Pereira says replacement officials will compromise integrity of the game


With so much talk about the Saints bounty scandal compromising the integrity of the game of football, there’s another issue that threatens to do even more damage:  The lockout of the NFL’s game officials, and the replacement of the men who are presumably the best of the best with something less than that.

Former NFL V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira believes that, if replacement officials are used, the game will necessarily suffer.

“The integrity of the game will be compromised when you put people out on the field who have no idea of the timing, rules or management of the game or player safety,” Pereira told FOX Sports Radio’s Loose Cannons.  “Much like not seeing the best players, you won’t be seeing the best officiating.  You’re going to have people that have never officiated player safety rules at this level before and that will lead to mistakes.”

Regardless of the issues between the league and the NFL Referees Association, everyone loses if the NFL’s regular officials are swapped out for irregular replacements.

“The bottom line is the current group of 120 union referees has over 1200 years of NFL officiating experience and you’re going to replace that with zero years’ experience,” Pereira said.  “They need to get this settled.”

Amen to that.  Although fans shrug at the prospect of not seeing the men about whom the fans incessantly complain when they make calls that go against the fans’ respective favorite teams, more bad calls will be made if the best officials that the NFL’s money can buy are replaced with folks who aren’t the best officials the NFL’s money can buy.

If they were, they’d be among the ones who currently are locked out.

So get this one done, folks.  At some point, selfish interests need to be set aside for the good of the game.

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  1. The officials need the work and pay more than the fans care about their lockout. I am confident they will be on the field in September. Hope they’re not waiting for Robert Kraft to expedite negotiations because it’s just not going to happen.

  2. Not a popular opinion, but this is a bigger deal than the has been portrayed in the media.

    The level of officiating will drop drastically (insert joke here) from current levels if replacement officials are used. Replacement officials will not just be those next in line, i.e. the best NCAA officials. No aspiring official in their right mind would cross the line and effectively serve as a scab in the NFL. The top conferences in NCAA are supervised by NFL officials. I’m sure a few will cross the line, but not the ones who are in line or hope to be in line for the NFL, or those that would like to keep their NCAA jobs. My guess is we’ll see a mix of passed-over older officials (they were passed over for a reason) and younger officials without Division 1 experience.

  3. You know what else compromises the integrity of the game? Missing game-changing calls even after replay and calling nearly identical plays differently in two playoff games (at least one crew was wrong).

  4. I’d like to hear Megatron’s thoughts about the quality of the current refs.

  5. That’s what they said about a more critical job when President Reagan replaced the air traffic controllers. The doomsayers were wrong then, too.

  6. This just reinforces the need to expand instant replay’s role in deciding calls.

    Even the “good” refs make horrible call after horrible call, but with present technology, the element of human error can easily and quickly be mitigated.

    Forget having some ref run to the sideline to stare into a replay booth for 4 minutes. Refs deliberately maximize the time delay of replay calls because of the threat they pose to their job security.

    Their fears are justified…with the insertion of a tracking chip in the football, replay cameras can instantly and precisely spot of the ball, and when the ball broke the plane of the end-zone.

    Judgement calls, such as when a knee was down, when a foot went outside the sideline, or when a receiver “controlled” a catch can still be assigned to human replay official in a booth, who will immediately have all the replay angles right in front of him to make the right call.

    The game will move faster, and the league won’t be so beholden to the entitled ref system, which doesn’t sufficiently punish terrible their terrible refereeing.

  7. They had to throw in a BS Saints comment? As i say…Show me the hits meatheads. Show me the dirty play. Talk is cheap. Show me the game film of the very average defense, which was, by the way, one of the lesser penalized squads on TOP of being not that danged good anyway, in th eleague. That was a cheap shot by a cheap hack. Talk about integrity. Where is journalistic integrity anymore?
    As for the refs who are whining, they suck anyway, miss and blow calls all the time, have no consistency, and their Ginger Overlord fines the balls off of anybody who states the obvious crap calls they make. Cry me rivers zebras. They NEED to be replaced by people who are hungry, unbiased, and not spoiled little brats like most of them have become under the wing of GODell and his idiot posse.

  8. News for Mike Pereira … Regular Refs have already compromised the integrity of the game.

    Blown calls the last 3 years that would’ve altered the entire scope of the playoffs and crowned different Superbowl champions.

    In fact, Green Bay wouldn’t have even been in the playoffs their Superbowl year had the refs not blown scoring calls in their home game against the Vikings.

    The Steelers – the same year: Had the refs not blown the fumble call against the Miami Dolphins, they would’ve lost that game, lost their division and had to “Hit the road” in the playoffs, instead of hosting games.

    It’s entirely possible, had the refs not blown calls in both of those games, both Super Bowl teams would’ve been different.

    The sad reality? The professional NFL Refs stink.

  9. Spoken like a true Teamster, Mike Pereira. Sorry, but I’m gonna need a little better explanation than the hysteria Pereira spouts. These zebras have an overinflated sense of importance. No one is indispensable in this day and age.

  10. periera is another talking head. like finfan said the current officials compromise the integrity of the game every week. and when periera was on he insulted the intelligence of the fans with his flimsy excuses every week

  11. I love it. Pereira plays the “integrity of the game” card. The commish is all about that.

  12. I remember the last time they used replacement refs and it was fine if not better. I remember well that they let players play and didn’t get involved on every other play. You know the 40 pass interference call because the DB reached out and there you see it he grabbed the very bottom of his shirt sleeve. I am all for replacement Ref’s bring them on and we will see

  13. People think the officiating is awful and changes game outcomes now?

    Just wait until they get replacements in there, it will be twice as bad. This could be a real nightmare.

  14. BS! Periera is part of the problem. Many of these refs have decided to try to become part of the game instead of simply officiating it. Maybe after they are replaced by some younger and possibly better college guys, they will realize that the fans don’t pay to see the refs and basically just want them to shut up and do their jobs correctly.

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