Rex Ryan’s dropped more than 100 pounds since surgery


The Jets will show up for training camp in better shape than in years.

Or at least their coach will.

Rex Ryan told a group of reporters Thursday he’s lost 106 pounds — down to a svelte 242 — thanks to lap band surgery.

Ryan said he topped out at 348 pounds, which shocked him when he saw it on a scare in January 2010, before the Jets went to Indianapolis for the AFC Championship Game.

“I couldn’t believe it. I turned around and looked to see if someone was behind me,” Ryan said. “To me, the answer was without question having the lap-band, and it has been great.”

The jokes were apparently flowing, with Ryan being asked if he weighed less than Tim Tebow. His waist size is down from 48 inches to 38, and he’s had to throw most of his old clothes out because he couldn’t get them tailored enough.

Ryan had the surgery in March 2010, and is trying to sell his brother Rob on it as well. He didn’t want to talk about it until he had lost 100 pounds, which he’s now done.

The surgery forced portion control onto Ryan. Instead of 12 tacos, one stands in its place now. His son joked about having a six-pack, and Ryan cracked: “Yeah, I’l drink one.” He also walks 45 minutes a day, and monitors his weight daily.

“I don’t know what I am, but certainly I don’t think I’m in the morbidly obese category anymore,” Ryan said, adding: “I make a lot of money doing something I love, I know how fortunate I am, but without your health, what do you really have? I want to see my kids grow, I want to see their kids grow up, and all that that was important to me.”

While the surgery might not be for everyone, that Ryan’s embraced the lifestyle change that goes with it indicates he may be able to keep the weight off, and live a healthier life.

15 responses to “Rex Ryan’s dropped more than 100 pounds since surgery

  1. I saw an interview with him this week and I was shocked. Not a big fan, but great job, Rex. Now your brother has to do it.

    It’s great to see these celebrity types transform themselves. I am a big “Pawn Stars” fan and Corey looks great, too.

    I am in the minority in my circles who thinks Tebow is going to be trouble for other teams. I remember Slash Stewart here that first year with Neil O’Donnell. He was great until he had to be a full time QB.

    He could have a long career as a big time changeup. Maybe I’m crazy but I have that OT TD seared in my mind.

  2. Funny because you can’t even tell by looking at him that he has lost an ounce. Maybe he lost those 100 lbs and 10 inches off his waist the same way he won the Super Bowl in ’09 and ’10.

  3. Kudos to Rex, even with lap band surgery that is impressive and shows a lot of will power. I always admire and back someone trying quit a bad habit or dieting for what ever reason. Unfortunately this will not give the Jets a lock on the SuperBowl, they are headed for last in the AFC east.

  4. Glorifying weight loss because he has no self control over taco intake and had to get surgery. Dont care..seems weak minded to me.

  5. At first I was surprised that a 250 lb man could fit into a size 38 pant but then I remembered the majority of Rex Ryans weight resides in his humungous head…

  6. As much as I dislike (ok, hate) Ryan and the Jets – I give him credit for recognizing his weight was a problem, and doing something about it. Yes, surgery is extreme, but he’s a man of means, and had that option available to him.

  7. I’m usually the first to crack jokes and stuff at Rex Ryan because I’m not a fan of his, but I have to say great job for him. And for those that will criticize him for the way he did it, you really shouldnt. My genes force me to be a short dumpy body frame. Some people have to seek alternative methods when they are cursed by nature with abnormal builds. Congrats Rex…

  8. Congrats for nothing…….he has access to the best equipment and trainers in the world on a daily basis and he has to have a surgery to make it happen. Weight l8ss surgeries are a scam for the medical industry. they prey on desperate people who will do anything to lose weight and they make a ton of money doing it. Now that insurance companies pay for these things they do seminars to herd people in (no pun intended) and sign them up. This just glorifies laziness. Stop eating so much and exercise. It’s not magic, if you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight…..naturally. Not with some surgery.

  9. I wouldn’t worry about the Jets finishing last in the AFC East. The Dolphins have that spot reserved for the next 5 years. Jets will finish 2nd again and make the playoffs as a Wild Card. Buffalo? Maybe 8-8 after losing in NY on opening day.

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