Report: Chiefs cornerback Donald Washington arrested

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For 32 NFL teams, training camps can’t open soon enough.

Yet another player has been arrested, again for drunk driving.  According to 97.9 XFM in Effingham, Illinois, Chiefs cornerback Donald Washington was arrested there on Thursday.

Stopped on I-70 for speeding on Thursday afternoon, an Illinois State Police trooper detected the odor of marijuana.  He found a small quantity in a backpack in the trunk.

He was charged with driving under the influence of drugs, unlawful possession of marijuana, speeding and driving on a suspended license.

Bond was set at a whopping $20,000.  Washington reportedly is due in court on August 23.

Washington, who played college football at Ohio State, is entering his fourth NFL season.  He appeared in 12 games with three starts in 2011 and 12 games with two starts in 2010.

43 responses to “Report: Chiefs cornerback Donald Washington arrested

  1. Who cares its a crowed secondary & he is already on his way out but this is embarrassing for the NFL I can see some severe punishment coming in the future for all these DUI’s that all of the NFL players keep getting.

  2. This guy’s not good enough to get away with dumb stuff like that. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him make a great play.

  3. Can we finally get this guy off the Chiefs roster can’t say he has ever been all that good for the Chiefs. Most of the time he was getting beat badly by someone

  4. It’s a good thing the NFLPA fought for this extra time off. Instead of being in shape and in training camp, all the players are out getting drunk and high. Responsibility at its finest.

  5. I am guessing Roger is just going to suspend the season, because there are not enough non-offenders to play a full season. Ridiculous.

  6. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for Goodell to start requiring these idiots to sit before an impact panel and have to spend and afternoon listening to parents tell how their ten year was killed by a drunk driver on his way home from his friend’s house or someone tell how their wedding had to be cancelled because the drugged up driver put their intended in a coma three days before the wedding in 2005 but they are hopeful they will one day wake up …….

    Some will still repeat but some won’t.

  7. You really need to change the counter on the side of the screen from “Days Without an Arrest” to “Hours Without an Arrest.” Sheesh!

  8. Wow…these guys simply can’t learn from each other’s mistakes, and it’s utterly shameful how easily avoidable these DUIs are for MILLIONAIRES!!! Perhaps the NFL should employ babysitters for a good portion of these childishly irresponsible fools.

    Here’s a fun fact: David Diehl stands as the ONLY white guy whose been put in cuffs in 2012(suspicion of DUI), while there’s been a total of 23 black players who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Still 5 months to go gentlemen…maybe we should call Guinness and see if any records are being set.

  9. Someone take out the trash, and good riddance!

    Now he can go stink it up with the faiders. As bad as he is, he’d still be an upgrade.

  10. Why won’t any reporters really push De Smith for his thoughts about this record number of player DUI arrests? I would love to hear how he spins it and somehow blames the owners.

  11. I would have been surprised if he had made the team before this incident.

    See ya Washington.

  12. We should start 100 class action lawsuits against the nflpa for not properly giving the public information about nfl players and dry k driving so we can make decisions to protect ourselves.

  13. Driving back to KC in his hooptie. On a suspended license. With the chronic is his backpack. …maybe there is something to concussions causing brain damage

  14. The NFL is going to have to get replacement players to fill rosters due to so many players being in jail. The NFL and players union need to work together and stop the bleeding on their image.

  15. Another DUI? This is getting pretty crazy. You think as close knit players are around the league they’d speak out against this stuff, and share their issues. Even if that fails, do they not watch Sportscenter? This stuff get’s reported, even for minor players.

  16. I wonder how Godell is going to penalize the Saints when MADD sues the NFL?

  17. Since the “Days Without An Arrest” meter has become so irrelevant that it’s display of “00” slide down the advertisement right hand column rivals JaMarcus Russell’s career…..

    Is it possible to start another NFL arrest tracking meter that might be more relevant? I believe that even Roger “The Commish” Goodell would find this tool useful.

    It could track the number of players arrested. Maybe by the NFL Season, maybe by the month, maybe by the offense, or maybe by the team? The possibilities are endless, and we have no idea where this could go.

  18. Man, these guys are really trying to get all their partying in before training camp. This particular arrest made me think though… I have some friends that are VA State Troopers, and they have told me what they look for when making stops. And one of the biggest flags is dark tinted windows. Which they say generally leads to a lot of drug, alcohol, and fire arm busts. I bet Washington has a tricked out ride with windows as dark as night… and apparently their rule of thumb worked out this time as well.

  19. The rookies go to the symposiam. Why don’t they require veterans to attend one every year. They have more time on their hands now to attend one. Make it mandatory.

  20. About 70 percent of prospects at the draft combine admitted to using marijuana, according to an ESPN report.

    In 2009, roughly one-fourth of all football players admitted to marijuana use over the past year, which was the highest of any sport surveyed, in an NCAA report.

  21. These boys just never learn. Like any other walk of life though, there are always a few idiots!

  22. I’ve tried not to say it, but I must:

    These mofos are dumb as hell sometimes!

  23. What is it about the NFL offseason that brings out the “best” in its citizens?
    Don’t hear about this stuff much in the baseball offseason, the NBA, even another contact sport in hockey.
    Start suspending game checks and pretty soon the behavior might change. Look at the gnashing of teeth going on over the Saints Bounty program.

  24. Oh yeah this guy. Forgot he was even on the team. But anyhow seems a lot of them have way too much time & money on their hands.

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