Schiano doesn’t deny fight between Brian Price, Mark Barron


In June, there were reports of a fight in a players meeting between Buccaneers defensive tackle Brian Price and rookie safety Mark Barron.

Bucs coch Greg Schiano didn’t deny the fight happened when asked Thursday, but didn’t comment specifically about it.

But when asked about Price’s status, his words seemed to point toward something having happened.

Price missed most of the latter part of the offseason program, including a mandatory minicamp, excused to deal with the emotional stress of losing his sister.

Between those issues and the reported fight, it’s reasonable to ask whether there would be any lingering issues with Price moving forward.

“I hope not,” Schiano said, via Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times. “We all make mistakes. Be men about it and let’s go. Ultimately, everything we do has one goal, and that’s to bring that trophy back here.

“We have to put our own personal preferences and whatever disagreements we have aside to do what’s best for the club.”

In Rick Stroud’s story at the Times, Schiano went onto say:  “What happens inside our meetings rooms and that stuff, I like to keep amongst the team. Certainly, somehow it got out. I’m not thrilled about that, but I’d rather keep that inside.”

Actually, he’d probably rather not have players punching each other at all.

2 responses to “Schiano doesn’t deny fight between Brian Price, Mark Barron

  1. Sometimes it HAS to happen though. Locker rooms are just that way. I’ve seen dudes throw down and then become friends. That is just a different environment.

  2. Price picked the wrong rookie to mess with. Barron is a bad man. Big enough, strong enough, and mean enough to own a mid-level d-lineman like Price.

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