Blackmon, Jags will start talking soon

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Despite the inherent challenges to working out a contract for the fifth overall pick in the draft who was arrested for aggravated DUI with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.24 percent, the Jaguars and receiver Justin Blackmon haven’t been spending much time working toward doing a deal.

Per a source with knowledge of the negotiations (or, more accurately, non-negotations), the two sides will start talking more seriously soon.

Complicating matters is the fact that Blackmon is sandwiched between a pair of unsigned players, Vikings tackle Matt Kalil at No. 4 and Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne at No. 6.

Although for most of the unsigned players in the top eight of the draft the primary problem comes from a goofy push-pull regarding offset language, the Jaguars are expected to seek Janoris Jenkins-style protections against future misbehavior.

And that’s where perhaps the Jenkins and Blackmon situation become philosophically different.  The Rams picked Jenkins knowing what they were getting; though Blackmon had a blemish, his latest incident came after being picked.

But the Rams can afford to take a hard line with Jenkins, since the fans in St. Louis don’t have the same level of expectations for an instant impact from a guy who was one of three second-round picks.  For the Jaguars, who moved up from No. 7 to No. 5 to grab Blackmon, the team needs to get him signed and on the field.

Otherwise, they’ll look even more foolish for having faith in a player about whom there were clear red flags.

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  1. Im suprised that every NFL contract does not have conduct clauses for every player. When I grow up and buy a team, I know every player will have a conduct clause. Oh, and a hot wife clause.

  2. I wonder why teams don’t utilize their full leverage in situations like these. The player has next to no leverage at all;their only recourse being to withold services and enter the draft again the following year where they will almost certainly not be picked as high. The team,on the other hand,can simply go along as they did the year before. Even if it means they continue to suck,they’ll get to pick high again,not so for the player. The team has all the leverage.

  3. They Jags will look MORE foolish and set a precedent if they don’t consequent a player who has made such a stupid and life-threatening choice. It is a miracle he did not KILL somebody. Deal with him as though nothing happened…I think not!!

  4. Headline should read: Jags will start talking soon, Blackmon will start drinking soon.

  5. Uh, Rams fans do have a very high level of expectations for an instant impact from Jenkins. We expect him to be the top DB we know he can be. We hope he either fires his agent or tells him to get over himself and signs the damn contract.

  6. I don’t understand the contradiction: you either have a “blemish” which ostensibly can be overlooked, or the “clear red flags” (as in plural) suggest further due diligence is necessary, which would ultimately shepherd a franchise away from making that selection.

    The Jags should have chosen the latter.

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