The 14th spot in the Preseason Power Rankings belongs to the Cowboys

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The Cowboys went from controlling their own destiny late last season to out of the playoffs thanks to three losses in their last four games, another late-season meltdown for a team that’s become all too familiar with them over the years.

If you’re the sort that counts on the Tony Romo/Jason Garrett Cowboys blowing up in a big spot as being next to death and taxes as one of life’s absolutes, the Cowboys hit their expectations right on the head. Others will argue that they fell short of expectations because of the amount of talent on the roster. Our Preseason Power Ranking reflects both points of view.

At 14, the Cowboys clearly have the ability to make the playoffs this season, but we’ve got them ranked just outside in a spot that forces them to show that they can actually pull it off. We’re asking you to let us know if that’s an accurate assessment or if the Cowboys should be higher or lower in the rankings.

13 responses to “The 14th spot in the Preseason Power Rankings belongs to the Cowboys

  1. This is too low. Maybe.

    But as a Cowboys fan I’d rather have everyone else dismissing them rather than crowning them in July.

  2. Both the Cowboys and Chargers, perennial preseason Super Bowl champs, have a 50% disapproval rating here regarding their power rankings.

    People are finally waking up to these pretenders.

  3. Yeah they always say cowboys r the worst team in football and we’ll never win but they all play us like it’s there superbowl. Haters hate but by god they all respect us so we can b that bad

  4. Everyone always talks about how supremely talented the Cowboys’ roster is. I don’t get it. Romo’s average, their WRs are average or slightly above, they have no running game, their DBs and Demarcus Ware are pretty good, but the rest of their defense is only average. Why do they always get credit for having such a great roster?

  5. As usual, the Cowboys are more hype then substance. All sizzle and no steak. They lack leadership from the top down. Somewhere along the line Jerry Jones, owner, GM, PR department, talent evaluator, coach, trainer and chief bottle washer will understand that once empowers others to actually do their job, he may win a playoff game

  6. As an Eagles fan, I am always a little weary of the Cowboys. They are a huge game for us twice a year, and they always have talent. I keep waiting for Tony Romo to take his game to that next level, it just hasn’t happened yet. We should have a great division this year and I don’t care what rank the birds have, were above the Cowboys and that’s all that matters. They could be good, but I think they are gonna finish last in the division personally. Fly Eagles Fly

  7. Cowboys miss the playoffs last year but they’re ranked ahead of the bengals….makes sense.

    But who cares? Last year Cincy was picked to finish dead last

  8. romo and ware are damn good… that said, I’m not sure how giants (my fav team) beat them twice last year yet lost twice to the redskins… as tosh pointed out, nice to know that the world champions lost to a 4 or 5 win redskins team… lol

  9. This team has enough talent and a chance, just like a bunch of other teams. I’m real sorry that the majority of comments can’t acknowledge that, but rather make ignorant comments I presume because their daddy didn’t love them enough.

  10. As a Cowboys fan, I hate to say this but the rankings are probably spot on. The NFC East is going to be brutal this year with solid Iggles and Gints teams and who knows what to expect from RG3. Offense will be fine (as in past years), it’s the pass rush that concerns me. No matter how much you upgrade your secondary, if you cannot put pressure on an NFL QB, you will get picked apart. (Yes, Ware is great but he cannot do it alone.)

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