Kris Dielman won’t play again, considers legal action


Retired former Chargers offensive lineman Kris Dielman will not be un-retiring. But he may be suing.

Shortly after reporting that Dielman was considering coming out of retirement and that the Chargers had released him from the reserve/retired list, U-T San Diego reported that Dielman will not play again.

So where did the confusion arise? Dielman is apparently considering a lawsuit against the Chargers and/or the NFL, and he un-retired with the league as a technicality related to that lawsuit. The Chargers have released Dielman from the reserve/retired list, so he is technically an unrestricted free agent, but he has no intention of signing with any other team.

If he is going to sue the Chargers or the league, Dielman would appear to have a strong case that he received inadequate medical care after suffering a concussion against the Jets on October 23. Even though he appeared to be dazed, the Chargers allowed him to continue playing, and he then suffered a seizure on the plane ride home, and never played again.

And, despite some confusion today, he will never play again.

10 responses to “Kris Dielman won’t play again, considers legal action

  1. That’s disappointing. He should sue the player that gave him the concussion, not the Chargers. He’s the one that said that he was OK and stayed in the game. The Chargers wanted to pull him out. I’d sure like to see more football and less, the business of football.

  2. Dui’s and lawsuits is all the nfl is now days. I just wanna watch some football for goodness sakes. The nfl is getting to dramatic for me these days

  3. He could be one of the very few players to win a concussion lawsuit against an NFL team or the NFL itself .

  4. Sounded terrible when it actually happened. Still sounds bad 9 months later. I think the team will settle out of court, pretty damn quick.

  5. I remember him falling and stumbling up after the hit, he waved off his concerned teammates, signaled he was okay and stayed in the game just like Polamalus recent comments about hiding concussions to stay in the game, how can they blame others when they wont even admit to their own injuries. Did he want the refs to stop the game and the training staff to drag him off the field.

  6. He absolutely needs to sue the team… They have the final say in these matters. I was watching that game and it looked terrible. He literally lost conscienceness while standing up and slammed into the ground. There was no reason for a discussion, sure most of us forgot about it after the game, but damn well knew what went down when the news broke of the siezure. If he sues the NFL he is only admitting his own stupidity, guys from the 90s, on up, had to know they faced potential issues, they all saw Ali, they all heard of a football hit being like a car wreck.

  7. No different than Colt McCoy, teams don’t care, pulling them could cause the victory. Does the NFL care or take accountability for the guys blowing themselves in half ??? Are they trying to chase the NFL’s money from their grave…, they simply couldn’t deal with the pain anymore and the families are left to pick up the pieces. They need to take accountability for not educating players and coaches alike on what will happen if you let these guys play with damaged brains and not let them heal.

  8. good for Kris .. as much as i love the Chargers & the NFL, something has to be done. There’s way too much of this going on and it needs to stop. I was really shocked, the Chargers let him back into the game after that blow to the head.. and let’s not forget Junior Seau.. wonder just how many concussions he had and still played.. love the game and the team but i say, good for Kris, hope he wins b/c he should, without a doubt

  9. This is totally rediculas we r not talking about balet here it is football and we all know football is contact sport in which are accidents and if you did not know you might get injured then you did not have brain to start with.

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