Vick sees a potential dynasty in Philly


A year after backup quarterback Vince Young applied the “dream team” label to the Eagles during his introductory press conference, starting quarterback Mike Vick has opened a new Pandora’s Box during the media tour for his ill-advised new book.

Vick says that the Eagles could become a dynasty.

“When I look at our football team and what we have on paper, I think about when I was growing up and the great San Francisco 49er teams, the great Green Bay Packer teams, and the great Dallas Cowboy teams, how they just positioned themselves to compete and be one of the best teams out there,” Vick told

“I think we have a chance to be that.  I think we have a chance to develop a dynasty.”


We’ve got no problem with confidence, but last year’s Eagles took crossed over into unbridled hubris.  And so this year’s Eagles would be wise to show restraint and humility.

Of course, a little restraint and/or humility would have prompted Vick to pass on publishing a book that could rip open old wounds regarding a dogfighting past that dissipated faster than anyone expected once he signed with the Eagles in 2009.

With many still wondering whether Vick has changed or whether he’s just smarter about the things he says, Vick’s book will be picked apart for any clues or proof that the old Mike Vick and the new Mike Vick are the same person.

Then again, the old Mike Vick never had the chutzpah to proclaim that the Falcons were a possible dynasty in the making.

Could it be that the old Mike Vick was actually more humble and restrained?

151 responses to “Vick sees a potential dynasty in Philly

  1. Although having D-Jackson and Shady McCoy locked up to contracts is GREAT For The Eagles… Not having a STUD TE isn’t so great for Vick — IMO

    Their Starting TE is a Str8 BUSTER to Me!!!

  2. seriously, what do u wAnt him to say? for that matter, any player on any team. are they supposed to proclaim that the current team sucks?

    get off Vicks jock already..

  3. I think the humble pie he had a few years ago has worn off. Someone in the Eagles organization needs to get to him & tell him to shut it.

  4. Do you think he suffered brain damage the last two seasons?

    At least we really only have to hear about him a few more times. When he gets benched or hurt. Then when he gets cut in the off season. And when he ends up back in jail.

  5. Hahaha thats funny. Mike Vike will NEVER be part of any dynasty. He’s wayyyy too streaky and unreliable.

  6. Dynasty huh, i am a Vick apologist but that is the most ludicrous thing i have heard in a while. Trying winning a playoff game and 2 superbowls at least before calling yourself the D word.

  7. This is easily one of the most talented teams in the league… The defense came alive at the end of last year, and could dominate if their offensive coordinator can finally make the switch. That offense has is loaded with deadly weapons. If Vick stays healthy, Jackson isn’t a head case, maclin=stud, and shady….. Enough said… Health and mental stability are huge!!

  8. What an idiot. Maybe he should actually win one title before he starts talking about a dynasty. Guys like Vick never, ever get it. You’ve gotta do it on the field, one game at a time, one play at a time. Don’t talk about it, do it.

  9. Haha, dynasty he says. He’s gettin snapped like a twig in a few months. Oh and I’d like to take this time to remind all of you in Philly that I have no super bowl trophies. Hahahahaha lame

  10. There are 3 rules when you talk about dynasties.

    1) Don’t speak about them until you won at least one championship.

    2) Read rule one again.

    3) Read rule one again.

  11. Michael Vick sees a dynasty brewing in philadelphia? Wow. That’s sad. First dog killing, now he seems to have moved onto crack. That pipe is tough.
    Hope he gets help.

  12. Based on what? You do realize the defending Superbowl champions play in your division right?

    This guy is such a clown, I hope you and your overrated, over hyped sorry eagles team gets creamed this season.

    One more think there mike, try getting through a whole season first before talking dynasty.

  13. A lot of talk for a guy who has played one full season in his career and threw an INT to end the only playoff games he’s played in for the Eagles.

  14. With the Skins drafting RGIII and having a Super Bowl winning Head Coach, the Giants being Multiple times Super Bowl Champions in recent years, and the Cowboys laying in the weeds.. Philly will likely be 4th best in the division.

    Vick is an idiot that’s only looking for publicity for his book.

  15. Ron Mexico you’re 32 years old the dynasty could come after you’re gone and the Iggles re-acquire Kevin Kolb from that dry dead place 14 interceptions yes.

  16. Before this gets blown way out of proportion just like the dream team label, every player in the NFL should feel like their team can be a dynasty before the season even starts. If not, then why are you in the NFL?

