Brett Favre on why he played in 2010: “First of all, the money”

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If Brett Favre had retired for good after the 2009 season, he would have left near the top: He had a brilliant season in Minnesota, with the best stats of his career, he led the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game, he extended his consecutive games record another 16 games, and he was one of the most respected men in the NFL.

Instead, Favre came back to the Vikings for one more season in 2010, and it was a mess: He had the worst stats of his career, the Vikings were a bad team, his consecutive games streak came to an end and his reputation was tarnished by sexual harassment accusations stemming from his year with the Jets that might not have ever become public if he hadn’t remained in the public eye.

So why did Favre return? He did it for the same reason most people do their jobs: For the money.

“First of all, the money was too good,” Favre told Deion Sanders on NFL Network. “The money was too good, and I hate to say it’s about money. But, you know, I felt the money was a lot.”

Favre initially signed a two-year, $25 million contract with the Vikings that paid him $12 million in 2009 and $13 million in 2010, but as the Vikings tried to convince him to return for the second year of that deal, they gave him a pay raise to $16.5 million that year, plus $3.5 million in incentives tied to postseason performance. That postseason performance never came, of course, and Favre told Sanders that he hadn’t expected to make the playoffs in that final year.

Favre said “it was going to be next to impossible” to have as good a year in 2010 as the Vikings had in 2009.

“Now, that’s not to say I didn’t give my all,” Favre said. “It just wasn’t to be, and I think I knew that. I really know it now.”

And Favre also knows that he’s now many millions of dollars richer than he would have been if he had retired after the 2009 season.

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  1. Can’t blame him, but I would have retired after 2009. The initial reason he joined the Vikings was to beat Green Bay, and he did twice in 2009. He did not in 2010.

  2. I don’t recall seeing Mississippi on Forbes most expensive zip codes. I’m pretty I can live in that flyover state with the change in most peoples couches.

  3. Agreed, honesty can do wonders for your image. Favre will always be the Packers gunslinger from the 90’s in everybodys memory

    Every player out there puts their body on the line, you think any single other athelete wouldn’t have taken his deal?

  4. Hey, it’s great to hear some Brett Favre stories again, get’s sickening reading about Vilma and his Bandito’s.

  5. $12 mil buys a lot of flood insurance from Packer tears. Considering his first season as a Vike was the best of his illustrious career, I’d say he made the right choice.
    The Packer hate will eventually subside. They’ll retire his number and put him right next to Starr and the others. Count on it.

  6. FINALLY! Thank you for your Hones-tie!

    Much respect for having the “man berries” to say it.

    PS..your pretty DARN good at that QB position buddy. … .. !

  7. Favre should stop talking. He is only telling the truth and saying things we probably already know , but it’s always better to keep quiet. Most people are falsely self-righteous and judgmental and will tear him up for saying exactly what they would do too.

  8. The Vikings were NOT a bad team that year.

    They had almost all of their starters from the previous year returning. What killed them was two things. Injury and most importantly… schedule.

    The injuries to key starters was disasterous.

    The schedule… well, once I saw it I knew the Vikings would never make the playoffs.

    Game 1 was @ New Orleans where the NFL officials, much like in the NFC Championship, rigged another Saints victory.

    Highlights from the rest of the year were…
    vs Chicago
    vs Arizona
    vs Cowboys
    vs Dolphins

    I had never seen a schedule so brutal.

  9. I will say first, when he came back for 2010 I couldn’t be happier. Its exactly what we needed in Minnesota, closure. The saints cheated their way into the super bowl and we wanted one more chance. We got it. Although 2010 goes down as a dissapointment, I’m glad he came back. His saying he knew he didn’t have a chance? I knew that at his first press conference to announce he was back. His eyes were low, his head kept shaking as he kept saying he couldn’t promise they’re make it back but that he owed us another shot. The exact same look on Tom Brady’s face before this last years super bowl. The look of defeat. The lack of heart. It’s all good. I’d rather see Brett Farves worst year than Tavaris Jacksons best.

