John Harbaugh believes Ed Reed will play this year

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Ravens safety Ed Reed has been sending plenty of messages to the team this summer, as he apparently tries to get a new contract without coming out and expressly saying, “I want a new contract.”  And while Reed’s words and actions have created the impression he may not play in 2012 (the fact that he recently worked out on his own at the team’s facility is hardly dispositive), coach John Harbaugh believes that Reed will show up for work.

I think he’s trying to make a nuance for you,” Harbaugh recently told 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore, via  “I am going to defend Ed because I am going to stand by him.  He’s one of my players.  I personally like him.  I respect him.  I think he is a good person with a good heart and that’s what you do as a coach.  You stand by your guys and you may not always agree with what they say or how they say it or what they do.  Most of the time I do agree with what Ed says, but not all the time and he knows that and he’s a good person.  He’s trying to make a nuance point there.  It’s a tough point to make a little bit and it’s hard to understand sometimes, but I’ve said all along I believe he’s going to play this year and be here and it looks like that is the case.”

The “nuance point” seems to be that he knows the team needs him more than ever, given the torn Achilles tendon suffered by linebacker Terrell Suggs.  And so with a contract that pays $7.2 million in 2012, the final year of Reed’s current deal, he apparently wants more, and he’s hoping that the team will decide on their own that the time has come to take care of him financially.

If they don’t, he possibly won’t show up for part or all training camp, regardless of whether he eventually plays.

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  1. I’m talking to you Ed Reed.

    You’ve got the chance to be the first ten million dollar safety in the history of the game. You owe it to the future players, who will ignore your pleas for medical help as your body betrays itself, to set the bar as high as you possibly can!

    So ignore all the Hrbaugh nuance talk. Go out and get yourself a big contract because you got the Ravens over a barrel. Because if you dont do it, no one else will do it for you.

    Hold out for as long as it takes Ed!

  2. $7.2 million is an awful lot of scratch to let fly. Reed’s making a lot of noise, but he’s a pro, and when the bell sounds, I expect him to be firmly entrenched in Baltimore’s secondary.

    For Ravens’ fans, I certainly hope so.

  3. I think Reed said it best “The Ravens know how much I love football. So, they are probably very comfortable with the idea that I will show up”

    Reed loves the game far to much to sit out. He talks a good game but we all know the truth. The 8 games or so that Reed has missed over the last few years prove it. It was torture for him. Rain, snow, or shine Reed was on the sideline coaching up the DB’s, when injured players are not required to be on the sideline and are not required to travel with the team. And this was even in the midst of him demanding a new contract.

    He’s in the last year of his deal but he’s wanted a new deal since 2009. He’ll play. Harbaugh and I have that in common.

  4. Ed, I don’t know why you are worried about a long term deal. You play for one of the best run teams in pro sports, from owner down to water boy. Ozzie Newsome has never been big on extensions, he prefers to let a player play out his contract, test the market, then sign you back based on market value. You will most likely get your deal Ed, but these antics of yours aren’t helping. Although being the greatest safety of all time pretty much assures you’d be a raven for life.

  5. I love me some Ed Reed, he’s one hell of a player. That being said, this constant drama he subjects the fans to, is ridiculous. You signed a contract, play it through and THEN renegotiate, don’t do it in the last year of your contract like a dick.

    Not that he’s going to see any negative consequences from most fans as long as he plays this season, but he’s gonna piss off quite a few of us.

  6. Hey pape27 and mjkelly77 who are you fans of? I guarantee it isn’t a well run team like the Ravens. Ed does the same thing every offseason, talks about retirement….how he wants more money, but at the end of the day he will show. What person is going to leave $7.2 million on the table (especially a 33 year old injury risk)? The Ravens will sign him back next year to a contract a little more than he is worth. The Ravens will play this smart like they always do, anyone who thinks otherwise is just wasting their time.

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