Steve Smith pokes fun at a teammate’s bad decision

Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith has an underrated sense of humor.

This morning, he pointed his barbs at defensive end Greg Hardy.

Monday, Hardy thought it would be cute to take a picture of the speedometer of his Bentley at 100 mph.

Apologists and “managers” rallied to his defense, trying to create legal alibis that didn’t pass any sentient being’s sniff test, suggesting he might have been having his car tested on a dynamometer. Yeah, sure he was.

Hardy, who wrecked a motorcycle last year before camp, was doing something dumb, and made it worse by advertising it to the world on Twitter. He’s lucky he didn’t cause an accident.

Smith doesn’t have a Twitter account, but made sure to get the word out. He took a photo of his own Bentley speedometer (which he can more easily afford than a sixth-rounder on a rookie deal) doing a solid 26 mph.

He then apparently texted it to most of roster (at least three teammates, Ryan Kalil, Jon Beason and Jonathan Stewart tweeted it out), with the caption.”Smitty heading to work out slow and steady.”

Message delivered. With a little luck, Hardy gets it.

19 responses to “Steve Smith pokes fun at a teammate’s bad decision

  1. 6th rounder on a rookie deal who could be out of the league in a week with a new Bentley. He is making 540k this year.

    After taxes and agents fees, that car probably cost him at least 50% of his net income. And you can be fairly certain that the Bentley was not his only big purchase.

    Spending at these levels would be fine if he were guaranteed to be earning at that rate for next 20 years or so. But given the fact that he will probably make 90% of the money he will earn in his entire life in the next 5 years, it looks pretty stupid.

  2. Doing 100mph is dangerous but I think the fact that they were texting and driving is more dangerous, which according to this article they both did

  3. Taking a picture, looking at a picture, looking up at least 3 different receipients for a text, sending a picture text with a typed caption and doing all this while driving at any speed is dangerous. Funny story though!

  4. Hilarious on many levels. Hardy is a moron and I like how Smith was clever (and he doesn’t have a Twitter, that was the most surprising thing to me in this article lol). But Smith could have taken the picture then waited to send it to Kalil, Stewart and Beason. So you can’t assume he was texting and driving. And even if he was it was only at 26 mph lol.

  5. some people have nothing better to do than complain and criticize EVERYTHING you read…just laugh at his humor and be done with it

  6. This isn’t a surprise to locals. Smith is very likeable off the field. He calls the local sports talk radio station pretty regularly – not for a pre-arranged interview, just out of the blue. He’s chock full of one-liners and is fun to listen to. The kids that go to his football camp every year love him.

    I wish he didn’t have to get angry and worked up (real or imagined) to play his best, but that’s how some guys roll. And he hasn’t punched a teammate in 5 years, so can we let that one go, please?

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