Randall Gay among the latest concussion plaintiffs


Former Saints and Patriots cornerback Randall Gay is among the plaintiffs in a newly filed concussion lawsuit, according to the Associated Press.

To date, more than 2,600 players have filed suit against the NFL, accusing the league of failing to protect players. The league has steadily denied those claims, and promised to defend itself in court.

Gay was one of 18 names on the most recent suit. He played at LSU before going to New England as an undrafted rookie. The Saints signed him as a free agent in 2008, but cut him in 2011, after he missed 12 games during the 2010 season because of a concussion.

7 responses to “Randall Gay among the latest concussion plaintiffs

  1. Another one on the ride for another paycheck. Why aren’t they filing against colleges and high schools?

    I wonder……

    Could it be……


  2. This is my first time ever hearing about players safety we I were grown-up watching NFL football looking at guys getting carried off, and carted off in neck brace. The game never never stop this the way the NFL.was don’t fool yourselves people’s there never was players safety. The NFL just started this because of the lawsuits now the NFL don’t want to pay these guys and that’s wrong.

  3. #false. that was william gay.. not randall gay. both are gay tho lol

    pencilmonkeymagic says:
    Jul 19, 2012 8:41 PM
    I can’t find fault on this one. Anyone remember him getting bulldozed by Adrian Peterson? Still makes me wince now…

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