  17. Interesting.

    I see a potential laughing stock.

    They won’t win one Super Bowl let alone multiple.

  18. Does Philly purposely set out to sign the dumbest players around or what.

    Young, Jackson, Vick!

    The all dumbass dynasty is the only thing I see here!

    P.S You need a great QB to have a shot at a dynasty, Vick is injury prone and just plain stupid!


  19. Lets not over analyze an interview with local media intended to excite the local fanbase. He was just saying the team has a strong foundation, which is still relatively young and has a chance to compete at a high level for several years, which, if it does produce a few Super Bowl wins could be considered a dynasty

  20. Well atleast you’ll be in line to follow all those great Philly dynasties….whoops nevermind.

    Way to you jinx yourself again..ha ha ha.

  21. Oh come on, who cares? Uber-humility is annoying at the pro level. People here talk more smack in fantasy football every day. He did not get a DUI this week or flash a gun. Perspective, please.

  22. I will admit I like trash talk. I love trash talk that gets backed up with action. However, in this instance I must say, “Shut it up and play.” After the “Dream Team” nonsense you don’t need any reason for other teams to put a target on your back. And try to get a whole season under your belt… witcha frail ass.

  23. Don’t you have to do something, before writing a book comparing your team to the Dynasty teams? Sounds like the Eagles are still a DREAM (vicks) TEAM

  24. Vick has never been humble, in fact he hasn’t really changed – it’s easy to say all the right things when things are going well, but during those times of adversity we see glimpses of the real Michael Vick, and therein we see the only thing that’s changed is he’s a little wiser now and obviously been following some good advice from his PR staff

    I bet deep down he still thinks it was BS he went to jail, and didn’t deserve it, and that his only mistake was getting caught.

  25. BTW, the previous article is a player bragging about how he’s about to “blow it away”. How come you didn’t write that article with an “ugh” on it?

    Oh yeah, cause its football. Man up and stop combing every interview for fake controversy.

  26. Sorry Mike, you’re off the mark. Simply saying that you believe your team has what it takes to form a Dynasty isn’t exactly the same thing as saying they ARE a dynasty or they WILL BE a dynasty. It’s just a proclamation of your faith in the ability of yourself and your teammates. Nothing more.

  27. Sorry Mike, the Packers are going to be around for a long time, especially with #12 under center.

  28. He wisely covered his arse for scrutiny to a point by declaring the book was started in prison. Outside of that, he’s being a leader and pumping his guys up and showing them that he appreciates and respects their talent while lighting something of a fire under them. I don’t think it’s a huge deal.

  29. lol… Here we go again.

    Try winning ONCE before you start yapping.

    The town with the empty trophy case would sell their souls for ONE trophy.

  30. Perhaps they should focus on winning the first one before delving into the dynasty talks.

  31. Well everything positive said in this article, is either an eagles fan OR someone who knows football.

    And everything negative thats gonna be said on this article is either a NON-eagles fan OR a Hater OR someone who just hates any affiliations with VICK.

    EAGLES are SUPERBOWL BOUND aslong Vick is at QB.

  32. I’ll-advised new book? What’s ill-advised about it Mike? Should he wait 10 years until he’s out of the spotlight and no one cares? Why don’t you worry about reporting some real news and let people decide for themselves what’s advisable. I guess since its ill-advised, no one will buy it and the Eagles will tank, right? Care to place some on it?

  33. You haven’t won anything and you you think you have potential dynasty? Goes to show how unintelligent Vick is. Why was this garbage allowed back in the NFL?

  34. I really don’t think so. The Eagles window of opportunity has passed. Vick is a running qb and he’s not getting any younger. Don’t see it.

  35. Vick you might want to win at least one meaningful game with this team before you declare yourselves a dynasty in the making. I seem to remember you throwing a pick in the endzone with the game on the line in your last playoff game. That’s great to create even more expectations that your team cant live up to.

  36. Why would you say that! After last seasons “Dream team” fiasco and having to listen to that tired old line for a year, why would you use the word “dynasty”? You haven’t done anything yet! Think it, do it, but don’t ever say it.

