Cam Newton will report to camp with Panthers rookies

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Panthers veterans don’t have to report to training camp in Spartanburg, South Carolina until Friday, but quarterback Cam Newton will be there on Monday.

That’s when the team’s rookies are reporting for three days of work before camp starts up in full. Acording to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer, the idea is to let Newton develop some chemistry with the team’s rookie receivers. The Panthers took Joe Adams in the fourth round of April’s draft and there are seven other rookie receivers trying to earn a spot on the team this summer, which should give Newton a chance to keep busy in the days leading up to the formal start of training camp.

Steve Smith and Brandon LaFell are pretty well set in the first two spots on the team’s depth chart at wide receiver. Beyond that, there’s nothing set in stone so one of the rookies could find a way to climb the ladder this summer. Three days with Newton probably won’t win anyone a job, but developing a relationship with the guy running the offense now probably won’t hurt anyone’s chances of nabbing one down the road.

The other Panthers quarterbacks and several other players who missed minicamp with injuries will also be in attendance. Linebacker Thomas Davis, defensive end Charles Johsnon and tackle Jeff Otah are some of the names on that list.

9 responses to “Cam Newton will report to camp with Panthers rookies

  1. Once again, I’ll say I was wrong about Cam Newton. I thought he would be a selfish idiot that would have a horrible career. He has a youthful enthusiasm, not stupidity.

  2. Nice to see that Cam is doing this. It helps to get a repoire going with your rookies asap! Way to go, Cam, Thomas and Jeff. Good luck this season, guys! Go, Panthers!!!

  3. It’s so nice to finally see an NFL player attempt to utilize his abilities in a constructive manner. Trusting your co-workers is one of the best possible things from every standpoint. If rookies show up and see last years #1 pick busting his ass with then, they will have no choice but to do the same or risk being shunned by other team members. Here’s to hoping Cam succeeds and utilizes all the talent he has.

  4. Me being the curious/nosy sort that I am…I wonder if these players volunteered to come in or if they were ASKED to come in. If they were asked then this is nothing to comment on. If on the other hand, they volunteered, that goes a ways in saying what kind of leadership this team has going forward. I hope they volunteered, but if not, it is still good that they will be there.

  5. Newton is at the facility everytime the doors are open….The dude wants to be a great player and isn’t afraid to do the work. Can’t ask for more in that regard.

  6. Cam’s work ethic reminds me of Jordan and Larry Bird – they were the best in their sport when they were in their prime, and they were also the hardest workers. He’s just going to keep getting better.

  7. Dear Jerry Richardson,

    When it comes time to sign Cam to a long term deal, please hand him a blank check and tell him to fill it out.

    Also, Let Charlotte city leaders know you want Mint St renamed to Cam Newton Way.


    Panthers Fan

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