Lions didn’t know about Corey Williams’ 2011 arrest

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The Detroit Lions have addressed the news that defensive tackle Corey Williams was arrested last year for DUI.

And the Lions have said they didn’t know.

“Corey did not report this incident to us when it happened due to the prohibition of contact during last year’s work stoppage,” the team said in a statement posted Friday on the team’s website.  “We are aware of today’s reports.  We are in the process of gathering more information and will have further comment when appropriate.”

While the lockout may have justified Williams not contacting the Lions in the wake of the arrest, Williams should have informed the team of the incident as soon as the lockout ended.  The fact that he didn’t come clean could create a separate mess for Williams — and yet another mess for the Lions.

11 responses to “Lions didn’t know about Corey Williams’ 2011 arrest

  1. “Is there anything we should know about you, Corey?”.

    “I can throw a baseball equally well with both hands, and I read young adult romance novels.”.

  2. The Lions should “forget” to give Williams vital information about when to report etc, and then fine him for missing time. That would teach him a lesson.
    Williams (and his agent) blatantly withheld information that would have affected contract negotiations, so go ahead and tell me how players get screwed…

    The Lions were screwed by a player and this must stop.

  3. This would explain his silence when the other young knuckleheads got caught this year. What’s going on with all these arrests and stupid players?

  4. scratchnpost1234 says:
    Jul 20, 2012 3:32 PM
    This would explain his silence when the other young knuckleheads got caught this year. What’s going on with all these arrests and stupid players?

    Jim Schwartz’s example of how to be a stand up guy.

  5. How do you not know your own player got arrested?!?! Seriously?!?! If the NFL can tell if a player calls a coach during this time. You would THINK they would be able to track if they got arrested or not.

  6. It’s pretty simple. It’s not that we now have a bunch of super-knucklehead players. It’s that they have always gotten away with these things in the past. Cops would let em go because of who they are. Prior to the explosion of the social media age nobody but the cop, the player and their closest friends knew. Now the knuckleheads have started tweeting to the world about getting let off with not so much as a warning. So with the entire world knowing, the cops started getting reprimanded for letting them off. What would you do if you were a cop and you knew that if you let a player go that there is a good chance he would tweet about it and your career would now be in jeopardy? Simple, you arrest them!

  7. So, basically they didn’t check the guy out at all. 5 minutes with an internet connection and and a subscription to a public records search service would have answered their questions.

  8. We all make mistakes. Hopefully he can learn from this episode and be a better man going forward.

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