Bill Belichick likes challenging his team with joint practices


The Patriots obviously see value in joint practices with other teams during training camp, since they’ve scheduled a pair of them this year.

But as Tom Curran of points out, there’s a very simple reason for that — Bill Belichick loves them.

The Patriots boss wasn’t able to get one in last year because of the lockout-forced condensed camp schedule, but he’s worked with the Giants, Falcons and Saints in the past.

After spending a day with the Saints in 2010, Belichick said: “I thought yesterday’s practice was probably one of the most productive practices I think I’ve been a part of in my career.”

The work is particularly helpful for them this year because the Patriots have a stable core of offensive players, with Tom Brady entrenched, an offensive line of returning players and much familiarity with Josh McDaniels’ system. The defense is incorporating some new pass-rushers, but is used to what they’re teaching for the most part.

Giving them a different look in scrimmage periods and even one-on-one drills offers a fresh approach.

“We saw a lot of things from the Saints that we haven’t seen working against ourselves,” he said in 2010. “They do a lot of things well, so there were a lot of things that we were able to evaluate and also adjust to. We can walk through them, we can talk through them, but it’s different when a good team does them and hurts you with them and you have to make those changes

“[There’s] no better preparation for a game than working against the team you’re going to play. We’ve seen a lot in the two practices yesterday. We’ll see a lot more today. It’s been a great learning experience for our football team, not just the players but our staff as well.”

Belichick also has a close relationship with Bucs coach Greg Schiano, so he knows what he’s likely to see when he gets to Tampa, and if his guys respond, he’ll likely enjoy what he sees when he gets there.

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  1. As a fan of the game, I love these. They can lead only to better football IMO. They will help both teams get better. With some of the junk football we usually see early on, anything that can be done to make the quality better is fine by me.

  2. So thats how the Patriots receive their “inside info”. To me it doesn’t seem very fair when teams combine practices, somebody is taping something during it. No wonder why Belichick loves them.

  3. of course he like to practice with the saints, the saints record the audio, he records the video

  4. Remember when the other coaches in the league all thought the ‘spygate’ was no big deal, because they all also did it.

    Oh wait, no you don’t. Because the twitter-sphere is a bunch of small people from small towns who just want to gossip and get their un-asked-for and uninformed opinion out to the world. (why do you think Mangini can’t get a job holding a clipboard? – the term is ‘black-balled’)

    Best coach in the history of the game. Accept it.

  5. Lombardi is the best coach ever, Chuck Noll is probably 2nd. Belichick is great but he’s got that one incident…

  6. If Belichick didn’t have Brady or a film crew he’d have some good teams but no Superbowl victories. He’s a great coach not the best ever, ask Cleveland.

  7. This just in…Tom Brady is going to miss the rest of the season with torn ACL…my bad, I was watching an NFL Network re-broadcast.

  8. mempusa says:Jul 21, 2012 2:06 PM

    Best football coach ever…sorry but it’s true


    Ever hear of Bill Walsh? You know the guy that totally revolutionized the way football is played? The guy who turned after thoughts and small school players like Montana, Craig, Young, Rice, Clark and Taylor etc etc. into all pros and HOFers. The guy who never lost a SB. He’s the best cach ever…sorry but it’s true.

    Also Belichick is a defensive coach, so you an’t credit hm for Brady’s brilliance on the field.

  9. Belichick is not even in the top 5 ever: Paul Brown, Chuck Noll, Don Shula, Vince Lomardi, Bill Walsh to name a few all have better cases. Heck Don Shula had only 2 losing seasons in 31 years as a head coach. Belichick has had 5 losing seasons. Lombardi never had a losing season.

    Belichick has only had TWO winning seasons in his career without Tom Brady as his QB. Meanwhile, despite being a “defensive genius” his Patriots had the second worst definsive statistical season in the history of the NFL last year.

    Much better case for Tom Brady as best QB ever and Belichick as a very good coach, but not in the same discussion as the five above.

  10. mempusa says:
    Jul 21, 2012 2:06 PM
    Best football coach ever…sorry but it’s true
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Unfortunately your Right!! and that’s coming from a Giant Fan.

    What he did with Matt Cassel that season, with all the other injuries they had and still going 11-5, was simply incredible.

    He is undoubtedly the best football mind post free agency, hands down.

  11. John Fox coached up the Carolina Panthers (with Jake Horrible Delhomme at QB) to 12 and 4 the same year Belichick coached the Pats to 12 and 5 without Brady, so forgive me for not being too impressed with Belichick having 5 losing and 2 winning seasons without Brady. Belichick does NOT stack up as the best coach of all time. You can’t find an objective source that supports that assertion.

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