Aaron Rodgers not thinking about his contract


Does Drew Brees, who came in second in MVP voting last year, signing the most lucrative contract in NFL history have the player who came in first in MVP voting last year thinking about re-doing his own deal?

Aaron Rodgers says no.

Although Rodgers is underpaid relative to the elite quarterbacks in the NFL — with a contract that pays him $8.5 million this year, $9.75 million next year and $11 million in 2014 — he told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network that he doesn’t think the Brees situation has any bearing on his situation with the Packers, and he’s not in any hurry to re-do his own contract.

That stuff takes care of itself,” Rodgers said. “I still have a few years left on my deal, and we’ll talk about that when we get there.”

Rodgers’s six-year, $65 million contract has turned out to be a bargain for the Packers, but when he signed it in 2008 there were some who thought it was too big a financial investment for a player who had, to that point, started just seven games in his NFL career. The Packers’ decision to make a big investment in Rodgers at a time when he hadn’t proven himself yet may be why Rodgers feels enough loyalty to the team that he won’t complain about his contract.

Even though, compared to what other elite quarterbacks are making, Rodgers is underpaid.

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  1. It’s strange how few players equate long-term security with long-term risk. If he were to ink an extension now and raise his annual average to the highest in the league, we would probably say he was underpaid in 2-3 years anyway.

  2. He deserves it more than Greedy Brees does, that’s for sure.

    Good for him if he’s happy being semi-rich, instead of uber-rich. It will go a long way with re-signing key players. That initself, is now a luxury that the Saints org does not have anymore now that they overpaid for Brees.

  3. The Buffalo Bills just paid their QB similiar money, hopefully he pans out the same way.

  4. Any chance that Aaron Rodgers recognizes that part of his ability to be so successful is directly related to the ability of the Packer organization to afford to keep high level talent surrounding him? Aaron has proven to be nothing but a class act thus far and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it continue. Could it be possible that he’ll end up being one of the few who will end up putting the best interests of their team ahead of them setting a new record for contract size? (And you could easily argue that he deserves ‘Drew Brees’ money)

  5. “That stuff takes care of itself,” Rodgers said. “I still have a few years left on my deal, and we’ll talk about that when we get there.”

    It’s refreshing to see an athlete say that instead of holding out.

  6. This guy embodies what it means to be a Green Bay Packer. They are no doubt in a class all by themselves. As a bills fan growing up in buffalo w/ a yooper packer fan mom, I grew up watching this franchise set the standard for teamwork and sportsmanship. While buffalo has had it’s struggles, they are turning the corner. ARodg is flat out just a great guy. Hope he accomplishes everything he sets his eyes on.

  7. This is how contracts are supposed to work. Pack took a calculated risk in giving him a big contract at the time, and he recognizes that and agrees to be bound by the contract that was too good for him to pass up in 2008. Plus, let’s be honest, he’s still making more than he could spend.

  8. TT will use this “bargain” time to make a few more runs at a Super Bowl before the mega deal inevitably happens. Let’s hope that Aaron gets his long term security, but not at the expense of being able to put the pieces around him necessary to win.

  9. Rodgers is the best QB and the easily the classiest guy in the NFL unlike his egomaniac predecessor.

  10. You also can’t forget that Aaron plays in Green Bay. If he keeps performing how he is he’ll eventually have a street named after him and quite possibly a statue outside Lambeau. That should probably make up for a few million a year, wouldn’t you think?

  11. Packer fan or not… Maybe that attitude will trickle down to all NFL players. I take less so we can pay to keep talent around me.
    Dont think fo a second that other packer players aren’t looking at that.

  12. Oh he’s thinking about it and probably thinking about it long and hard, but he’s being politically correct, as he should be. That is all.

  13. He’s one serious concussion from being retired, if he gets 2 more this year, I say he’s done!! He’s one JARED ALLEN blind shot from seeing the big bright stars for a long time!!!

  14. Packers got very lucky and are very fortunate to have Rodgers

    Notice how no one mentions the crowd booing him at his first public practice when he threw a few bad passes right after Favre left? It’s because he rose above and became a champion.

    Those stories are why the NFL is so great

  15. Total class how he handles his business.

    As opposed to totally classless Drew Brees.

  16. 1) He does recognize that the better the team around him, the better chance he has to show how good he can be.

    2) Between his play, and not being greedy, he will likely make more in endorsements than the extra money he could force the Packers to pay him.

    3) I think he will only play 6 or 7 more years. Probably only one more contract. Wait a couple more years to sign it and the bonus will be that much higher.

  17. Take that Darrelle Mevis. Ur constant concern about your contract is why Stevie Johnson is running all around you and your pulling hamstrings trying to cover Randy Moss.

  18. If I were the Packers I would offer to extend his contract 4 extra years at an average 15 million per year over the duration. 6 years/90 million.

    Aaron gets a few more bucks, Green Bay gets a few more years and still gets a relative bargain.

  19. He’ll get his payday in a couple years and he’ll probably be the highest paid player in the league. All players should understand that when you sign a long-term contract, other players are going to pass you by when they sign new contracts. He’s going to be just fine.

  20. He is a special player for sure. He knows he’ll get paid. The Packers are normally very pro active with their star players. He is a very humble guy and believe it or not felt uncomfortable when he did sign that deal because he knew he was over paid for his contributions to date.

    That commitment that the Packers showed him is exactly why he is content right now.

  21. One of my favorite parts of my life is being a Packer fan. Rodgers is a total class act and will get his money. He won’t be a diva like #4 and demand attention for years after he passed his prime. Love that guy

  22. I love the revisionist history on here. People calling out Brees. Brees signed a 6 year $60mm contract in 2006 and played his contract out. Never held out or threatened to hold out.

  23. 13andmoretocome says:
    Jul 19, 2012 3:28 PM
    TT will use this “bargain” time to make a few more runs at a Super Bowl before the mega deal inevitably happens. Let’s hope that Aaron gets his long term security, but not at the expense of being able to put the pieces around him necessary to win.


    With all due respect — the $65 million paid under his current deal *IS* long-term security in my book!

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