Brett Favre: I don’t need to have my jersey retired


Packers officials have said this offseason that they believe Brett Favre should have his number retired some day, but that a little time may need to pass before everyone in Green Bay is ready for that. For his part, Favre doesn’t sound like he cares.

In an interview with Deion Sanders on NFL Network, Favre said he doesn’t see what the big deal is about having a ceremony at Lambeau Field and having his No. 4 jersey formally retired.

“Why?” Favre asked. “You know what, I don’t know what the future holds. But I do know this: Whether anything ever happens . . . people think I’m crazy, but I don’t need to have a day. I don’t need to have a retirement, retire your jersey, all that stuff, to solidify my career.”

Favre said he assumes he’ll some day return to Green Bay, where he played from 1992 to 2007 and was named NFL MVP three times. But he doesn’t know when that will be, and he doesn’t think he needs to see his jersey hung up to show what he accomplished.

“That day will come. I haven’t lost any sleep over it, nor have they, I think,” Favre said. “What I did speaks for itself. What I left behind speaks for itself.”

Most of the ill will toward Favre in Green Bay is a result of the way Favre conducted himself in his retirements and un-retirements, and so in that respect he has only himself to blame if he’s not quite the revered figure he once was among Packers fans. But what he did in Green Bay deserves to be honored, and eventually he should have his jersey retired. Even if that day won’t come for a few more years.

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  1. I believe he is the greatest Packer to ever put on a jersey. What he did with the flipflopping never once changed my view towards that. Brett you are welcome back in Green Bay anytime, and I know I am speaking for the majority of us.

  2. Watch Farve take heat for telling it like it is….

    Everything he says is true/right/correct…

    I saw him play 25 times in Soldier Field and Lambeau and he is and always will be one of the very best football players for what he did on the field

  3. Brett Favre is the Greatest QB in the history of the Green Bay Packers! For those of you who say it is Bart Starr, Just think of what Favre could have done with those powerhouse Packer Teams of the 60s. For those who say its Aaron Rodgers, come back and talk to me after 15 more years. Favre is the most Durable, Consistent, Exciting player of this generation. Yeah, he took a few too many chances, but thats what made him so great in the first place. He taught ARODG everything he knows about being a great qb! Maybe not directly but Rodgers learned by simply watching and imitating everything Favre did. At the same time he learned what NOT to do such as take unneccesary risks that lead to INTs. Love him or hate him, you gotta respect #4

  4. I think Farve’s jersey should be retired … after Aaron Rodgers’ jersey is.

  5. The ill will in Green Bay toward Favre is a result of having (and wanting to) play for the Viking. Plain and simple.

    It has very little to do with retiring and un-retiring.

  6. He deserves a day at Lambeau. He was a great player, a Hall of Famer and fun to watch whether you rooted for or against him.

  7. Farve had every right to retire, not retire, retire, etc… You trying to tell me you could find a man that would NOT un-retire for 20mil a year and you blame him? Seriously?? Leave the man alone, hes a legend. Period.

  8. Before Favre we had Lynn Dickey and Don Machowski. Favre rescued us from nearly 30 years of putridness and he should be honored. In time.

  9. Growing up in the Tampa Bay area, I got to see Favre twice a year (a couple times 3) When he became the starter for the Packers when Majik was injured, I was 9 years old. Watching Favre play was one of the things that really got me into watching and being a fan of the game of football, mostly, before that I was casually into the sport but a mega baseball fan.

    IMHO, Brett Favre was one of the reasons the NFL grew at the rate that it did in the 1990’s.

    His retirement back and forth and going to play football for another team is just the nature of the beast, If I loved the game and had played forever and then got to missing it, I’d have done the same thing, and.. when the Packers were done with him, if he still wanted to play, I don’t blame him for signing with the Jets or the Vikings. It’s a living.

  10. The Packers should instead make it mandatory that their punters always wear #4. This will keep alive the rich history of #4 being the guy who hands over the ball to the other team at the end of a drive.

  11. Dickey was a fine, if injury-prone QB. The early 80s Packers defense and an endless parade of running back injuries let down the Dickey, Lofton, Jefferson, Coffman machine.

    That said, he was no Favre, both in the talent and drama-queen department.

  12. MichaelEdits says:
    Jul 19, 2012 5:51 PM
    His jersey can be retired and unretired a few times.

     197 12 


    Now that would be funny, lol.

  13. packeye says:
    Jul 19, 2012 5:53 PM
    I believe he is the greatest Packer to ever put on a jersey. What he did with the flipflopping never once changed my view towards that. Brett you are welcome back in Green Bay anytime, and I know I am speaking for the majority of us.

