No serious talks yet between Browns, Richardson

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Browns running back Trent Richardson has said that he wants to wait to sign his contract until the two players drafted in front of him — Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III — sign theirs.

Both have now signed.  So Richardson is next, right?

Maybe not.  Per a source with knowledge of the negotiations, the Browns and Richardson aren’t involved in serious talks at this point.

The issue of offset language likely will be a sticking point, given that both Luck and Griffin managed to get contracts with guarantees that won’t be reduced if they’re cut and if they sign with new teams.

9 responses to “No serious talks yet between Browns, Richardson

  1. Someone need to talk to these guys about mixing and matching the Geek/Hood looks. It fails, guys, just look up some Nick Fairley draft pictures next time you get the urge.

  2. That’s because the Browns don’t want to actually improve the team. They had rather have Colt AND Weedon fail. The Browns ownership and management is the worst in the league. A career-Ender for anyone with talent drafted by those yahoos.

  3. Wake every AM….Still loving my Brownies and I hating the Steelers just a little more. This is the longest summer ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yawn. It’ll get done. In the meantime haters go on hating. That will all end when they are seeing #33 separate from their respective secondaries.

  5. How did the CBA not address this problem? The contracts should be drawn out and basically the same for each draft pick depending on where they were drafted.

  6. Considering the draft-day trades made to get TR, and the stated intentions of the front office & coaching staff to utilize TR to the fullest, I expect we’ll see this happen before training camp opens (that’s still a week away for you haters). So what if he doesn’t ink the 30 seconds before walking into Berea for camp – so what? Same for Weeden. There’s time & I don’t see TR or Weeden missing any real camp time, as I have to believe the front office knows what a mistake this would be (we need all the help we can get & it will get done).

  7. it will happen may come in a week or 2 late (i think he whants to come in late some players just hate 2 a days ) he will be in and not much will change from what is on the table now

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