  37. How is this even a story? This isnt as bad as ‘Dream Team’. It’s not like last year where everyone expected NFC Title for Philly. Media still says Division champs, it’ll stay that way

  38. Alright, so I guess every player on the Eagles should say negative things about their team and their chances of success in up coming seasons, because obviously saying anything positive is out of the picture and makes them look arrogant and over-confident. So next time Vick, just say we suck and can’t possibly win a Super Bowl. Maybe you’ll get a better response and be respected more by your peers.

  39. “You can’t design a defense to stop me, especially not on this team. We have so many weapons, and some teams have tried to make that their primary focus. That’s when we run up the score.”
    -Michael Vick, September 2011

    This is getting old…….

  40. He feels invincible because of what he got away with. He could have been locked up a lot lot longer (do a little research), but he served his time and got a fat contract from the always trashy Eagles. He now feels the “greatness” that is Mike Vick is destined for the pantheon of sports legends…at least that is the vibe I’m getting…

  41. How about winning your division? Or maybe just making the playoffs? That would be a good place to start before we start talking dynasty.

  42. i can’t believe I’m standing up for Vick, but I think in this case you’re wrong. Couldn’t it be now that he has no shameful activities weighing on his conscience and his full concentration is on football, he feels more confident about his team’s potential?

  43. Maybe he should try working on….oh, I don’t know….winning a playoff game, before he starts talking about having a potential dynasty.

    I’m pretty sure dynasties usually involve teams that have won a playoff game. Usually more than just one of them.

  44. ” Mike Vick has opened a new Pandora’s Box during the media tour for his ill-advised new book.”

    He used the word “could”. If that word opens Pandora’s box, so be it.

  45. The Dynasty of Mediocrity; has a nice ring to it. Didn’t these guys learn from the “Dream Team” incident to keep their mouths closed and do their talking on the field?

  46. Dammit Florio. Now I’ve got a whole season of Eagles Dynasty jokes to wade through in the comments here. Just Great.

  47. He said that he believes Philly has the chance to create a dynasty. That’s not the same thing as labeling the Eagles the Dream Team like Vince Young did last year. At the start of every training camp every team has a chance to start something great. If you happen to be the starting quarterback on a playoff contending team you better be thinking that way this time of year.

  48. Ever notice how the Eagles and Cowboys are always so eager to tell everyone how good they are “on paper”.

  49. Do you think you could at least make the playoffs before the dynasty talk?
    He hasn’t learned jack since he was an over-hyped Falcon. They are in a better chance to be consistent playoff team than the one he left

  50. Defensive coordinators figured out that if you make Vick roll to his right he either runs for three yards, throws it out of bounds, or throws it at a receiver’s feet. That’s the basis of a dynasty?

  51. You guys can bash Vick all you want. You all know it’s fun to bash someone when you get the opportunity, so go ahead and have fun with it while you can.

    With that said, let the 2011 Eagles off the hook. They went 8-8 last year, and everyone seems to forget that Vick missed like five games because he was injured. And he left with a concussion in the Atlanta game when they were winning by 10 (a game they would go on to lose with Kafka finishing the game).

    I’m not saying they’re going to win the SB. But I wouldn’t underestimate them either.

  52. Vick hasn’t played an entire season healthy in his career…the eagles enjoy making ridiculous comments in the media every year…A dynasty of what? Vick is an injure prone quarterback…I’m sure eagle fans hold their breath when vick takes off running and he holds the football loose in his left hand like a loaf of bread and he fumbles 9 times out of 10 every year…vick needs to be humble and just stay out the media

  53. As a dog and especially pit bull lover I have no love or respect for Vick I think he’s garbage and I laugh every time he gets blasted on the football field I also lost a little respect for the league when they let him back in after prison I seriously hope these comments he made come back to bite him on the A$$

  54. He Philly worry about getting one before u get three and appearing in NFC championship games dont make u a dynasty. Hey who’s the only team in the NFC east to never win a superbowl u got it the eagles dynasty

  55. That guy is so full of himself it’s insane. I guess it doesn’t help that he still gets to do what he wants in life and reap the many benefits of fame and fortune despite his repeated attempts at self-sabotage.

  56. Lesean McCoy, Michael Vick, Desean Jackson, Nwamdi Asomugha, Atogwe, Cole, Rogers Cromartie. Prett good players. If they were to start to win over now until 4/9 years I would consider them
    a good dynasty like cowboys,9ers,Dolphins etc

  57. Why do players feel like they always have to speak about how good they are, or what their potential is. Just go out and play football, and that alone will do all the talking for you.

