Dez Bryant case will move forward to Dallas DA

Getty Images

The DeSoto, Texas police department will file Class A misdemeanor family violence charges with the Dallas County District Attorney’s office on Friday, less than a week after Bryant was arrested following an incident with his mother.

DeSoto police captain Ron Smith announced that the department has wrapped up its investigation and that they have decided to move forward with the charges. Bryant is accused of grabbing his mother’s shirt and hair, striking her on the wrists and pushing her in the chest. Bryant’s mother also told a 911 dispatcher that her son was trying to kill her.

“We’re done with our work,” Smith said, via “We’ll file with the district attorney’s office and they’ll take it from there.”

Bryant faces up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000 if convicted of the Class A misdemeanor charge. There’s also the potential for discipline from the league, regardless of whether or not Bryant is convicted of the crime.