    Anybody and I mean ANYBODY who thinks he is the greatest Packer ever is an Idiot. Greatest Player is arguable Bart Starr still is the only QB to win 5 Championships and he NEVER threw game losing interceptions in OT playoff or playoff games.

    Great Packers do not try to hold the team and their fans hostage to their whims nor do they tell a Chicago Bear ( Urlacher) to beat them in a NFC championship game.

    Player maybe Packer never

    He seemed to never be satisfied with the Packer organization. Let’s hope the Packers fulfill this wish and do not retire his jersey. I wonder if Deanne has retired his cell phone

  14. As a Vikings fan i say this: As a packer there wasnt anyone i wanted to play more than him. I was always rooting for for him when he wasnt in our way. After he came to our team and especially after the beating he took in the 2009 Championship game, AND STILL PLAYED. Say what you will, he may be one of the toughest SOB’s to EVER play the game. The Pack fans need to lighten up and take him back with open arms.

  15. I would be fully ready to cheer Brett back into Green Bay if were not two things:

    1) He had not openly said that part of the reason he unretired was to spite Ted Thompson/The Packers

    2) Near the end of the 2010 season after the Bears/Vikings game, he told Julius Peppers that he hoped the Bears would beat the Packers to knock them out of the playoffs.

    I’m over him simply playing for the Vikings. I’m over him beating the Packers twice that year. His “will he/won’t he” routine never really bothered me.

    But to atone for the two transgressions listed above, Favre is going to have to make a public apology for them. Until he says he’s sorry, and actually sounds convincing, I won’t be able to forgive him.

    Later this year, coach Mike Holmgren will be inducted into the Packers hall of fame. An invitation was sent to Favre’s agent, Bus Cook. The Packers never heard back.

    While I think Favre should be the one to reach out first, the Packers played the adult and did so. Apparently Favre’s the one not ready to play nice yet. If he doesn’t want to be a Packer anymore, that’s all on him. The ball is fully in his court. Believe me, no real Packers fan will lose any sleep over this.

    I’ll never forget what Brett did FOR Green Bay, but I’ll also never forget what he did TO Green Bay.

  16. Deion was actually interviewing someone who needs more attention than him. Favre was an outstanding quarterback, however, I can’t think of a great quarterback who threw more unnecessary, game deciding interceptions than Mr. Retirement.

  17. apm says:
    Jul 19, 2012 7:22 PM
    Dickey was a fine, if injury-prone QB. The early 80s Packers defense and an endless parade of running back injuries let down the Dickey, Lofton, Jefferson, Coffman machine.

    Lynn Dickey sucked. Honestly if the Pack hadn’t had Farve they would still be sucking. They never would have gotten Reggie White, they never would have won the Super Bowl in the 90’s. He saved your freaking franchise from 25 years of nothing. We used to laugh at my friend who was a Pack in the 70’s and 80’s, until we finally felt sorry for him and then backed off. And now Pack fan wants to vilify him. What a bunch of freaking clowns.

  18. I will say this and this is as true as it gets. I walked in a Hardware store in Mississippi one day and I don’t live in Mississippi. As I walked out he was holding the door open for a elderly man who was walking in nodded his head hi to me and held the door for the man and I walked to my car and just watched. He is bigger than life pick up truck and jeans but very neatly dressed well mannered. I have been around other pro players and I was like a little kid watching from my car the nice guy who acts like a normal person. And I guess he could be my son in age but southern charm like you would not believe.

  19. That Green Bay fans have any reservations about whether Brett Favre’s jersey should be retired immediately and with due fanfare just goes to show how classless and petty they are.

    When Aaron Rodgers goes down with a prematurely career ending injury, they’ll be singing a different tune.

  20. The guy hung on too long playing for the Jets and Vikings, but that Monday night game after his father died stands out in my mind as the single greatest performance by any athlete in any sport I have ever seen. Ever.

    Say what you want, but he was one of the greatest to ever play football.

  21. MichaelEdits says:
    Jul 19, 2012 5:51 PM
    His jersey can be retired and unretired a few times.
    Comment of the day. I was going to say they should schedule the ceremony and then cancel it a few times…

  22. Pretty convenient comment by Favre. He knows full well that there will be booing at any retirement ceremony. It won’t be everybody, but there will be many that do and it will be noticeable. It will be embarrassing for the organization, Favre and his family.

    So it’s probably easier for everyone if he says he doesn’t even care.

  23. As I recall It was the Packers who wanted to go with Rodgers as thier Qb what did they expect Farve to do! He wanted to play! And he should never have been asked to back up Rodgers. Fans want to be upset with Farve! The should be upset with thier beloved Packers! They threw Farve away like a used up Toy! Packers broke the trust! Not Farve! loyalty goes both ways

  24. Give him a few days, he will change his mind just like he did about retirement. I have been a Packer fan since 1959, used to love watching this dude play and now I can’t stand hearing his name let alone watching him on tv or the computer. Bart Starr was the best qb we have ever had followed by Mr Rodgers. Go Pack

  25. “that Monday night game after his father died stands out in my mind as the single greatest performance by any athlete in any sport I have ever seen. Ever.”

