Broncos visit shooting victims

Several Denver Broncos players have visited the Medical Center of Aurora to try to raise the spirits of people who were wounded in the shooting at a Colorado movie theater.

Broncos tight end Jacob Tamme, receiver Eric Decker, guard Chris Kuper, defensive end Ben Garland, tackle Ryan Clady, linebacker Joe Mays and former Broncos safety Brian Dawkins were among those who paid visits, as passed along by the Broncos on Twitter. In addition to speaking with those who were injured, the players stopped in to thank the emergency room staff who treated the wounded.

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning also placed phone calls to the hospital to speak with shooting victims.

Fifty-eight people were wounded and 12 were killed when a gunman opened fire in a theater early Friday morning during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises. The theater is about 15 miles from the Broncos’ facilities in Englewood, Colorado.

27 responses to “Broncos visit shooting victims

  1. Peyton must have had more importang things to do than go with the other members of his team. What a jerk. Now that he is out of indi and isn’t a worshipped God now his true colors are starting to show. How charitable is he really now that he isn’t worshipped by an entire town. Guess we are already starting to see that. Oh well his NFL days are numbered now anyway. Hope luck beats all his records at indi. Can’t wait for him to retire

    Michael David Smith says: It’s also possible that he has another commitment out of the Denver area today and wanted to honor that commitment while still doing what he could for the shooting victims. Or it’s possible that the hospital asked him not to come because he’s such a big star that they were worried crowds could get out of hand if the word got out that he was there. He did something good for the victims of a terrible tragedy. Let’s not try to make him look like a bad guy for it.

  2. Very cool of them to do, this is how players should be spending their free time, not going to clubs and toting guns around. That should get them some good karma heading into the season.
    Now on a less serious note, Peytons neck is gonna be treated by that staff soon enough so it’s good to see he’s getting to know them! AHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Your right it could be true however how are broncos fans supposed to support him if hes just makin a few calls. And I guess I get ur point about how hes such a big name but thats not to say having a group of other Broncos there shouldnt achieve the same affect or close to it. Im doubting he was asked not to go by the hospital thats all im sayin. But I guess he did more than I so he deserves credit for that.

  4. How do you find justice or peace for these poor folks families? I hope these guys can help a little bit.

  5. mancave001 says:
    Jul 22, 2012 8:47 PM
    Dislikes on the above three comments? Huh?


    Some people are morons, plain and simple.

    That’s why they mop floors at Wendy’s.

  6. Pure class by B Dawk and the Broncos as a team. Why is it a big ordeal if Peyton didn’t show up?? He called and spoke with the victims and I’m SURE he will meet with them as they get better. Like the guy up further said about he might have been out of the Denver area, or the whole drawing a major crowd at the hospital making him the focal point instead of these poor victims of a senseless crime. My condolences to the victim’s family and friends and the survivors. No one should have to go thru that.

  7. As a Raider fan, it chokes me up to say this …..

    However….. cla … class … cough cough… class act … class act by the members of…. class act by the players of the …

    Class act by the Denver Bronco players that took the time to show up and offer a brief bit of positive distraction to the hours of hell that the victims of this heinous crime are enduring. One can only imagine what they are thinking about as they try to physically repair there body in an attempt to get back to daily life.

    As to Peyton taking the time out of his busy day to offer off up a few words of understanding and encouragement over the phone…. why bother? It’s just a display that your as disengaged and feel as entitled as a CB that gets arrested twice in a month with a full understanding that it’s OK, just show up to camp and perform. One example can be used in a positive spin.

  8. San Diego is going to pay for this, the Broncos will see to that. Prepare for a couple of ass-whuppins this year, all you psyco Californian leftist idiots.

  9. Classy move by the Broncos.

    Not surprised to see the no-class Tebow fans chiming in to talk trash.

  10. If I had my choice of talking to Peyton Manning on the phone or seeing that group of players for ten minutes I would choose to talk to PM on the phone.

  11. Pat Bowlen and his organization donated a paltry $50K to the victims of the Colorado fire. Let’s see to what extent he gets involved, financially or otherwise, for the victims of this horrific movie theatre tragedy.

    Regardless, his players exhibited tremendous selflessness by donating their time and energy. Already a step ahead of ownership. Great job, guys!

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