Bears 11th in our preseason power rankings

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We’re nearing the Top 10 in our preseason power rankings, and the Chicago Bears have fallen just short.

But in a league where 12 teams make the playoffs, No. 11 is a good place to be for Lovie Smith’s team, which has made the postseason just once in the last five years.

In 2011, the Bears probably would have been one of the NFC’s two wild card teams if Jay Cutler had stayed healthy. This year, in our power rankings, an NFC wild card spot looks like the most likely scenario.

That’s what we think. Now tell us what you think.

10 responses to “Bears 11th in our preseason power rankings

  1. With the competition in the NFC North, it is going to be tough for Da Bears to land a playoff spot. (by competition, I do not mean the Vikings)

  2. Certainly the Pack are favorites to once again take the North. Bears are a likely wildcard.

    The LOLions are on a self-destruct path for 2012 so 8-8 may be the best they can pull out. Vikes will be rebuilding for the next several years. (Bad karma caused by the BF signing awhile back)

  3. With the offseason they had and having one if the easiest schedules, if they don’t make the playoffs it will be a monumental disappointment and the end of Lovie’s regime.

  4. The Bears will when the North because Now that they have a real offense they have a better all around team. The offense will have a lot more first downs giving the Defense a lot more REST. Red Zone scoring will Now be TD’s not field goals. To beat Chicago in 2012 will not be easy

  5. The Bears are a middle of the pack team. They should be right between 14 and 16. The defense is blah, the offense is meh and the coaching staff is mentally weak.

    The bears will be third in the NFCN next year behind the packers and the lions. Expect more of the same 8-8 nebishness from the team once know as the Monsters of the Midway. Oh how the mighty have fallen into mediocrity.

  6. 2 years ago the Bears made it to the NFCCG with mediocore WR’s and a Martz offense. Last year same issues and they were on a 5 game win streak, playing as good as anyone in the league before Cutler went down.

    Now Cutler has a true#1 WR in Marshall, Alshon Jefferies as a solid draft pickup, and Jeremy Bates as QB coach. Also, Tice and Bates are designing the offense around Cutler unike Martz’s system.

    I am curious to see how good the Bears will be with all these new pieces in place. They will for sure get in the playoffs and have the talent to win their division as well, thats for sure!

  7. You DO know that only about a third of the Bears pass plays were 7 step drops, and some of those weren’t sacks?
    That two thirds of the Bears sacks came on 5 steps or less? Just checking. Because in my book, less seven step drops does not equate to more talent in the O-Line.
    I actually have hope that Cutler will finally start to look like the QB he CAN be, but then I am reminded that Mike Tice is the OC…. still, hope springs eternal.

  8. This is great, hopefully the players get a load of posters and pundits who don’t think they and Cutler don’t have much in the tank….a great recipe, some of the time.

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