    I’m glad he came back. What people who aren’t Vikings fans dont understand, especially packers fans, is that Brett Farve became a Minnesota sports legend within 3 weeks of being here. Google week 3 2009 when he hit Greg Lewis for the game winning touchdown. It was simply amazing at the time. It’s harder to be a Vikings fan than any other club except the browns so, our true sports fandom has been tested on many occasion.

    Green bay sucks man. We love Brett Favre in Minnesota. Probley because our state doesn’t smell like poop and we aren’t all vindictive jerks with nothing going for their lives. For real man, count your blessings. Favre was the best ever.

    I’m honored to have him kik our butts for 17 years, than to come back and play for us for 2. It was a lot of fun. I’ll cherish the memories for the rest of my life.

    Favre haters? You know what to do…

  10. So it had nothing to do with the 3 team captains leaving training camp, flying down to Hillbilly Heaven, stroking that ego and begging him to come back?

  11. Headline should read “First of all, the money…”. The MDS way sounds just too greedmeister, therefore misleading & against journalistic integrity.

  12. This is what happens sometimes when an athlete tries to squeeze one more payday out of their sport. That last year was a pleasure to watch–by that time I was sick of his drama queen behavior.

  13. So why did Favre return? He did it for the same reason most people do their jobs: For the money.

    That’s the same reason manning signed with Denver even though he’s done.

  14. Gee..why am I not surprised. Brett Farve can say whatever he wants and it’s fine.

    I’m sure if it was Terrelle or any other black players the usual crowd would be out with their usual talking points.

  15. 16.5M? For one year??? Hahahaha!!! I think Farve is one of the greatest players at any position of all time. But vikes were fools to pay him that much.

  16. While I absolutely hate Brett Favre and this sounds particularly bad coming from a professional athlete, let’s be honest. You wouldn’t work at a job you didn’t care for @ $16M / yr? I’d like to think I’d take the noble stance, but let’s be real, I’d do damn near anything to make $16M in one year (“near” anything being the operative words)…

  17. you know what.. I respect that.. at least he’s keeping it real. No need to lie about why he played. I wish I could make 10% in a year of what he got to play in 2010

  18. A man went to work for the money?????

    Thank goodness all of us are above that. We go to work for societies greater good.

  19. But why play for a dog dung team like the vikings?

    Nothing good ever comes from stale air, artificial turf, artificial light, arena in Minnesota.

  20. “Oh, what’s that? You’re going to give me 16.5 million to come back?” Brett Farve ponders for a second.” Sure I’ll give it one more year” Haha who wouldn’t have done the exact same thing?? I mean really, atleast he’s honest.

  21. You know people make such a big deal that the legends of the past knew when to hang it up and “Brett Favre just doesn’t know when to quit”. That stuff is such crap. Guys like Johnnie Unitas, Joe Montana and Dan Marino weren’t offered 20 million dollars a year to play when they were 38,39, and 4o, or they would have kept playing too.

    The irony is Favre was making triple the amount of money in his final season, than when he was in his prime at age 30. The days of QB’s “knowing when to hang it up” are long gone. When someone knows they can earn 70 million by playing 3 extra seasons, it would be kind of ridiculous not to.

    Now that QB’s have reached this earning potential, you can certainly expect Brady, Manning and Brees to try to play until they are 40. In fact, Brady is already quoted as saying he wants to play “10 more years” and Manning has said he wants to play “until he’s 40”.

    Heck, I remember when the Rolling Stones turned 40 and the public made a big deal about old rock stars still performing on stage at that age. Today, it’s nothing to see rock stars “past their prime” still going out and doing it and more power to them. In the coming decade it won’t be a big deal that a QB plays until he’s 40 either. It will be expected.

  22. I can appreciate this. That season is one of the main reasons the Vikings are so god awful now.

  23. Who cares, really? Already I just remember him in a Packer uniform throwing 4 TD games on MNF

    +1 what tluke25 said

  24. T.O. says the same thing, and there are 100 messages of how he is such a bad guy and doesn’t appreciate how other people are falling on hard times in this country.

