Mike McCarthy fires back at Jim Schwartz’s criticism

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And mark another one blasted out of the sky for Mike McCarthy.

The Packers coach fired back at criticism from counterpart Jim Schwartz of the Lions Thursday, and actually killed two birds with one shot.

Back in June, Schwartz took a poke at the Packers for canceling a day of OTAs to go skeet shooting.

“We had no sporting clays today or no amusement parks or water parks. Work day of minicamp,” Schwartz said following the Lions’ final practice of minicamp last month. “We take a lot of pride in the fact that we play for a blue-collar town and we try to reflect that kind of work ethic, and we have very few opportunities to practice this off-season. . . . Every one was crucial and couldn’t afford to waste any.”

So when McCarthy appeared on Green and Gold Today on ESPNMilwaukee radio, and was asked about the rivalry between the Lions and Packers, he scored a pair of shots.

“Their approach is really tailored to the way they go about their business, starting with their head coach,” McCarthy said. “I don’t know what the problem with skeet shooting is; I thought that was probably one of the best events we’ve ever had here.”

Here’s where it gets good. McCarthy then explained that the event had police officers at each station handling the guns, so the Packers were sure to be safe.

“Just the interaction with the policemen and the players was excellent. You were literally handed a gun, pulled the trigger and handed it back to the police officer. That part of it was in place for the safety,” McCarthy said. “But it was really a neat day. We’ve tried some different things, and by far it was our best group dynamic/team building event that we had. I actually got a chuckle out of hearing someone else worried about us taking our team skeet shooting.”

So, apparently the Packers can be around cops without being placed in the back of their cars, which the Lions have had a bit of trouble with this offseason.

McCarthy went onto talk about not getting caught up in the back-and-forth of bulletin board material, saying he’d prefer to focus on the football.

He then paused and said: “We have a lot of confidence in the way we run our program, and we’re always trying to make it better. And I think skeet shooting is going to be the difference in us getting back to the Super Bowl. So there.”

Oh my.

36 responses to “Mike McCarthy fires back at Jim Schwartz’s criticism

  1. I think Darin Gantt’s measure of wit is a bit low, or he’s sucking up to MM to get some sort of interview or something.

  2. The last thing the Lions need to be doing is putting an added chip on the collective Packer shoulder.

  3. I think you are reaching here. Nothing there really seems like McCarthy “firing back” at anything. He seems to have taken the high road for the most part.

  4. Usually it is hard to read context into comments that make it into print, but Schwartz comes off as a very whiny person.

  5. Schwartz and his napolean complex. Does anyone else see the similarity of this team and the Jets of a couple years ago?

  6. Kudos to McCarthy….. the more I hear about Jim Schwartz, the less I like him.

    Memo to Schwartz: Worry more about your own team getting arrested, and less about other teams going skeet shooting. Maybe for a team activity, you can schedule a caravan of players going bar hopping in their cars and beating people up.

  7. As much as i hate the Packers, I really reapect them as an organization from top to bottom. And the one thing i think the Packers and the Bears and all of their fans can agree on is that the Lions could not have turned into more of a smoldering crackhouse. How Scwartz could have said anything about anybody is beynd me. The Lions are the Jets v2.0.

  8. Not quite the “zinger” come back I was expecting. The door was wide open for McCarthy to land some good (legitimate) shots and he still took the high road, good for him. Schwartz seems to have that dreaded short man’s disease that causes him to talk big for no good reason. He probably drives a high lift 4 wheel drive pickup as well.

  9. Easy now McCarthy!… Or else Schwartz will chase you down while hurling curse words!…. 🙂

    I think it is pretty safe to say that GB has scoreboard here. 1 SB in the last 2 years and the disproportional arrest records ALONE have me siding with GB. Looks like Schwartz got a contact high. Chill out BRO. Love the budding rivalry though!

  10. This whole “MCCarthy vs Schwartz” thing is way overblown. I don’t see how Schwartz took a shot at McCarthy and I don’t see how McCarthy took a shot at Schwartz. This is a whole “media try to create a story” thing.

    And didn’t Johnny Jolly get arrested on a drug charge? Just sayin.

  11. Classic. Joking. Around. McCarthy is a good guy who felt is would be a good thing for some team bonding. A Lions head coach should focus on other things, like keeping his players in line.

  12. “So, apparently the Packers can be around cops without being placed in the back of their cars, which the Lions have had a bit of trouble with this offseason.”

    Well said!!!

  13. Coach Schwartz, every day of minicamp was important to you because crucial parts of your team spent too much time hanging out with the cops and trying on handcuffs. Of course you could not afford to miss any practices you have back ups to get things figured out since they will be filling in for suspended players.

    Meanwhile Mcarthy and his team (who have a super bowl win) and are regulars in the playoffs are hanging with the police shooting guns and having a good time.

    Seems to me the kitty coach should keep his trap shut and worry about his own team because the Packers way of mingling with the police sure seems to be working better than the Lions way.

    By the way I absolutely hate the Packers but am quickly learning to had Jim Schwartz and his over rated Lions even more.

  14. Having developed team building exercises and taught team building, I can say that it can help relieve tension and break up the monotony in an organization.
    However, way too much is placed on it being an effective tool to get employee’s to cooperate. That I’m not buying and never witnessed it.
    The idea that the team takes a day off and does something other than route practice is probably a good thing for the mental side of the game, replacing stress with relaxation for one day.
    If I were a coach I would insert something like this in training camp at a certain point just for that reason.

  15. Schwartz should try to keep his guys out of trouble and focus on his own camp rather than look outside…those Lions are such scum

  16. McCarthy has never explained why he wanted Alex Smith as his starting QB, and wanted nothing to do with Aaron Rodgers. Some ‘genius’ he is.

  17. I think Jim Schwartz needs to worry about keeping his players out of handcuffs before he starts taking shots at other teams.

    I’m not a Packer fan, but I see the skeet shooting deal as team bonding event. The only “team bonding” the Lions do is posting bond!

  18. It is hard to dislike McCarthy. PIT guy goes to GB and makes a legendary program lethal again. Schwartz is just a dick.

  19. First, I’m still not sure how recognizing the Packers went skeet shooting while the Lions worked is a slight against the Packers. Seems like Schwartz is showing his team they need an edge any where they can get it.

    Second, I’d rather have 3 guys, heck 20 guys on my team arrested for holding pot then one guy on my team arrested for abusing his girlfriend.

  20. Wait…did I miss something? Either McCarthy wasn’t trying to take a jab or that was the worst comeback ever.

  21. It’s not a rivalry unless both teams win every now and then.

    Lions have not been winning much against Packers. When you’re starting Matt Flynn… it pretty much tells the other team that you’re not trying that hard.

  22. The only reason Packers aren’t getting arrested is because the Green Bay police, who hand players guns while they’re skeet shooting and wear a Packers emblem on their uniform, tend to look the other way.

  23. I love the fact that the Green Bay Packers are living inside Schwartz’s head rent free…
    I guess constantly losing to your betters will do that to you! 😉

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