Chan Gailey: Bills’ roster “not even close” to team I inherited

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As Chan Gailey prepares for his third training camp as the Bills’ head coach, he sees a lot of differences between the current roster and the team he took over in 2010.

In fact, Gailey said he and Bills G.M. Buddy Nix are blown away by how big a difference they’ve made in Buffalo. According to Gailey, with the roster he inherited in 2010, they were stretching to find 53 guys good enough to play in the NFL. With this year’s roster, there are a lot more than 53 players good enough to play in the NFL, and the challenge will be deciding which good players to part with as they cut down from 90 players in training camp to 53 at the start of the regular season.

Not even close,” Gailey told Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. “Buddy and I laugh from time to time. It’s a good laugh. We were trying to find 53 players that we thought could help us win that first year. This year we may have to let some good football players go that we wouldn’t even have thought about [releasing] two years ago.”

In addition to having a deep roster, Gailey says the Bills also have quality at the top of the roster, with great — or at least very good — players throughout the starting lineup.

“The starters we will put on the field this year are all in that really good football category if not great,” Gailey said.

It’s been a long time since the Bills have really good, let alone great. But there’s a lot of optimism in Buffalo that this is the year.

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  1. They really have done a great job. This team was filled with guys like Trent Edwards and Keith Ellison for way too many years. Kudos to both Chan and Buddy.

  2. Optimism? Really?

    I suppose the Bills and their fans are better off thinking optimistically, but realistically they won’t even make it past the Jets, and certainly not the Patriots. Yeah…this is the year alright. GOOD…LUCK.

  3. As a die hard Bills fan I could only HOPE this is their year. We have endured losing seasons long enough. But I do like what I see on paper.

  4. They do have some very good players. They lack excellent players and that will be the difference between them making the playoffs and them being actual contenders…that and their offensive line.

  5. As a Cowboys fan, I wish that Jones gave Gailey more time. Like the Bills, a couple of years ago, they were lacking talent. Gailey is a good coach and the players seem to like him. Gailey is a lot better than Garrett.

  6. As an outsider to the Bills I think what Chan says goes without saying, that D line looks beastly.

  7. Don’t let some facts get in the way of having an opinion about the Bills…facts like how F. Jackson, M. Williams, K. Williams, A. Levitre are unquestionably excellent players, or like how the offensive line produced rushers that averaged 5.2 and 5.5 yards per carry and was also ranked as elite in pass protection.

    Those are just facts. Why bother with them if you already know what to think?

  8. From a Broncos fan: Every year it seems a team steps out of the shadows and makes an unexpected deep playoff run. This year, that team will be the Buffalo Bills. Mark it down now.

  9. They beat the Patriots last year and were looking good until injuries exposed the lack of depth on the 53 man roster.

    This year I expect them to be better, the pass rushers added alone will be a big help to them.

    Sadly 😉 as a Pats fan I can’t assume they will need another 8 years before beating the Pats again.

  10. The offensive line is not a problem. They had two backs average 5 yds a carry and Fitz was one of least sacked QB’s in the league. What will determine whether they make playoffs or not is if Fitz plays like he did the first half of the year or the 2nd half.

    The Bills pass rush or lack of a pass rush made Sanchez look like an all-pro last year. If Williams and Williams are both healthy it’d be hard not to be better than Chris Kelsay.

  11. They do have some very good players. They lack excellent players and that will be the difference between them making the playoffs and them being actual contenders…that and their offensive line.

    Marcell Dareus. Kyle Williams, Mario Williams, Stevie Johnson, Jairus Byrd are all excellent players. Not to mention they allowed the fewest sacks in the league last year.

  12. The Eagles were pretty impressed with their roster on paper last year too…

    That being said you gotta give props to the rebuilding in Buffalo. They’ve made a lot of good and bold moves.

    It’s a good football town too – savvy fans. They don’t deserve to be perennial laughing stocks.

    The team will begin the season with some respect and credibility. Whether they keep it will be up to them.

  13. Finally got rid of Modrak, the last of the Tom “Disaster” Donahoe-era holdouts, and subsequently put together a couple of good drafts, plus somehow safe-cracked Wilson’s wallet MI-style and now look like a contender and have an easy schedule for once.

    Dolphins? They’re rebuilding. Or something.
    Jets? Tebow cannot take them to the promised land.
    Pats? Super Bowl hangover. See if you can beat a team with a winning record this season.

    Although I do have to sympathize with getting beaten by the same team in two different superbowls. But Peyton’s idiot brother, man, that has to suck. “Hey y’all, I’ma goin’ ta Dizznee-laand againe!”

    The future is wide open.

    Never argue with Bills fans, we drag you down to our level and then beat you with experience.

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