Irsay says there’s “no doubt” Luck deal will be done in time for camp


Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, and the Colts and quarterback Andrew Luck are still “close” on a contract.

Owner Jim Irsay nevertheless said on Wednesday that there’s “no doubt” Luck will be signed before training camp opens.

“Anybody who’s done negotiations knows that you can get close and then remain close for a long period of time,” Irsay said Wednesday, via the Indianapolis Star.  “You know, close doesn’t always mean that it’s going to get done the next day.

“But . . . he’ll be in camp, there is no question that he’ll be signed in time.  We’ll be talking this week, and we are talking, and there’s no question that he’ll be signed for the beginning of training camp and ready to go.  No doubt about it.  We’ve been close, and I think we’ll be able to accomplish the final couple details, and it’s going to get done.  No doubt about it.”

Both sides now have a roadmap for all non-monetary terms, given that the Redskins have signed quarterback Robert Griffin III.  The Griffin deal contains no offset language as to the full four-year guarantee; thus, Luck’s deal should omit offset language as well.

The same logic applies to all other portions of Griffin’s deal.  Copy it, change the numbers to reflect the extra money Luck gets as the first pick in the draft, and git ‘er done.

To the extent that the Colts are holding out for any better terms than the Redskins gave Griffin, the fact that Irsay is guaranteeing that Luck will be present for camp gives Luck’s agent/uncle the leverage he needs to get Irsay to finally blink.