Terrell Owens catches up on child support payments

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Terrell Owens is apparently having a good week with the mother’s of his children.

Earlier this week, the mother of his youngest wrote a blog about how he’s trying to turn his life around.

Today, the Associated Press reports Owens has made child support payments and promised to make future payments to Melanie Smith, the Atlanta mother of his 7-year-old daughter.

Owens appeared in court there Thursday, and signed an agreement before a judge. Smith’s lawyer said T.O. made back payments he owed and agreed to pay legal fees.

Stories like this one underscore why he’s trying so hard to find work, but he may find the women in his life more forgiving than NFL coaches.



15 responses to “Terrell Owens catches up on child support payments

  1. Im sorry but if it can be proven through bank records that TO is in fact broke along with being unemployed, the judge needs to recalculate his support payments.

    You can’t set him up to pay something he doesn’t have with jail as a consequence. That’s just stupid.

  2. “but he may find the women in his life more forgiving than NFL coaches.”

    Well duh. these baby mommas just want their checks. I saw somewhere that one of these women was getting 15K/month before-sorry, but nowhere near that amount of money is needed to raise a kid regardless if the father is TO or a guy who works at a bowling alley.

  3. Nobody except Owens knows the true motivation for him catching up on child support payments, but it’s a good thing he’s doing it. That is the right thing to do.

  4. T.O’s going to get a deal this year. He’s too much of a physical specimen that can be gotten really cheaply, so he’s going to get a job.

    And he’s thinking this: If I get a chance, Imma BALL! And once I ball, I can get two more years, at least. Then, I’m going to retire with dignity and with some money in the bank!

    Right now, he’s going out like Rocky 5.

  5. NFL coaches would be a lot more forgiving if Owens wasn’t a 37 year old has been receiver with a long history of disrupting the chemistry of every team he’s ever been on, and coming off of a major knee injury

  6. Normally I feel bad for the regular guy who gets hosed in divorce court. Owens is a irresponsible idiot. This guy is almost 40 and he is just now staring to turn his life around ? This fool went through tens of millions of dollars but still kept having illegitimate kids. I don`t feel sorry for him in the least bit.

  7. I have tried for a long time to figure out why I can’t hate TO. I just keep rooting for him though. Hope he can get a chance. He would look pretty good back in red and gold.

  8. The way the headline read when I clicked on it, I thought to myself, “What? He paid it all his back child support in one day? WTF?!” Then I see that he has made a payment. All the same, I’m not a TO hater. Those women should probably accept a lower support payment considering his current financial situation. They would still make 2-3 times the median household income, and not have to work, having all days to devote to the children, etc. And I certainly wish someone would sign him. Because I believe first off he has always been a HOF WR. His production, his work ethic, his conditioning, and ability to comeback from injury. So I don’t believe his age hurts him. At 35 he put up 70+ catches for 900+ yards in 14 games as the #2 WR in Cincy. In game 10 he had a minor tear in his ACL. Most would’ve taken off 4-8 weeks, let it heal without surgery and come back 100%. Especially if their team were 2-8 like Cincy was at the time, but Owens kept playing. He tweaked it 3 weeks later in game 13. He started game 14 but left early in the 1st qtr after completely shredding the ACL. He then has surgery in 12/2010, requires another surgery in 4/2011, and is slow to heal. Some say it’s age, I say he kept pushing it. He pushed it from a minor ACL injury not needing surgery, to a moderate ACL needing minor surgery. But didn’t stop there and pushed it to a severe ACL injury needing 2 major surgeries. He then continued to push an ill-advised pace of of therapy and re-conditioning. But all the same, I think he’s a different person. Don’t get me wrong, inside he is the same TO he have always known. But he extremely desperate for money. And I think he realizes after not being able to land a job that he has burnt a ton of bridges, and now when he needs a bridge he can’t find one. So if he gets one, I think he will come in shut up & put up. He’ll play for minimum $$, and fill whatever roll the team wants him to. And I think he will be all about business. There is still a good chance that a team who comes out of the gate looking like a playoff team save for needing more fire power at WR might sign him. Or a playoff caliber team that loses a key WR to injury or suspension.

  9. I sure hope this guy was kind to all the people he met on his way up, cause he headed the other way and real fast.

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