Brett Favre becomes high school football coach

In a move that makes last year’s excellent parody video seem prescient, former NFL quarterback Brett Favre has become a high school football coach.

Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, told the Associated Press on Friday that Favre will work as an assistant at Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Cook said Favre plans “to help out in some capacity, but I’m not sure exactly what his role will be.”

Oak Grove served as the location for workouts by Favre as he prepared for his multiple unretirements from 2008 through 2010.  He played for the Falcons, Packers, Jets, and Vikings in a career that spanned 20 seasons.

Last year, Favre worked once as an TV analyst for a football game involving Southern Mississippi, his alma mater.

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  1. Good for Brett, I love seeing headlines about this guy he has always had a love for the game that very few players have had, I hope he leads a team to a state championship!

  2. Anyone else find this piece disgusting? Someone being ridiculed for offering to coach young people in sports? Brett Favre had more class and dignity in the debris Dr. Andrews flushed from his ankle, than can be found in the collective media exploiting his career.

  3. I’m not brett faverer fan but uh come on.. an assistant? he forgets more about football while taking a crap then a high school coach would know in a lifetime.

  4. The video is funny, but if I remember correctly, ESPN sent one of their little reporterettes down to Mississippi to hang out in Favre’s front yard and report on his every move, then complained about him being in the news all the time. Who’s fault is that?

  5. I hope,, One day.. We can stop hearing about Brett Favre. It is slowly getting to the point where we only have to hear Favres name once a week.. No lets work on once a month, once a year, once a decade and then never.

  6. Interesting…following in the footsteps of his dad going into HS coaching. How funny would it be if ol’ gunslinger used the same wishbone offense as Big Irv did and threw five times a game? At any rate, best of luck to him.

  7. Thanks Mike Florio, again trying your hardest to make Favre look bad as usual. I love the timing of all the Favre stories in a row, trying to make him look like he wants spotlight again. The “all about the money ” blog is laughable, the jersey retirement blog. You were so upset when the Jen Sterger steam didnt catch on before the 2010 season. Once it did, you followed it like it was your new born baby. Favre retires…no Jen Sterger stories ..I am sure thats coincidence though right? lol.. Favre wants to be a coach so you show the picture and video ridiculing him, making it a joke. Your timing is not an accident, you know your users on this site are mostly sheep and follow the masses, so in that aspect you are doing an awesome job, however, you are whats wrong with the media today. Your site dictates what comments get shown and what ones dont, you have deleted my comments speaking the truth. You will probably not approve this one also because you have to prove everyone hates favre. Media Manipulation is all you are about. For the record BRETT FAVRE HAS ONLY OFFICIALLY RETIRED 2 TIMES IN HIS CAREER! THE 2ND TIME WAS THE FINAL TIME.

  8. As funny as this is if he chose to re urentire yet again some team would throw millions of dollars at him .

  9. Brett is a true legend and played the game with a heart few will ever and yet people just can’t appreciate what a passion and hard worker he was at it. Few do much of anything well. Brett is a special man that played a man’s game with a young heart.

  10. One thing to NOT learn from Favre, decision making.

    He’s the all time leader in interceptions and can’t make up his mind!!!!

  11. Brett Favre on why he’s coaching high school football: “first of all, the money”.

  12. “you know what I like best about high school chicks? I get older, they stay the same age” – Brett Favre

  13. Okay kids, today’s lesson – the proper way to take and email pictures of your ‘junk’…

  14. I don’t question Favre’s knowledge of football. He’s been severely underrated in that capacity for years because of the “country bumpkin” persona.

    What I question is his ability to teach it, especially to young people. A great player does not necessarily make a great teacher.

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