Jets reportedly plan to use Tim Tebow as red zone quarterback

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We’ve heard a lot about Tim Tebow this offseason, but we still don’t know exactly how the Jets will use him on offense this season.

The Jets always say that he’s a backup quarterback, although that’s mitigated by talk about about playing him 20 snaps a game and Wildcat/read-option formations that could grow into something more. The latest suggestion is that the Jets are going to use Tebow as their quarterback in the red zone.

Rich Cimini of reports that team insiders have told him that the Jets will replace Mark Sanchez with Tebow in the red zone in order to bolster the running game. Tebow’s presence would give the team an extra blocker — be it a back or Tebow himself — in the run game and, presumably, make it easier for the team to get into the end zone.

The funny thing about this plan is that the red zone was the one area in the field where the Jets offense thrived last season. Only the Lions scored more touchdowns on their trips into the red zone last season and the problem with the Jets was their inability to move the ball inside the opponents’ 20-yard-line often enough to avoid an 8-8 season.

Plaxico Burress helped in that department last season, so there’s definitely an opening for a player who can keep things efficient in that part of the field. Unless they do a better job on offense in the middle of the field, though, it won’t wind up making too big a difference.

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  1. Makes sense. All he’ll have to do is take the snap and run forward. Seems to work every time for some reason.

  2. I am sure Sparano will do a great job with the Jets red zone offense as he did with Miami’s.

  3. I’m a Jets fan and was not opposed to bringing in Tebow, as I imagined the Jets using him like they did Brad Smith (who now makes $2 million more a year w/ Buffalo than Tebow does w/ Jets).

    However, If Cimini is right, this is the worst idea I’ve ever heard. As pointed out, the Jets red zone offense last year was great (highest scoring percentage I believe). To take out your QB every time he has a great drive that lands in the red zone will kill his confidence and drive.

    Hopefully the “team insiders” just mean they will use the wildcat more than usual in the red zone, but not every time.

  4. This just continues to be a disaster. Why did they bring him in? Just make him the starting QB already. Sanchez has showed no signs of improvement and it’s going to be hard for him to throw when he’s constantly looking over his shoulder.

  5. People worrying about Sanchez’ psyche now. Wait till he gets pulled every time they reach the red zone. That would kill any qb’s confidence. Maybe the plan was to have Tebow be their qb all along.

  6. Yep sparano knows how to set up field goals

    I’m not a Sanchez fan but I do remember him being pretty good in the red zone last year.

    So this would be a bad idea

  7. As a non-fan of the Jets….. I love all of this. Thank you Jets for providing laughter for everyone!

  8. The one area Sanchez did well last year was designed QB runs at the goal line which allowed him to then use play action to get a lot of easy TDs. The goal line play calling last year was exceptional keeping defenses off balance.

    The reason the Jets did this is they did not have a power back as Greene was at the bottom of the league in yards after contact and in elusiveness rating. Tebow will essentially perform the same role. His passing accuracy is not good but it cannot be much worse than Sanchez. Not to mention he is much tougher than Sanchez. I doubt there is a QB in the league that plays more scared than Sanchez. So Tebows toughness should bring some confidence to the goal line offense.

  9. This has “messy scenario at best” written all over it. Sanchez takes ’em all the way down field, into the red zone, and then they just sit him?
    So Tebow comes in cold, with no real momentum and not into the flow of the game or the drive?
    Outsmarting themselves is right.

  10. I’m sure starting QB’s love hearing that after driving the team down the field into scoring position, someone else will be brought in to scoop up the TD stats.

  11. The Jets have every intention of eventually making Tebow the starting QB. Rex Ryan loves the ground and pound offense and they have won with that philosophy. This is the type of offense that Tebow thrives in, and lastly this is the only type of offense that Tony Sparano knows how to run. They have to make it look like they are commited to Sanchez but Tebow will take over the full time job by week 6.

  12. The “wildcat” caused problems several years ago and teams had to adapt. The Jets have to do SOMETHING different and this could cause a few headaches for defenses for a little while at least.

  13. I actually think using Tim Tebow as a red zone QB plays to his strrengths and could be successful, only problem………….

    … are asking Sanchez to actually get the Jets to the redzone. Good luck with that.

  14. If the Jets planned on crippling Sanchizes stats for TDs and total yards, they probably should have waited on that contract extension til the 2013 offseason.

    “Well Mark, you only had 2 TDs all year vs. 22 picks so…”

  15. I can’t wait to see this blow up into a full blown QB controversy the first time Tebow makes a big play to win a game. The NY media is going to have a field day with this fiasco all season long.

  16. This is disrespect of Sanchez to me. What they are saying S is only good up to red zone. He can bake the cake but can not eat it.

  17. I’m more of a Giants guy (by far) but am really enjoying this Tebow thing. In fact, it made my entire winter so enjoyable. I couldn’t wait to go to 7-11 in the morning to pick up the NY Post and NY Daily News just to read all the garbage. It was great! Not to mention the wickedly entertaining WFAN all day long with all of Francesa’s “expert” opinion. LOL!

    As far as the Jets and Tebow, I think you’ll see Tebow as the starter by game 8. Maybe sooner if Sanchez crumbles under the pressure to perform.

    Its going to be fun to watch, whatever happens.

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