Irsay announces a signing, but the player’s name isn’t Luck

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Good news, Colts fans.  You have a new player under contract.

Bad news, Colts fans.  His name isn’t Andrew Luck.

Owner Jim Irsay has announced on Twitter that the Colts added defensive tackle Jason Shirley to the 90-man roster.

A fifth-round pick of the Bengals in 2008, Shirley has appeared in only seven career games:  four with Cincinnati as a rookie and three last year with the Panthers.

Shirley moved to the offensive line in 2009 for the Bengals, but he was among the final roster cuts.

In late 2008, Shirley was sentenced to 30 days in a work program after being convicted of drunk driving and hit and run.

10 responses to “Irsay announces a signing, but the player’s name isn’t Luck

  1. enough about Luck too, he will be signed before camp starts. His contract situation is a non-story until he misses practice time

  2. I don’t get it, if the new CBA has a rookie base salary wage, what’s taking so long to get a deal done. QB is every teams first priority and should be the first ones locked into a contract before anybody else especially if their your projected franchise QB.

  3. No offense to any current or future member of the Colts but I really hope they dont have another winning season with Irsay at the helm.

    This guy is so full of himself that he wont take advantage of the new non blackout rule.

    Lucas Stadium was built by Peyton Manning not Jim Irsay.

  4. Colts dont go to camp til NEXT sunday, so u non colts fans bashing Irsay can go play in rush hour traffic! !!

  5. I guess peyton picked up the tab gor 720 million for LOS then… tax payers here in nap funded that stadium, we have a extra percentage tax on everything in marion county

  6. Cant just rush and sign a bad deal,nfl contracts are pretty much fake contracts ,so you have take your time and get your client enough guaranteed money as possible because one injury slippage in your play dui then they void it and cut you……………………we willbe in camp once the big check clears

  7. Luck hasn’t signed? Holding out for the big bucks, huh? And who said Peyton didn’t teach luck anything? lolz in Indy, gotta love it.

  8. Shirley is a physical specimen. He’s 6’5″ 345 lbs. He could just never make his way into a regular roster spot. He was considered a project when signed. If I remember right, he started playing football late. Some might question how committed he is, and that he doesn’t do enough in the off season to catch up to NFL speed. The main problems are he plays too straight up losing power, and lacks explosion out of his stance. They worked with him getting lower, but he could never adjust his technique without losing power. The year at G probably didn’t help his development. As he’s only played 4 years. But they had to do it to keep him on the roster. In that 2009 season they didn’t have a practice squad spot for him as a DT, but as a G they did. But if they can get him to play proper technique and master it, where is utilizing his size and power instead of negating it, he could be a dangerous player. He had flashed some signs of being a play maker in preseason games. Just entirely too inconsistent.

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