Santonio Holmes wants New York media to support team

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The members of the media that cover a particular team are around them constantly, watching and reporting on their every move. They go to the places the team goes, stay in many of the same hotels the team stays in.

They are not, however, part of the team.

Somebody in the Jets media relations department needs to explain that basic concept to Santonio Holmes.

In an appearance on an podcast with Dave Damesheck (and recapped by Newsday’s Bob Glauber), Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes said his relationship with quarterback Mark Sanchez is fine, and their problems last season are behind them.

“One day you have a fight the next day you make up,” he said.

He also took the opportunity to scold all those dastardly, negative (dare I say, diabolical) reporters like Glauber that they should be more supportive of the Jets.

“If you guys want to be, and this is for the New York media, if you guys want to be a part of our team and want to feel so important, be there to support us, not to try to break us down,” Holmes said. “Because [there’s] not one day that we all step in that locker room and we try to break each other down, that we talk bad about the way that person played because it affects the team the way one person plays if they don’t play to perfection.

“If the New York media wants to be a part of our team and wants to continue writing about us, write positive things, stay away from the negative because it doesn’t do anything good for our team that you want to report all the negative things that happen and that’s all you want to talk to us players about. We live for one thing and that’s to play football and not to entertain you people in the media.”

I’ll pause here to give the assembled media a chance to bash their heads against their desks for a moment.

OK, we’re back.

This basic disconnect, sadly, is not rare. When I covered the Panthers, I used to joke that my paychecks were basically the same when the team was 1-15 and when they went to the Super Bowl. Most players got it, not all that many fans understood completely.

The relationships can be cordial, respectful, friendly even. But no professional reporter gives a hoot whether a particular team wins or loses a particular game.

We might pull for a compelling story, or a generous deadline, and especially for no overtime in a night game.

But never for a team.

Since Holmes doesn’t get that, maybe somebody in New York can explain it to him.

17 responses to “Santonio Holmes wants New York media to support team

  1. That’s going to be mighty hard when your stadium-mate are World Champions.

  2. What a crybaby. Maybe if he and the team actually would shut up and start playing up to their potential maybe the media would “support” them more. Instead, they are writing what everyone else sees, an under performing dysfunctional 9-7 football team that will be watching the playoffs again from home this year.

  3. Really? Could he cry anymore? Dont write about the stupid things we do and dont call us out for being unaccountable underachievers!

    Holmes must still be wakinNbakin..

  4. I don’t think you get it Gannt.

    You are paid to analyze the team. And interviewing players is a method allowing you to make determinations on how any player affects the teams performance.

    If your analysis leads you to believe the Jets will finish 4-12 this year, you are going to look for clues that support your prediction. If the Jets go 12-4, you look foolish and perhaps backpedal on earlier thoughts.

    So tell us again that you don’t pull for a team to finish with a record as you predicted? In the end, this is really the only way sports fans grade out reporters.

  5. The members of the NY media don’t want to be your friend, nor do they want to be a part of the team, Santonio. The way they make their money is by generating news interest, whether it reflects positively or negatively upon you and your teammates. Negative publicity has simply proven to generate alot more interest amongst the fans of the game, and it’s something Holmes is just goong to have to live with and not allow it to affect his play on the field.

    What sounds more interesting as far as a news story: Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan getting along fine….or Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan having genuine disdain for each other and almost coming to blows over it while creating a locker room divide? The answer seems pretty clear to me…

  6. Ok. I think his problem is one that many athletes share. From the very beginning they’re supported by the locals. From Pop Warner and up thru Jr High, High School and even a certain extent in College. When they reach the pro level they meet the “professional journalists” ( I say that LOOSELY). They, like the players, are out to advance their careers. They ALSO have the “free agent” mentality. Beat Writers will often switch markets….. So Holmes proceeds from the false premise that these reporters are locally-rooted fans, which they are not and never claims to be…just like the players they cover.

  7. It would have been nice if Santonio supported his team last year. Maybe he will this year?

  8. RCC I usually like your takes even if you root for the wrong team 😉
    But I don’t follow your logic here. Yes maybe some reporters have favorite players, etc. but only because those guys help them make their job easier by being cooperative or they are always honest or they give them good stories. Either way though their duty is to report their thoughts about the team. Just like if you deal with the public, you have favorite customers, vendors etc. Doesn’t mean you don’t have a job to do.

    That said, as in all professions, media can let their personal biases toward players, coaches etc show too. We’ve got a particularly horrible example who writes about the Pats. I won’t mention names but I GUARANTEE YOU every Pats fan in the world knows who I mean.

  9. not even the best team in your home stadium, dial up the calliope music and let the circus , led by the head circus bear himself , begin! how long before the first hissy-fit on the sidelines?

  10. before I rip santonio… did I just read some moron rating Sanchez in the top ten qbs in the league? really forthand26?
    brady, brees, rogers, manning 2, manning 1, flacco, roethelsberger, hasselback,Vick, Stafford… are these guys not in the nfl? lol… dumb jets fan

  11. “We might pull for a compelling story, or a generous deadline, and especially for no overtime in a night game.

    But never for a team.

    Since Holmes doesn’t get that, maybe somebody in New York can explain it to him.”

    Maybe you should explain that to Mike (Go Steelers!) Florio.

  12. The press should only say good things even when things are going down the drain? How long would people follow that reporter?

    These guys have a sense of retirement that’s unreal… Just got through reading about the player who wants to be able to take home the soap, deodorant and Gatorade every night…


  13. This guy is starting right where he left off last year. A whiner and distruption to the team. Blow the whistle here comes the trainwreck.

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