Derrick Ward rips NFL players who drive drunk


Derrick Ward, the former NFL running back who announced his retirement this month, has some harsh words for the NFL players who have been getting arrested for drunk driving this year at a pace of about two a month.

In a series of messages on his verified Twitter account, Ward went off on NFL players who drive drunk, calling them “dumb,” “stupid” and “ridiculous,” among other things, while noting that every NFL player makes enough money to afford to have someone else drive him, and telling players that they should walk before driving drunk if they can’t get a ride.

“Alright NFL players!!! Its absolutely E-N-O-U-G-H!!! Drinking and Driving? How dumb can u be? Its absolutely stupid and your making the good guys that actually do right in the NFL look bad,” Ward wrote. “How easy is it to call a cab to get a ride home? So what? Leave your car get it in the am!? Stop being so dumb! Yes that’s right dumb! I’m sitting here retired enjoyed a great career now all I want to do is become a fan and I see numerous arrest for DWI in the past several weeks? How many has it been this week 4? Absolutely ridiculous your not only putting yourself in danger but your putting other innocent people in danger that don’t deserve your stupidity. Open your eyes and do the right thing. I know what its like to get go out get drunk and debate on weather to drive home or not. Call a taxi! So what if u spend some money to take one or U get a ticket on your car in the am when u go bac 2 get it At least u won’t have to pay bail and then lawyer fees and then miss game checks from being suspended for a few games. Damn this really has me furious and its so avoidable. Tighten up youngsters of the NFL because guess what it doesn’t mean National Football League it really means Not For Long league. There’s no excuse to drive drunk! NONE! If all else fails WALK! NFL players are world class athletes Walking should be nothing!”

Ward is, of course, absolutely right. It’s stunning how many NFL players — including Nick Fairley, Kenny Britt, Donald Washington, Marshawn Lynch, Robert Quinn, Aaron Berry, David Diehl, Justin Blackmon, Jerome Felton, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Brandon Meriweather, Knowshon Moreno and Aldon Smith — have been arrested for drunk driving this year. I would say something along the lines of, “What’s going to have to happen before they stop? Will an NFL player have to kill someone?” except that NFL players like Donte Stallworth and Leonard Little have already killed people while driving drunk. And it still hasn’t stopped.

Kudos to Ward for saying what should go without saying.

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  1. Thank you Derrick Ward. Players should be suspended for the entire year if they get a DUI. Yeah a whole year. You’re putting yourself and others in danger. It’s beyond poor choices, it’s the dumbest thing you can do.

    Goddell needs to lay down the hammer on these pathetic athletes.

  2. Great job Derrrick! These guys have a service they can call and it would cost them $90 bucks to get home or call a cab or they can get a driver. No reason to get behind the wheel, none!

  3. More players need to do this. ACTIVE players need to do this. Team leaders should be more than just the guys that call out the plays and do the pre-game chants. A bit of actual leadership would be nice. Calling these guys out by name may have an effect as well. If more of their peers show disappointment, maybe some of these clowns will get the picture before they make those dumb mistakes. Kudos to Derrick Ward

  4. In Australia the TAC (Traffic Accident Commission) sponsored several clubs. When players from those clubs got a DUI the club was forced to delist them or loose sponsorship. Message got to Aussie Rules players fast and delisting followed by long suspension became the norm for all clubs. The current philosophy is that any player that would make such questionable decisions off the field could make them on the field and as a result players who get a DUI often find it hard to get back into the league.

  5. Good for Derrick Ward. These NFL teams have rides available for these players to avoid these exact situations. There’s absolutely no excuse.

  6. He is 100% correct…..even somebody making the league minimum can afford a cab……seems most NFL players use the head below their shoulders more than the one on their shoulders

  7. Couldn’t have said it any better, 100% right and the league needs to do something about this. Players are not taking this seriously until the worse happens then they want to feel sorry but its too late

  8. Obviously these dudes can’t just have fun without alcohol. Makes them REALLY LOUD so that they can TALK TOUGH and make fools of themselves….what idiots.

    When I see a drunk in a bar the first thing I think of is …he must be a real coward sober.

    Oh…and then some need to bring a gun with them for good measure so that they REALLY look tough. Goodell should start handing out LONGER suspensions for these idiots.

  9. Amen. I can’t remember the last time I read something on this site that didn’t elicit some controversy. Not due to the writing but because of the nature of sport. I think we can all agree on this one.

