Fred Taylor thinks Jones-Drew will hold out from camp

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Plenty of retired players like to weigh in on topics facing their old teams even though they don’t have much insight into the situation.

So when Big Cat Country passed along word that Fred Taylor talked about the possibility of Maurice Jones-Drew holding out from Jaguars camp, it didn’t seem like there was much reason to take it as more than just his opinion. Taylor’s been working out with his replacement at running back with the Jaguars recently, though, and that adds a little more weight to Taylor’s belief that Jones-Drew will be away from the Jags when camp opens and, possibly, well beyond.

During his interview with 1010 XL in Jacksonville, Taylor said that Jones-Drew is trying to use all the leverage he can to get a new deal because he doesn’t think there will be a chance to get a similar deal if he waits until he plays out the final two years on his deal. Taylor doesn’t see Jones-Drew being the first person to blink in his standoff with the Jaguars, who have said that they won’t give MJD the contract he wants, and Taylor said he thinks it is possible that a holdout would extend beyond training camp.

“I think he will continue to hold out because there’s been some things that, I guess, were miscommunicated by both sides,” Taylor said. “Pride gets involved. Someboeody has to to give. I don’t think Maurice will be first to show his hand.”

Based on Taylor’s comments, Jones-Drew seems to be well aware of how important he is to the Jaguars this season and that’s something that has swung things in the direction of players during some recent holdouts. It hasn’t swung things in their direction all that quickly, though, and that could mean playing without Jones-Drew for a portion of the season or playing with a less than fully prepared one in the early weeks.

That’s a lot of gloom, so we’ll try to end things on a happier note. Sirius XM NFL Radio is holding a celebrity fantasy draft on Thursday and Jones-Drew is taking part. He drew the first overall pick and drafted himself which could be taken as a positive sign if you’re a Jags fan looking for a glimmer of hope about the year to come.

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  1. 5=day letter day 1 of camp. If they know they won’t redo his deal, why let him act like a fool? Make him decide to play or sit the whole year and move forward either way. Benson is looking for work and can still play. End the distraction early.

  2. The Jags should trade this guy. They are a 3 or 4 win team with or without him, so might as well get a draft pick(s) for him and keep building for the future. I would love for the Bengals to send them a 2nd rounder for him

  3. Most level-headed Jags fans are actually on the team’s side. Why would we set the precedent of negotiating a contract with two years left? We also realize MJD has 4 good seasons left (if that). No reason to give him a fat Johnson/Peterson contract. They both bit their respective teams in the arse…

  4. It’s about 50/50 that Mo ever suits up with the Jags again. He wants a bigger market for his post football ambitions, plus a better chance to win a SB. Jags are moving to a different style of offense featuring Blaine Gabbert, and Rashad Jennings is a better pass receiver out of the backfield. So there isn’t much reason for either side to capitulate. Both sides know this and have since the end of last season, probably. I think he gets traded.

  5. I’m over this guy. After signing a 4 year extension with one remaining (5 total) he received a 9MM bonus. After 3 years he wants a new deal? Bring 40% of that bonus to the table and maybe the team will talk to you!!

  6. This is getting old. Darrelle Revis, MJD, and more……why do players even sign contracts? You are making millions of dollars and before you even get to the year your contract will expire, you are trying to negotiate a new one with 2 years left on the current one? Why would any sane team do that? Grow up!

  7. I can see it now, in 2 years MJD will complain that the Jags are too cheap to give him an elite OL to run behind.
    I am done with this guy, he is the most selfish player in the NFL

  8. Get well wishes for Jaguar giant, Tony Boselli, who underwent hip replacement surgery recently. The Boss was working long days on the road promoting the team in the surrounding area with the Jaguars Caravan, right up to the eve of his surgery.

  9. I woudnt mind as much about players wanting more money if they play well after signing their contract, if more players who played horrble after signing a big contract would re-do them to make less money. Fair is fair.

  10. Dude freaking pay MJD, he deserves twice what he is being paid. And he wants to extend the amount of time he is contractually obligated to the Jags. I don’t see the freaking problemo.

  11. More teams should divide the signing bonus up over the life of the contract. That way it’ll help prevent these guys from wanting to renegotiate after only 2 years. Likewise, if a team cuts a player, the team won’t get screwed by having a paid out an enormous sum to a bust or lazy player.

  12. The Jags should impose an “administrative fee” of $750,000 on any player who misses any practice time due to a contract holdout.

    In MJD’s case, he is a multiple violator so his fee should be about $3 million

  13. Trade Maurice yesterday. He is a crybaby not a leader. As for his TV/Radio future….his broadcasting skills make Emmitt Smith look with Walter Cronkite.

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