Ed Reed works out at Ravens’ facility

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In another strong sign that Ed Reed will be ready to go for the Ravens this year, Reed was actually at the team’s facility getting in a workout on Thursday, six days before veterans are due to report to training camp.

The Ravens have posted video of Reed working out on the team’s website, and he appears to be running well and in good shape.

Reed has spent much of the offseason making cryptic statements about whether he will play this year or not. Although he has never come right out and said so, he has hinted that he isn’t happy with his contract, which pays him $7.2 million this year, and has suggested that he could be ready to retire.

But the smart money has always been on Reed playing for the Ravens this season. And now that Reed is at the team’s facility working out when he doesn’t even have to, it’s safe to say there are no issues: Reed remains a Raven.

7 responses to “Ed Reed works out at Ravens’ facility

  1. Like when the Ravens made him the highest paid safety in the NFL and he kept doing the same thing he was before he signed the contract?

  2. Knowing you only have a couple years left (if that) and trying to squeeze every penny out of them is greedy. I can’t wait till the Batimorons implode. 9-7 is the best they’ll be this season. Last year was the best anyone will see out of this team. The last time they won the division they couldn’t hold on to it. Every 6-7 years they do their thing. Talk about inconsistency. RAVENS SUCK!!!!!

  3. Steeler fans talking after being swept and Tebowd out of the playoffs by Sanchez’s backup QB, ouch! They still must be bitter.

  4. greg, the “last time the Ravens won the division” they went to the AFC Championship game, and were a Lee Evans drop away from the Super Bowl. The Steelers should remember that: they had that nice comfortable spot on the couch from which to watch that game.

  5. Really Greg? 9-7? Idk if your a steeler fan but you are clearly grasping at straws here. I’m a steelers fan and I don’t like the ravens but I know they are a damn good football team. Vegas has the ravens (and steelers) win over/under at 11…that’s about where the ravens are going to be. But saying they are going to be barely above .500?? Don’t be stupid.

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