Schiano wants Mark Barron at rookie camp


Coaches are prohibited from saying anything about any player who chooses to miss any portion of voluntary offseason workouts.  Once the workouts become preseason and not offseason, it’s fair game to sound off.

And Bucs coach Greg Schiano has chosen to do so, regarding the ongoing absence of rookie safety Mark Barron from rookie camp.

“He is missing repetitions and a rookie, especially a rookie who we are counting on,” Schiano said Thursday, via  “I am hopeful he will be here soon.”

Schiano separately explained the importance of rookie camp.

“You get some individual attention where maybe a week from now they won’t get that individual attention,” Schiano said.  “We will make sure as an organization they to get repetitions [when the veterans arrive] because that is on the only way to get better.  [But] when there is more people here, there are less reps.”

Of course, that won’t apply to Barron, who will be getting extra attention as the Bucs try to justify their investment in the former Alabama defensive back.

Of course, Barron won’t get any reps until he signs.

It’s a dynamic that we all thought the new rookie wage scale would eliminate.  At the top of the draft, it definitely hasn’t.