Suh says Lions “need to hold each other to a higher standard”

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With six arrests this offseason (plus an arrest from last year coming to light just this week), the Lions are among the league leaders in off-field trouble. And one of the Lions’ leaders in on-field trouble says it’s time for the players to put a stop to it.

Detroit defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh told Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports that he wants his teammates to be vocal about maintaining high standards, both on the field and off.

“Everybody has to be accountable for themselves, and obviously we as teammates need to hold each other to a higher standard,” Suh said. “And that’s being addressed, and some of our teammates will have to deal with repercussions from the league, and I think they’ll handle that the right way and move forward and not let it truly affect us during the season.”

Of course, Suh himself hasn’t always been accountable. He was suspended two games for stomping on Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith last season, and he’s had a history of traffic tickets. But Suh says he’s on the right path now.

“You look back and reflect on those [experiences] and take the positives and learn from the negatives and make the most of them,” Suh said. “That’s what I’ve done. All that’s fortunately in the past. And there’s a lot of bright future ahead for myself and my teammates.”

Suh is right to think these Lions have the ability to produce a very bright future. And he’s also right that for that to happen, they’re going to have to hold themselves to higher standards.

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  1. Make the Playoffs, win in the Playoffs, Make the Superbowl and win the Superbowl and none of this matters. Miss the playoffs or lose in the playoffs and all this matters a lot!!!!

  2. I’m glad he’s making this statement, but am I the only one that wishes people in general would just let their actions speak for themselves instead of actually saying this?

  3. thats somewhat refreshing to hear from Suh. hopefully this extends to the head coach as well.

  4. How did I know that his stomp would be mentioned in this article… he served his punishment. Let it go!! He is completly right though. They need to hold themselves to a higher standard. I hope some of our Vets can get these young guys to stop destroying themselves with selfish acts off the field. these are millionaires. you mean to tell me that they cant afford a taxi or hire a driver for the evening. either way I hope we get it together.

    GO LIONS!!

  5. “he wants his teammates to be vocal about maintaining high standards, both on the field and off.”

    That’s good to hear. You don’t hear that from a team like the Cowboys. They think there is no problem, and that they just have bad luck every year.

  6. When are you going to tell the complete story of this so-called “stomping” incident? You know, the part where the pack linemen were instructed to untie Suh’s shoes in every pile….That would just make the pack look too cheap and childish and un-sportsman like though wouldn’t? An we don’t want that now do we? I have the radio interview here on my hard drive you you all would like to hear it.

  7. Top-10 comments you will hear from posters regarding a Lions article on PFT

    1. Lions are a classless organization that is a reflection of their coach

    2. Lions are a team full of criminals just like the City of Detroit. (Fairley, Leshoure, Cullbreath, and Berry make up a 53 man roster)

    3. Lions didn’t beat a team with a winning record last year.

    4. Stafford is mediocre at best without Megatron.

    5. The Lions lack of composure on/off the field will be their downfall this season to a sub .500 record.

    6. Lions are the new Bengals.

    7. Lions had a fluke season and will be last year’s Tampa Bay.

    8. Bears Fans chiming in that if Cutler and Forte hadn’t got injured, the Lions wouldn’t have made the playoffs.

    9. Packers Fans chiming in on the Suh stomp and losing to GB’s JV team as they like to put it.

    10. A 49ers Fan chiming about the handshake mentioning that Schwartz has a napoleon complex.

    Honorable Mention: Lions did nothing to improve their horrible secondary, Schwartz has no control, Lions can’t handle success, Lions Fan’s egos are inflated off one good season, a few Detoilet references, Lions vs Bears @Soldier Field (Bears Fans).

    Okay people, carry on…

  8. anthonioustheprettygood says:
    Jul 21, 2012 2:40 PM
    Can I get me some ignorant Bear and 49er fan comments please?
    ______________________________ _________________________
    Always one to help a friend here!! Im gonna stand by my word & say I think the 2008 Detroit Lions were the best team ever assembled.

  9. Might be a little early to comment on Suh’s college education but i know where you are going with that. He didn’t graduate and wikipedia had no major listed. My guess it was exercise basket weaving or a similar worthless waste. If it wasn’t for football this waste would probably be doing 5-10. It’s nice to see him try, but I’d prefer to see him lead by example. Lets face it, if he stepped on sometimes arm on any street in the US he would have been convicted of battery at the very least. That’s an idea, maybe the police at lions games should be protecting more than the fans.

  10. If Suh is going to be the teams’ example of ‘higher standard’ then there may well be games when the Lions field only 2nd and 3rd stringers due to all the guys out on suspension or in jail.

  11. Suh served his suspension. He was punished. He IS accountable. You’re wrong.q

  12. I agree. The Lions need to hold themselves to a higher standard than the one to which Suh holds himself.

    This guy is the definition of denial. He is one of the main reasons why the Lion’s players think they can get away with acting like criminals.

    I think Suh needs to try leading by example and not by words.

  13. Everybodyhateschris1…You are 100% correct.

    Everybody talks crap about the Lions and each and every person that does thinks they are being original and think they are tough guys.

    I have never seen a Lions fan, including myself EVER say we are going to win the Super Bowl. But man, can we just support our favorite team? Is that ok?

    I mean, the 49ers have a horrible QB, but no one ever says anything about that. The Bears have a QB that quit on them in the playoffs….no one says anything about that. The Lions have a classy, hard working 5000k passer…but somehow WE are the pathetic team.

    Again, is there any harm in supporting our team?

  14. I think this Guy is the poster-child of duplicity in the NFL. I really love what the Lions have contributed to the League in the last couple of years…but the negative ‘evidence’ against Suh, going back to his college days, really dampens my enthusiasm for them.

  15. Might be a little early to comment on Suh’s college education but i know where you are going with that. He didn’t graduate and wikipedia had no major listed. My guess it was exercise basket weaving or a similar worthless waste.


    “On April 17, 2010, at the annual Husker Spring Game, Suh announced a $2.6 million donation to the University of Nebraska. Two million dollars of his gift will go to Nebraska Athletics for its Strength and Conditioning Program, and remaining $600,000 will create an endowed scholarship for the UNL College of Engineering, from which he graduated in 2009 with a degree in Construction Management. ”

    I suppose one could argue Construction Management isn’t the most impressive sounding major, but he certainly did graduate, and from the engineering program no less. At the very least, he’s probably be able to read a half-page Wikipedia article all the way through without glossing over the only information he was searching for.

  16. I hope you lions fans enjoyed your one winning season in theast 10 years cause that’s the last one. Lions will lose every matchup between the bears and the packers!

  17. If Suh was suspended for “hurting” other NFL players shouldn’t NFL player that puts the public at risk with their DWI? The NFL should also be doing something more about its.

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