26 down, six to go for PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings

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Somehow, we’ve managed to stick to a strict, two-per-day schedule of lengthy, comprehensive, team-by-team season previews, posted from bottom to top based on a consensus ranking of every franchise as the 2012 season approaches.

Links to the first 26 teams appear below.  The final six are coming in the next three days.

Do you disagree with our list so far?  Do you have any thoughts on how the final six should shake out?

Feel free to post your views in the comments.  We may completely ignore them, but at least you’ll feel better for articulating them.

No. 32:  The Browns.

No. 31:  The Colts.

No. 30:  The Jaguars.

No. 29:  The Vikings.

No. 28:  The Rams.

No. 27:  The Dolphins.

No. 26:  The Buccaneers.

No. 25:  The Cardinals.

No. 24:  The Redskins.

No. 23:  The Raiders.

No. 22:  The Seahawks.

No. 21:  The Chiefs.

No. 20  The Titans.

No. 19:  The Bills.

No. 18:  The Jets.

No. 17:  The Panthers.

No. 16:  The Chargers.

No. 15:  The Bengals.

No. 14:  The Cowboys.

No. 13:  The Lions.

No. 12:  The Falcons.

No. 11:  The Bears.

No. 10:  The Broncos.

No. 9:  The Saints.

No. 8:  The Eagles.

No. 7:  The Texans.

19 responses to “26 down, six to go for PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings

  1. Lol, would anyone honestly pick the Eagles over the Saints, Bears, or Lions? Oh wait, I forgot, Vick said they have a dynasty. Never mind!

  2. Don’t get the love for Broncos and Texans. Broncos added Manning but still have defensive issues (see pasting delivered last year) and Texans lost waaaaay too many good players this offseason.

  3. Pretty predictable, I can see him putting The ravens at six because of the steelers love fest that exists. But I’d love to read the comments if they put us at 5 and Pitt at 6

  4. People are really down on the Eagles for no apparent reason other than they dont like us.. We were 8-8 last year, 7 of our 8 losses we had a 4th quarter lead so they were winnable games. We didnt play well until we were all but mathmatically eliminated.. final 4 games. Our biggest weakness was our linebackers which was addressed so we SHOULD be better.. If Vick stays healthy youre lying if you feel confident your team can beat us. There isnt one team in the NFL that we cant beat this year.. doesnt mean we will win every game but we definately have the tallent to win 13 games this year and make a run in the playoffs. I have my Eagles at number 3 behind Pats and Packers.

  5. I honestly thought the Falcons were about right when you put them at 12, but seeing the teams above them I think they’re too low. I’d take this year’s Falcons over any of the teams you’ve listed so far, especially with the distractions in New Orleans and the Texans losing Mario Williams.

  6. Out of respect for the Super Bowl champs, the Giants, Patriots, Packers, and 49ers should be a lock on the first, second, third, and fourth slots, respectively, for the 2012 preseason power rankings. That would likely leave the Steelers and Ravens for the fifth and sixth spots. Where I differ from PFT’s ranking is that I would rank the Eagles—yes, the Eagles—higher than both the Steelers or Ravens. But don’t look for the Eagles to start that dynasty just yet. I’m predicting a Texans-Packers Super Bowl, with the Lombardi ultimately returning to “Titletown, USA.”

  7. How dare you put Broncos before Lions & Falcons? They got an aging & injured (ex) star that is learning new system by new coach; is a hit away from retirement; coming from full season out of football…come on. Though I like them, broncos are definitely destined to non-postseason year.

  8. I have two guesses for the final six based on what I think they will pick (not what I think).

    My realistic one:

    6. Steelers
    5. 49ers
    4. Ravens
    3. Packers
    2. Patriots
    1. Giants

    My other one:

    6. Steelers
    5. Ravens
    4. Packers
    3. Patriots
    2. Giants
    1. 49ers

    Why the 49ers at number 1? Because Florio seemed so annoyed that 49ers fans had high expectations he wants to try and mess with them by saying they’ll be the best team in the league effectively trying to add a dream team label without anyone on the 49ers actually saying as much.

  9. Denver at 10? Who is manning going to throw too? Decker is the only decent wide out they have.

  10. hahaha so much hate for the Eagles. I’m gonna love it when were 11-5, maybe 12-4 and all you haters won’t have anything to say. And you wanna talk about an overrated team??? Its the defending champs!!!! They were 9-7 last year, BARELY made the playoffs, wouldn’t have if Marc Sanchez didn’t hand them 3 redzone turnovers in week 16, and in no way did they get better this offseason. Sorry if I’m not blinded by the Lombardi, and I’m not the only one. There are multiple ESPN analysts that are predicting the g-men to miss the playoffs. Don’t forget, when you’re defendimg champs, every week is like a playoff game because you get every teams’ A game and its not easy to keep up with that all year.

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