Mark Barron could be the next top-eight pick to sign

Getty Images

With the Redskins signing quarterback Robert Griffin III on Wednesday, seven of the top eight players taken in the draft have yet to agree to terms with their respective teams.

Based on some of the rumblings on the NFL grapevine, the next one could be Bucs safety Mark Barron.

Barron, the seventh overall selection, is represented by CAA, which also represents Griffin.  And Browns running back Trent Richardson (the third overall pick).  And Vikings tackle Matt Kalil (the fourth overall pick).

Barron falls in a potential wasteland of holdouts, behind Jags receiver Justin Blackmon at No. 5, Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne at No. 6, and Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill at No. 8.  Last year, the Bucs were willing to overdo things at bit at No. 20, fully guaranteeing defensive end Adrian Clayborn’s deal even though the slot ultimately didn’t justify it.

If the Bucs are (as they seem to be) motivated to get this done, they’ll get it done.  And possibly soon.