Bruce Smith joins concussion lawsuits

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A total of 22 Hall of Famers have sued the NFL for concussions allegedly suffered during their careers.

The latest is defensive end Bruce Smith, who spent 19 seasons in pro football with the Bills and Redskins.

According to the Washington Times, Smith filed suit on Thursday in federal court in Philadelphia.  Smith declined comment through a spokesman on Friday.

Currently, more than 110 lawsuits have been filed, by 2,770 players.  Smith’s lawsuit includes 37 total players.

The NFL’s all-time sack leader, Smith retired with 200 exactly.

6 responses to “Bruce Smith joins concussion lawsuits

  1. There are a few QB’s who should be suing Bruce for the beating he put on them, like the one in that photo, Marino, Esiason, etc…

  2. I’m sure Bruce Smith and all other Bills players from that era are concussed from banging their head’s against the wall trying to figure out how in the world to win just one Super Bowl.

  3. What a piece of garbage Bruce Smith continues to be. Whining like a baby whenever the Bills signed a player to a larger contract then his, staying with the redskins just to be the sack leader. I am TIRED of these former players and these lawsuits.

    I played high school ball in the early 90s and knew every snap i risked injury or paraylasis. Its a contact sport. These bastards all want money and I am sick of their greed.

  4. For you younger folks who didn’t get to see him play, he was a one man wrecking crew on a defense that was sub-par.

  5. The NFL is fully liable no matter how you look at it. These coaches, team docs, trainers and staff know when a player has a head injury, they choose not to do what’s right by the player or his family because it might not get the win. Make no mistake about it, it is the NFL obligation to the players, their families and The youth that follows every move they make to remove these players and let them heal. Kids watching Colt McCoy being left in a game while his brain was battered says a lot about teams ethics and neglect. How many more guys need to blow their chests a part before the general public realize this isn’t a money grab it’s about making a change in the system and letting it trickle down to our youth. You aren’t a man if you stay in the game after a head injury, you are stupid and the coaches and medical staff are no better for letting them even attempt it. If only the NFL educated their players years ago and coaches and staff protected their guys, we wouldn’t be burying Junior Seau at 43

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