ruined in my book. if McNabb was so good, he would’ve done well in Minnesota. i think McNabb’s age caught up to him. as for the Redskins ruining RG3, it could happen, but time will tell if they ruin him or if he ruins him or if he becomes great.

  7. Where are all the irg3 clowns who whined about him missing workouts earlier?? No other complaints about the other 7 guys in the top 9 aside from kuechly and rg3 who else has signed? Bunch of trolls

  8. I don’t know what you are talking about. Tony Banks was a hall of fame caliber qb. That is indisputable

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