Dolphins digging in on offset language

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As more teams at the top of the draft relent on the topic of offset language, one team may not be willing to go along with the trend.

A league source tells PFT that the Dolphins are insisting on the inclusion of offset language in quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s contract.

Per the source, the team’s insistence is believed to be coming from V.P. of administration Dawn Aponte, who once worked for the league’s management council.  It’s believed that teams are pushing for offset language at the specific direction of the NFL’s governing body.

If that’s the case, it’s not working.  The Panthers already have given linebacker Luke Kuechly a fully-guaranteed four-year deal with no offset language at No. 9, and the Redskins and Colts have in the past two days given quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck deals with no offset language at picks No. 2 and No. 1, respectively.

It’s a silly issue, frankly.  Teams don’t want the players to double dip in the unlikely event they’re cut within the next four seasons and they sign with a new team.  The players, who are getting far less now than they did before the rookie wage scale arrived in 2011, think that their grossly-diminished haul shouldn’t be further diminished if the team decides to move on.

Still, if the player is cut within four years after being drafted, the team has far bigger problems than whether they’ll get a credit for whatever six-figure salary the player finagles elsewhere.

As to Tannehill, the potential drawing of battle lines regarding the offset issue could be intertwined with reports that Tannehill is third on the depth chart.  If Tannehill isn’t in line to start right away, the Dolphins can hold firm.  If Tannehill is going to be playing, then the Dolphins need to give in so that they can get Tannehill in to camp.

Of course, a Tannehill holdout could provide an interesting storyline for the Hard Knocks producers.

5 responses to “Dolphins digging in on offset language

  1. Come on, Jeff… You said the other day that you wouldn’t have selected him at #8 if he wasn’t the future. Let’s not penny pinch over a few million dollars in year 4!!! If he progresses as you foresee, he will be a relative bargain (even at the fully guaranteed rate)!

  2. First sign the Dolphins know they screwed up taking Tannehill at #8. Shows nothing but a lack of confidence in him panning out.

  3. Are the Dolphins THAT Dumb? Come on GM and owner have to realize this is a make or break moment. If these guys do get cut and sign elsewhere, the signing team will offer minimum wage and the offset won’t be worth the bad taste your leaving in your “Franchise QB” of the future!
    Not to mention all the offset signings they make will offset the offset guys! Who’s on first? What’s on second?

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