  58. It is always funny to hear a player like Vick use a term like dynasty to describe his team when he has never even seen a championship NFL football team from anywhere but the sidelines or television. It’s real simple. You’ve got to win one before you know what a team that wins three or four looks like. This guy needs to just keep his mouth shut.

  59. Hold up to all the haters, Vick sees a very talented roster that isn’t getting into trouble often with good players at the skill positions. That being said Ya he may have spoke too soon but is showing his confidence in his team. And to the comment about a QB who can read defenses farve didn’t or couldn’t well cuz the Ints rack up , troy never had to having the best oline and a great runner that would pick up atleast 5 yards on the first two downs heck look at his int to Td ratios too theyre terrible sadly troy without Irvin means no passing attack for Dallas then and joe Montana is the greatest QB to ever put on a pair of cleats and youngwas good and had rice to win his title later.

  60. I agree, they need to win one before he talks but people be real. The eagles if they stay healthy will win this division. Are you kidding yourselves??

  61. Thirty-two years old, never won a SB and you think you can start a dynasty. Hey, maybe you will. You can get the Jim Plunkett award for proving there are second acts in American life.

    On the other hand the Eagles show no cohesion. Just like with the NY Jets you look at them and KNOW that somehow they’re going to throw it all away… They just don’t feel like a TEAM.

  62. First the “Dream Team” label by a worthless QB Vince Young and now a “Dynasty” from a video game highlight QB. He must be talking about playing Madden.

  63. He def had a concussion last year when Reid put him back in saying somebody dirt was in his eyes (visor much?), so I might think he’s not thinking straight.

    Over/Under on Foles starting 3 games this year?

  64. Many of Vick’s apologizers offer up the excuse “what do you expect him to say? my team sucks?” That’s a valid response to Rex Grossman declaring that Washington will make the playoffs last year. The leader of an unsuccessful team promising a good year is endearing, if stupid, confidence. The leader of an unsuccessful team promising a historic, unforgettable legacy is simply arrogant and off-putting. If the president of Burkina Faso (where? Exactly.) declares that his nation will make some major economic strides, the world has no choice but to cheer them on: when a poor country improves, the whole world wins. But, if the President of Burkina Faso declares that his country will become a major world power, the nation becomes an international laughingstock, and he is viewed as a nutjob.

    In summary, you can’t fault confidence, but take things one step at a time, and be careful not to alienate potential fans (ie. if Vick actually does create an Eagles dynasty, it will be much less appreciated by the public than if he hadn’t made these comments)

  65. How is this any different than what nearly every “expert” in the media was saying this time last year after they signed Asomugha? All Vick is saying is that ON PAPER this Eagles team can be great. He is exactly right. Now they just need to put it all together on the field.

  66. eagles7to10 says:
    Jul 18, 2012 10:52 PM

    Before this gets blown way out of proportion just like the dream team label, every player in the NFL should feel like their team can be a dynasty before the season even starts. If not, then why are you in the NFL?


    Ok, nothing against you but I must say, you’re comment, and I get that you’re defending your favorite teams QB and all, has to be as ridiculous as his.

    There is nothing wrong with players being positive and state that their team can win games, get into the playoffs, heck, maybe even go and play for the Super Bowl. I will not argue that every player should have this type of mentality going into the season. But to flat out say that your team, especially one not winning any SBs in the modern era (even in the old era), has a potential to be a dynasty, is just really a dumb comment. I don’t have a problem with players claiming their team has the talent and may win it all but claiming you may have a dynasty without winning anything in the last few years is downright moronic!

    And yes, it is just as dumb as the “dream team” label their back-up QB claimed that team to be before any game was even played.

    And why are players, with Mr. Vick’s talents, in the NFL? To play (not talk) and try and win it all, not to claim their team is so talented, it should be (so) called “Dream Team” or make unsubstantiated and unsupported claim that it can be a dynasty!!!

    Come on, REALLY!!!

  67. No class move by a no class guy.

    Given the “Dream Team” fiasco last year, just a little restraint could have been shown. If Vick had said he was looking forward to this season, loved the look of his team and was looking forward to dethroning the Giants (I don’ t see that happening), much less would have been said. But to move right into dynasty talk, after not making the playoffs after a similar statement from a teammate last year, shows a total disconnect from reality.

    Then again, he does get hit on the head a lot.

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