Rumors fly of another Aaron Berry off-field incident

Getty Images

On Friday, Lions cornerback Aaron Berry resolved a DUI arrest by striking a deal to enter a diversion program.

On Saturday morning, Berry may have violated the terms of the program before even being accepted into it.

A tipster passed along to PFT on Saturday a detailed account of an incident that has since shown up on a Dolphins message board.  As the tip/rumor goes, Berry was arrested in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania after a group claimed he pointed a gun at them from inside a car.

The Dauphin County, Pennsylvania prison list currently doesn’t show Berry as being incarcerated, but the site explains that the information may be outdated, especially on weekends.

Most importantly, a league source tells PFT that initial review of the situation indicates that there may be “some fire” to what otherwise appears to be smoke.

None of this is confirmed.  But it appears for now that something may have happened.

UPDATE: Berry’s arrest has been confirmed. The Lions say they’re “extremely disappointed.”