  10. Drunk driving should have a higher punishment than some of the other reasons to get give suspensions. These players are risking their and others’ lives.

  11. Goodell has no problem laying the law down when one player throws a dangerous hit at another, but consistently allows his weak DUI rulings to empower drunk players to put innocent lives at risk on the roads.

  12. Thank you Derrick….bravo to u sir…the NFL needs to strat cracking down…4 games for the first offense…end of story…

  13. You’d think with all the power of judge, jury, and executioner that they gave Goodell in this new CBA, players would be smarter. Get pulled over for drunk driving and the cop and a couple hours in jail are the LEAST of your problems.

    Surely putting Yellow Cab in your speed dial isn’t that hard.

  14. If I get a DUI I’m pretty much blacklisted from being hired by any employer not slinging fast food. If these rich ungrateful self-entitled A-holes suffered 8+ game suspensions for DUIs I wouldn’t lose a second of sleep.

  15. The annual arrest rate for males in the US is 8% (from the DOJ website).

    So far this year we’ve seen an arrest rate among NFL players of < 2%

    I'm not excusing the jackasses that drive drunk because they are idiots. Driving drunk is criminally negligent behavior. They deserve whatever suspension the NFL gives them.

    However, let's not paint the entire NFL based on the idiot 2% NFL players are doing 4 times better than the general public at avoiding arrests.

  16. Finally someone takes action. Is it really hard to drink below the legal limit for once? If a player knows he can’t control himself or get his act together, then just stay away from alcohol in general. Suffering from alcohol withdrawal is better than potentially putting others in danger, including yourself.

    If the NFL really prioritized player safety, then they should drop the hammer and suspend these punks from a few games.

    Do you know what a single DUI would do to a person? It could get them thrown out of a prestigious college that they worked so hard to get into (I know some individuals). It most certainly could get an average person fired in the blink of an eye and be successful in keeping them unemployed from most other jobs.

    These NFL players don’t realize that with great power (and money) comes even greater responsibility. What if some kid’s childhood hero in the NFL gets arrested for a DUI and winds up severely injuring/killing other innocent people? These players are models and examples for young children everywhere.

    He’s also right, these arrests are making the other players who stay out of trouble look bad also. The NFL is starting to become a laughingstock in sports.

    This should be Goodell’s bottom line: Get your act together or don’t play at all.

  17. At least he said it, and it needs to be said! It shouldn’t have to be said, but unfortunately selfishness permeates our society and no one thinks the rules of common decency and respect apply to them. This DUI mentality is just one more sign of a damaged moral code and an indictment of our humanity. We will step over folks lying in the street with out a second thought, some beat the homeless, some shoot up movie theaters, we fight with our neighbors over politics to the point of murder. Dose this behaviour disgust you? Well it wont change because we wont change, there are many things wrong with society but are we the ones blameless enough to point the finger? If we all clean up our act and stop being used and manipulated by folks with an agenda maybe just maybe things will change for the better, but I rather doubt it!

  18. At least an 8-game suspension for DUI is needed. I would support that even it was a player from my own team. And if you do it again, a full year suspension.

  19. One really nasty way to highlight the society wide problem of driving under the influence, have some local law enforcement agency set up sobriety check points around a random NFL game.You talk about outrage and ill will, lawyers would have a field day.

  20. No even considers the fact that these jerks are SUPPOSED to be role models. Thank you “2%” that just told the kids that it’s ok to drive drunk.

    I think that alone deserves a season off.

    Why isn’t stuff like this structured in thier contract. Teams should force these guys down to the minimum for stunts like this. But hey, what do the fans know? We just happen to pay your salaries and state of the art stadiums.

  21. Although one of my RAMS is on this list, Derrick Ward is right as rain. No excuses, fellas! U can afford a cab or a designated driver!

  22. And lets not forget Ex-NFL Linebacker Darion Conner who also killed a man while driving drunk. However, in Darion’s case he didn’t have “The Shield” protecting him, (he was already out of the league), so he wound up with a 15-year prison sentence.

    Listen to Derrick and shape up guys. Each one of you may not have “The Shield” protecting you for too much longer.

  23. Drunk driving is UNEXCEPTABLE.
    The NFL should get Unreasonable with the punishment. Im talking 9 games for the first time a player get pulled over an is over the limit. 2nd time 1 year an the team has to VOID his contract. Im talking hes off the team an IF he gets back in the NFL he has to play for a Rookie minimum for the first year. That will make the players rent limo’s or get a cab or the bus

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