T.J. Ward downplays report of nightclub brawl in L.A.

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The Summer of Law nearly ensnared Browns safety T.J. Ward over the weekend, based on a report from TMZ regarding a scuffle involving the Cleveland defender.

But Ward disputes the notion that something happened.

 I can tell you I’m innocent of anything,” Ward told Petros & Money of FOX Sports Radio.  “Nothing happened.  You know, nowaday’s everyone is a reporter, so anyone with an iPhone tries to take what they see. . . .  No pepper spray, no brawl.  Not even an argument.  Just a miscommunication.”

Regardless of what happened (or didn’t happen), the cops didn’t arrive and no arrests were made.  So Ward apparently has nothing to worry about.

5 responses to “T.J. Ward downplays report of nightclub brawl in L.A.

  1. When “the truth came out” in the words of T.J. it turns out that he offered his seat to a lady. She said “You’re too kind sir, I cannot take your seat and force you to stand.”. But T.J. insisted, “Please miss, it is my pleasure, I would stand forever for such a lovely lady as yourself.”.
    “No, no”, demurred the fair maiden, “Such a gallant act I could never deserve.”. Whereupon other men at the bar began offering their seats, and buying T.J. drinks in appreciation, until finally a bartender noticed the hubbub and came over to check it out….”What’s going on here?”.

  2. Everyone has to remind themselves not to take allegations immediately as fact…that just displays pure ignorance. With that being said, it still amazes me how professional athletes with so much to lose can continuously put themselves in situations that could ultimately undermine everything they’ve worked for and achieved. Some of these guys need to stop and think about prioritizing the important things in their lives.

  3. Meanwhile at ringside Bobby the Brain Heenan showed his open hands to the ref and backed away.

  4. Didn’t Ray Lewis, Donte Stallworth, and Pac Man Jones say something similar? Aren’t their lawyers’ business cards plastered in every club house within the NFL?

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