Patriots and Bucs schedule joint practices


There’s still time, and perhaps the Panthers and Falcons are still available.

The Patriots will have two days of joint practices with the Buccaneers, prior to their August 24 preseason game. New England previously scheduled a combined workout with the Saints August 7-8.

The Bucs announced the dates on their twitter feed.

Many teams like to get in a little work with someone else, especially around the start of the preseason when players are tired of looking at their own. Doing a pair of them is rare, however.

Pats coach Bill Belichick obviously respects the job Greg Schiano did at Rutgers, where Belichick’s son Stephen was a backup long snapper. So it makes sense that they’ll get together for some work.

7 responses to “Patriots and Bucs schedule joint practices

  1. I’m kinda surprised this hasn’t become a regular occurrence in Training Camps.
    If two teams are slated to play a preseason game anyway, schedule a few days of joint practices leading up to it. At minimum it’ll break up the monotony of hitting your own teammates over and over again.

  2. This is what, the second team the Pats have scheduled practices with – Bucs & Saints, ? Guess with the stricter rules regarding practices BB must be looking to get the team fired up a bit before the 2012 NFL season hits its preseason stride.

  3. It just makes total sense. The guys are practicing against the same ol’ guys day in and day out. It gives all the players a different look, a different flavor, different perspective, opportunities to test/practice techniques on different players etc etc etc… Plus, it gives the coaches an opportunity to gage the state of their squad relative to another.

  4. This is great for the Bucs and Schiano. Belichick is such an awesome coach and hopefully the Bucs can all learn a few things from the Pats. This is a perennial Super Bowl team, Bucs. This is what you want to be. Now do the work, and please just once make a tackle.

  5. Now that we have all the “playing to the level of your competition” comments out of the way, the only thing you can really practice in preseason against another team is good clean smash mouth football.

  6. The fact that Bill Belichick has high regards for Coach Schiano bodes well for the Buccaneers. I’m most certainly encouraged by the hiring of Schiano.
    I’m also encouraged that the Buccaneer’s owners have finally decided to open their check books and sign some talent. Let me say, I’m not going to heap barrels of accolades yet on the Buccaneer’s ownership. Some of that increased spending comes as a result of the new CBA requirements.
    But, as a Buccaneers fan, here’s hoping that we do indeed have a positive and competitive future on the near horizon. The signs are pointing in that direction.
    Only time and wins will tell.

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