Steelers, Mike Wallace making progress in contract talks

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The Steelers and restricted free agent receiver Mike Wallace may finally be getting close to agreeing to a new contract.

With training camp drawing near, the Steelers and Wallace’s camp are in close contact and there has been some movement, with both sides interested in getting a long-term deal done, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS.

Wallace has so far shown no interest in signing the one-year, $2.7 million restricted free agent tender, and there have been suggestions that Wallace would skip all of training camp rather than sign the tender in July or August.

If Wallace missed all of training camp and signed just before the start of the season, he could still play in all 16 games and make the full $2.7 million, but he would enter the season way behind in new coordinator Todd Haley’s offense, which would be a problem both for the Steelers and for Wallace, who will want to have a big year in 2012 if he signs the one-year tender and tries to cash in with a new contract as a free agent next year.

The best-case scenario for both sides is Wallace and the Steelers finding common ground on a contract before training camp starts in six days. But even if they’re making progress, that’s an awfully optimistic scenario.

17 responses to “Steelers, Mike Wallace making progress in contract talks

  1. @ yinzgotsix

    Silly fool….The Steelers don’t break the bank for any one player. Wallace will either sign a fair contract for both sides or he’ll be playing under the one year tender. Then next year, he’ll either sign a fair contract, he’ll be franchised or he’ll walk.

    It’s the Steelers way, especially with wide receivers. Remember Yancey Thigpen’s career after leaving Pittsburgh? Didn’t think so. Remember Nate Washington’s career after leaving Pittsburgh…not so much. Remember Santonio Holmes after he was shown the door in Pittsburgh? Not so positive…

    Keep on hating and we’ll keep on churning out winning seasons.


  2. What’s the delay? He’s a top 10 WR… at least. What else do the Steelers need to see?

  3. They steelers might not break the bank on any one player in the past but wallace is making it very clear he wants a big contract before his true colors show through of him being a one trick pony. if the steelers dont give in and pay him the money he is asking he will be way behind the learning curve at the start of the season as well as being a problem in the locker room. other steelers already made negitive remarks of the way wallace has been handling the situation. The steelers winning seasons are going to come to an end very soon. Got teebowed lately?

  4. oh and nate washington had his best season last year of his career with the titans. so just because you only watch steeler football doesnt mean that players dont perform on different teams….

  5. @st1llerz1

    Yancy Thigpen was a good example but Santonio Holmes and Nate Washington aren’t. Santonio’s problem is that Mark Sanchez is mediocre, pair him with a decent QB and he’d put up 1200-1400 yards every year. Also Nate Washington put up almost 1100 yards last year so that argument doesn’t hold any water either.

  6. You do realize Wallace takes safety help with him and makes your other mediocre receivers look good underneath? You”ll see when Wallace leaves how average Antonio Brown is and that he”ll never be true #1 receiver. Who”s left Sanders, Cotchery, or maybe Rainey who will be nothing more than a slot receiver because he is a shrimp. I always hear Pittsburghs receiving corps is one of the best in the NFL but I don’t see it. If they are so great and there is an elite QB throwing the ball, why don’t they put up better numbers? It’s either they don’t trust the QB or these receivers are just not that great. IMO I think it”s a little bit of both. Now let’s hear how bad the offensive line was stiller fans.

  7. Business as usual with this team. No one player is important enough to jeopardize the financial integrity and philosophical makeup of the organization. The Rooney’s made it known to Wallace, as they did with Ward, Woodley and Timmons, that they indeed wanted them to play for the Steelers, but that contract negotiations were going to be fair and non-exorbitant to all parties concerned. It’s the Steeler way. Its fans, although not always in agreement, accept it . . . it’s better than what happens with most other franchises, NFL and beyond.

  8. Right on, st1llerz!

    The B&G already made their mistakes in the draft and player signings. Because the Rooneys believe in long term stability and continuity, their coaches and front office have been there, done that. No other team has or ever will have three coaches over 43 years and still counting.

    If Wallace doesn’t get greedy, he can play his career out with a legitimate contender year after year. If he does, he will be treated well if he reports in shape and caught up on Haley’s offense for the upcoming season which will be his last in the ‘burgh.
    Hopefully, he’ll see the error of his ways and
    sign a reasonable long term deal. If not, there will be no tears from Steeler Nation.

  9. Can’t sign Brown AND Wallace without crippling the rest of the team financially.

    That is unless every player continues to restructure and defer money to the end of their contract, at which point things will catch up by 2014 and they’ll be waaaaay over the cap.

    Enjoy 3rd place in the AFC north again.

  10. Worst case, Steelers Sign Wallace to a big not huge contract and put a restrictive tender on Brown next year. It is not that dire in the Steeler Camp!

  11. I thought the Steelers didn’t have any cap room?

    Also, to all of you saying Wallace is a one trick pony and that Antonio Brown is the answer.

    Brown had all of 2 touchdowns last year vs Wallace’s 8. Plus if Brown becomes the number 1 receiver, he will not return kicks.

    One more thing – Heath Miller’s cap hit is about 10 million this year. From his 6 year 36 million dollar contract. That seems like the Steelers broke the bank for a receiver type. Oh an Heath had a whopping 2 TDs last year as well.

    I would want more money as well if I was Wallace. 2.7 million is a joke and a slap in the face.

  12. When the bill comes due in 2014-15 from all that contract restructuring there might only be 5 players left from the current team,and based on injuries and such Polomalu,Harrison,Hampton,and maybe even Rothelisberger likely won’t make it. The QB may be a stretch,but I seriously don’t think the rest of those guys will be there in just 2 short seasons.

  13. I’m a Browns fan

    Somehow the Steelers keep doing the right thing – there is so much respect for how they operate this team and work the system to a playoff spot each year.

    Such a better franchise than the Baltimore Ratbirds.

  14. The Steelers have 100 million dollars committed to just 8 or 9 guys on next years cap. And that number only gets worse for them in to the future. Bad part is most of it is dead money that they can’t unload. The Steelers had better hit on every draft pick over the next 3 or 4 years because if the cap doesn’t increase significantly in the next two seasons, they are in serious trouble. Colbert and co bet big that the NFL would see a huge jump in cap space and thats not going to happen until atleast 2014, by all projections.

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