    Favre says it, and its, “Favre is just being big deal…”

  25. I’m a Vikings fan.. hated this dude all my life yet now he is one of my favorite players of all time. Just things like this make Brett Favre a special guy. Have you ever heard an athlete admit that its all about the money? Sure he had a really bad year in 2010 but I’d sure trade it for 16 mil.

  26. The Vikings simply got what was advertised with Favre. A qb who makes bad decisions at the worst time. He had been doing that with the Packers for the last 10 years prior to that. It was no surprise.

  27. So, let me get this straight, favreonites… the guy plays to win, he plays because he loves to, he doesnt need the money, he wants to win another super bowl, blah blah blah… he says the biggest reason was money, which we all knew all the bulls*** was just a facade, but now, “you wouldve done the same now shutup”.

    Just cant make this up…

  28. He also came back in 2010 because he wanted another shot the pretty intern who worked for the Vikings and thought he may have one last great pic in his phone to convince her. Turns out he only had a bunch of picks on the football field.

  29. @tluke,
    True that Unitas, Montana, and Marino weren’t paid $20M to keep playing. However, Unitas definitely stayed too long, finishing his career as a sad shadow of himself as a San Diego Charger. Many also think Montana played too long as well. If you actually know anyone that claims legends of the past knew when to quit, then tell them for me they are idiots who obviously know diddly about NFL history.

  30. @tluke,
    True that Unitas, Montana, and Marino weren’t paid $20M to keep playing. However, Unitas definitely stayed too long, finishing his career as a sad shadow of himself as a San Diego Charger. Many also think Montana played too long as well. If you actually know anyone that claims legends of the past knew when to quit, then tell them for me they are idiots who obviously know diddly about NFL history.

    Actually, Elway told his Dad (a that if he ever saw him slipping to tell him, and he’d walk away. He believed that they could possibly 3peat in SB 34 but when talking to his Dad he said”No, time to go”. And he did. Out on top. Not like Montana, a true great also, standing on the KC sidelines with a tricept looking like a 2 gallon trash bag full of water. Some of them know, even true competitors.

  31. First of all… He will never spend that money. He had already made more than enough to live the rest of his life without ever working again. All he does is hunt, golf, and maintain his massive amount of land in Mississippi. The absolute BEATING he took in that last year easily erased 3-5 years off his lifespan. I would probably have done the same, but he will surely regret it someday.

  32. Did anyone here bother to listen to the interview? what he said was: ” first of all the money was too good. next when teammates come down, he felt an obligation”. Favre in no way said he only came back for the money. and for the record, no player plays for free.

  33. Ok..I gotta say this.I respect this guy for being honest..most guys would say..I love my the game too much to walk away. Love my teamates feeell comfortable with the system love the city….lol..oh brother..its all about the money..drew brees was gona sit..rice skip workouts even though he was gonna get paid more than most of us…good for u favre

  34. Its amazing they guy just comes back for the money but says its because he loved the teammates. Says he didn’t believe they would be that good but still comes back for the money and admits its after few yrs and
    everyone just like his honesty now and how refreshing it is instead of his lack of integrity then..! How about being honest when he came back ?
    Just typical favre of playing the media game. Even when he did something wrong he comes out looking the honest oh shucks guy who loves football..

  35. Sydney Rice pretty much screwed the vikings too by waiting until the season to have surgery…like really??

    Do it in the offseason and that hurt Favre cause Rice was Favres go to guy….Now look at Rice, he got 18 million guaranteed from Seattle, he had 1 concussion last year, missed a few games and now had surgery on both shoulders. What a waste of money and I’m glad MN didn’t pay him.

  36. Lol I love the whole “he’s so honest” swooning going on. Osama Bin Laden was pretty honest with his intentions about America.

    Honesty isn’t a virtue, it’s the bare minimum. Let’s not pretend someone’s a saint just because they didn’t lie.

    I know many Vikings fans are loyal to him, but I think his coming back when he knew they couldn’t win hurt the team. I could be wrong, but I suspect if they had to go with their other QB options that year they would have started the rebuilding process a little earlier.

  37. Brett should just continue his post football career.Sending pics from his cell phone.Recently watched the Deion Sanders interview with Favre and i could not decide who i disliked more.

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