Five Patriots rookies fail physicals

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Not everyone’s ready for camp to start.

When Patriots rookies reported to Gillette Stadium Thursday, five of them failed their physicals.

The group was highlighted by seventh-round WR Jeremy Ebert, along with undrafted defensive lineman Justin Francis, wide receiver Matt Roark and offensive linemen Jeremiah Warren and Markus Zusevics.

Ebert was placed on the active/physically unable to perform list, and the other four were placed on the non-football injury list. Players can be activated from active-PUP at any time.

Sometimes guys fail physicals because of pre-existing injuries, but they may also fail early conditioning tests.

According to Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe, Patriots players have to run 20 timed sprints of either 60 yards (skill players), 50 yards (tight ends, fullbacks and linebackers) or 40 yards (linemen).

21 responses to “Five Patriots rookies fail physicals

  1. As long as it wasnt chadler jones, donta hightower, tavon wilson, jake bequette or alfonzo dennard, im not too worried about it.

  2. Aaaah…one is permitted to take disgusting, offensive, vulgar shots at Ben Roethlisberger at any time of the day or night, but it is absolutely forbidden to call the Florio-beloved Patriots the “c.h.e.a.t.r.i.o.t.s.”, so much so that the auto-filters screen the very word!

    Like magic!

  3. After the draft, you would have thought the Patriots drafted the greatest team ever…I guess the hoodie isn’t perfect.

  4. “they may also fail early conditioning tests.”

    Failing a Bill Belichick conditioning test?!?!

    What drugs are you on? Even Albert Haynesworth passed it.

  5. descendency says: Jul 19, 2012 11:25 PM
    What drugs are you on? Even Albert Haynesworth passed it.

    Pretty sure he failed it 47 times before he actually passed.

  6. I don’t know if those physical tests, namely the timed “wind sprints” are a norm throughout the NFL, however making rookies run that much is a true testament to the Patriots. A lot of NFL teams overlook the importance of wind-sprints & other endurance-building activities. As for the Patriots, they are a team that never seems to get winded late in games & I truly believe that they have a strong focus on stamina & endurance building activities. After watching the Jets in the last Hard Knocks, they should maybe take a play from BB’s book here. While the Pats rookies are running timed 40-60 yard wind-sprints to even be cleared for training camp, the Jets players are buying McDonalds & eating McDoubles on the field. I’m not a Pats fan, and clearly I’m not a Jets fan, but this is just another one of the numerous examples of why the Pats are just a better, superior organization from top to bottom. It’s also one of the thousands of reasons why so long as Rex is coaching the Jets & BB is roaming NE’s sideline that the Jets will never overtake the Pats for the AFC East kings. Then again, Jets fans are content with appearing in two AFC CG’s without a single piece of hardware to show for except for the imaginary Wild Card Trophy a/k/a the Rex Ryan Trophy.

  7. so its gonna be one of those years where none of belichicks draft picks are on the team in two years.

  8. At least three of these guys were injured. Ebert was limited in camp, Zusevics tore a pec at the combine, and Warren had a pre-existing issue. So to the trolls talking about how this is the demise of BB and the Pats, do some research.

  9. Not that big of a deal, Ebert was hurt before minicamps, was with the traners the whole time and this was expected, Zusevics hurt himself benching at the combine. That is two known injuries also the biggest names out of the group. So that means three UDFA’s failed the physical for unknown reason.

  10. Markus Zusevics shouldnt be much of a surprise. He injured himself at the combine which was why he went undrafted. He wasnt supposed to be healthy in camp. Not sure about the other guys.

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