    He made some great throws, but I seem to remember the receivers making some great catches. Javon Walker in particular made a great one in the end zone going high up for a ball that Favre threw up for grabs. Donald Driver said the receivers had a meeting before the game and made a promise to not let ANYTHING get by them that was even remotely close. His teammates had his back.

  26. I respect his play on the field. I can’t stand him after he retired saying he had nothin left, only to make it about Brett on Family nite. He’ll show up for his jersey retirement/ring of honor AFTER Mark, Ted, and Mike are gone. Oh yeah, watch the interview w/Prime again. It was a lotta “I and Me” and not much “We and Team”.

  27. Packer fans have only been able to recognize “allegiance” but not greatness.

  28. Busterdog- what kind of animal DOESN’T hold the door open for an elderly man? Stop praising people for doing what they’re supposed to do. Geeeshhh!!!!

  29. Grown. Man.

    That would be the extent of my commentary if not for andrewfbrowne. Outstanding post! I hate Green Bay; the town, the fans and the team. However, Brett’s play in the game you mentioned and when he threw the TD, right after obviously suffering an obvious concussion, astounded me.

    Bad. Ass.

  30. I think Brett is going to slowly make his way back towards the Packers..

    First step, he’ll attend a few away games, like @Saints, or some other city in the south. He’ll do that a few times, and of course, the TV cameras will catch him in the box seat.. and that will be the beginning..

    Then he’ll eventually come to a game in Lambeau…


    And btw.. I don’t buy the “ah shucks, it don’t matter to me” routine.. it sure as heck matters.. and he wants it… he just isn’t going to admit it.

  31. Favre lost a super bowl as a 13.5 point favorite, he ended super bowl runs with ints vs the eagles, giants, rams, and falcons. He was a great QB for 5 years and very overrated for 10 more. His cute streak was great, but averaging 1.5 turnovers a game wasn’t. I warned MU Viking fan friends that he’d choke when it mattered for them as well. Go away Bert, I hope your number is never retired.

  32. No Horse in this race, but the whole Brett Favre controversy is a product of our desire to create a story to provide hungry fans and talk show hosts something to volley around in the lull of the off season. Just like the goofy debate over Romo v. Manning, we are supposed to pick a side just because someone created the debate.
    Put it in simple working terms you have a boss that needs to choose between a great worker that is close to the end of his career and an up-and-comer. You have a worker that doesn’t want to retire but knows father time is not on his side. His passion says keep playing, his body says give it up, so he waffles over it until someone else makes the decision for him, and so he decides to use that as motivation to keep playing. Neither side is wrong, they both felt they did what is best.
    I hope we can forget about this before the HOF. Brett Favre is the only QB I can claim to have seen play while I was in college that was still starting after all 3 of my kids were born. He was a gladiator. I will admit I took satisfaction knowing Ryan Moats, and my Bills ended his streak, but it wouldn’t bother me to see him un-retire again. He has been a part of what made football special for me.

  33. One should never pass up the chance to be honored, While one may may perceive the moment as extraneous, or serving no purpose. the fact that that person is chosen means that the group in which they served deemed them worthy of such merit.

    Brett Farve would be best served accepting such honors with humility and grace.

  34. the guy is amazing . last of the legends he was a gamer he loved the game so much . had guts took a beating in the nfc saints game got back up . played 4tds when his dad died . never complained about teammates or contracts . he was veey tough had a cannon for a arm and was ballsy . thats the favre i remember.

  35. When I was young around 5 to 7 Bart was finishing his playing days, it seems like a very long drought where we had a lot of bad seasons making the play offs was very rare. Then the pack got Brett it seems we had a whole lot of years all but a few that we made the play offs, from the year he started playing until Ted T’s ego made him get rid of Favre, every season the fans knew we would be winning games and in the play off hunt, I think after all the play offs and good years that we had through all the different players, coaches and general manages we had, Brett always was able to lead the team to a wining season. Ted T wanted to show he was more important than his best player by getting rid of him. Ted has made many good choices but showing his ego and disrespect for Brett makes him a small man in my opinion. A Rod is a great QB, and he a never spoken or shown disrespect for #4 , he has way more class then Ted T, I hope he keeps playing like he has been, but before anyone makes him out better than Brett let’s see where he leads us in the next 10 to 12 seasons, Brett was more than a 2 or 3 years wonder.
    Fred A Peterson
    Phelps WI.

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