Andy Reid thought Asante Samuel was in “steep decline”


Now we know why the Eagles were willing to trade cornerback Asante Samuel for the bargain price of a seventh-round pick.

In discussing the role of cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer made a passing reference to the fact Samuel had fallen out of favor with head coach Andy Reid.

“Reid thought he was in steep decline and that his style no longer suited the scheme,” McLane wrote. “The latter may be true, but I think Samuel is still better than his replacement.”

Instead of a three-deep corps of starter-quality corners, the Eagles now have DRC, Nnamdi Asomugha and cast including players such as Joselio Hanson, Brandon Boykin and Curtis Marsh.

The Eagles have had a knack in recent years for jettisoning players at the right time rather than too late (like Donovan McNabb), but Samuel seems like an exception to that rule.

He’s certainly made a good impression with the Falcons. Their plan is to use Samuel and Brent Grimes outside, allowing Dunta Robinson to slide inside and cover the slot in nickel packages.

Samuel’s a good player, but he’s been burned by his willingness to go for big plays instead of sound plays. The Falcons didn’t seem to have a problem with that, and think they now have the kind of personnel they need to face the Saints and other who used to be able to spread them out.

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  1. He was/is probably in decline. But the point is his style didn’t fit. He couldn’t or wouldn’t play press, and they had to twist his arm to even make tackles at all. Asante made some great plays while here, but he was never really embraced here in Philly. He was looked at as a talented guy that took many risks…and was “soft” on tackles. That doesn’t fly here.

  2. It doesn’t matter. It wasn’t the defense that caused the Falcons offense to get shutout vs the Giants in the playoffs.

    Matt Ryan is the problem. The Falcons have not won a playoff game in 8 long seasons.

  3. They say goodbye to a guy who doesnt like to tackle and fill the spot with another who is out right afraid to tackle.

    I love how DRC lets himself be blocked out of a run play so as to avoid tackling… he’ll even go to the extent of holding on to the player blocking him rather than trying to shed the person.

  4. assante never really fit the defense, and the reason for the eagles overpaying him never made sense. had the organization realized this when the fanbase did, they would pulled the trigger two years ago for a much better pick.

    we’ll see if the falcons fans like him when he plays 15 yards off his man on third and 8. cause he is all about jumping the route for the interception, not playing the situation.

  5. homelanddefense says:
    Jul 20, 2012 3:30 PM
    I remember when Assante signed their I made a comment that Philly and its fans would regret the contract by the end. And I got killed for it.
    Yes he’s the exact same player he always was for our favorite team. I never understood what use a JJ defense would have for a guy like him.

    I understand why most Eagles fans wouldn’t want to hear it. No fan base wants to hear that about their shiny new toy. I probably wouldn’t either. I wasn’t bitter. I knew he was a goner when he got the tag, I never cared for his playing style anyway, and I don’t have a problem with a player leaving just for the money as long as he’s honest about it (which Asante wasn’t but I digress). I was just trying to tell them what to expect.

    I admit I do take pleasure in the fact that he has experienced 0 playoff wins since he’s left though. 🙂

  6. Wow. That hurts. He doesn’t fit the elaborate scheme of defensive mastermind Juan Castillo.

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